Seductive vegetables boost sales by 25%: BBC News Review reviews

June 26, 2022

A Stanford psychological study finds that seductive language boosts sales. Dan and Neil teach you the language the world’s media is using to discuss this story.

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The story:

(A) psychological study of students in California suggests people are more likely to consume healthy portions of vegetables if they are labelled with seductive names.

They found sales went up by 25% when advertised with indulgent labels such as ‘twisted citrus-glazed carrots’ and ‘sweet sizzling green beans and crispy shallots’.

Key words and phrases:

indulgent = allowing you to do something when you shouldn’t

decadent = pleasant but immoral

jazzier = brighter, more colourful and more attractive

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  1. Children indulgent in seductive ice-cream; therefore, the salesperson does something decadent by making them jazzier

    I just give an example about these new words. Hope it works.
    Please leave me a comment if it's wrong. Thanks for your help

  2. In all this exemples wiht decadent, reffering to party and last days of Rome, the adjective that comes to my mind instead is hedonistic

  3. I love you Neil 😘

  4. Haha, Dan is so funny 😀 thank you BBC News, love your channel a lot <3

  5. I think Dan is by far the funniest guy in this programme😂

  6. I want to give my daughter a jazzier bedroom

  7. Stop being decadent and energize yourself

  8. NelLy Dan, you two are great.

  9. Reply
    muhammad muhammad ibrahim June 26, 2022 at 11:58 am

    I really love the programme. It's so interesting.

  10. Hello. How can I see the tasks on Facebook page? Could you share the link please.

  11. It's not correct to be very indulgent with daibetics.
    Kids love jazzy rooms.

  12. I am getting addicted to Dan, great presentation guys!

  13. Those 3 words are all new to my ears….

  14. Dan is so hilarious hahaha.

  15. I love you! ! You are the best! ! I'd like to understand everything what you sey😎😭😍

  16. Thanks very much, but could you add transcript please?

  17. This is the best…show….to learn….difficult….words of english… easier way…….

  18. thank u Dan

  19. ╔♥══♥══♥╗

  20. nice to see you guys

  21. it is really usefull, thanks ~~you make my mood jazzier

  22. Dan and Neil are so graceful.They are attracting me.

  23. What a lovely way teaching English !

  24. I love Dan. His style is interesting. The videos of you guys are always funny and helpful. Thank you very much!

  25. It is very usefull thank you so much

  26. As foreigner to learn British Englisch, this show is one of must to listen ! Like Neil’s style

  27. Thanks

  28. Love your videos. In Portuguese: indulgent – Indulgente / gracious – gracioso/ decadent – decadente. Many words in Portuguese are similar to English

  29. Who know decadent?What does it mean??

  30. Dan and Neil do very well in BBC Learning English and their minds are in sync very much.They also did brilliantly in the programme '' Six-minute English ''.

  31. I like it

  32. awesome

  33. Following Neil's example of indulging his children for ice cream, I decided to buy me an ice cream too as a decadent treat after work. A jazzier day ahead!

  34. Should I indulge my temptation of not going to work today? I realised this is just a decadent thought. So, I decided to be sensible and put on a jazzy dress and off I went to work:)

  35. Thanks a lt forma tour vídeos. Great job!

  36. the news is very interesting but you should give many pictures to understand clearly

  37. For me, I feel Neil speaks more clearly.

  38. Dan, Neil, and Sian are awesome teachers; each of them has a unique attracting character as a teacher.


  39. I thought "seductive vegetables" to be what look like sausages and some shellfish :p

  40. Reply
    xuan nguyen thi minh June 26, 2022 at 11:58 am

    I think you should have subtitle, because students' listening skill is not good.

  41. Why do they change their seats occasionally?

  42. where is Chaterine again? 🙂

  43. Thanx

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