February 2, 2023

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  1. I m not a better supporter than everyone who supports our great club! I was drunk. My name is Verratti to answer the VR question. I don't have hate on you lads but gonna take a break of all LFC opinions after us bein poor on the field. No hate, that's all

  2. Don’t need coaching badges to know it’s been crap, and it’s going to get worse

  3. The Cult of Klopp lol. Great show, guys! 👊🏽

  4. We really are the poorest kid in class.

  5. We need more then midfield, no fire power at the front. Get rid of salah jota and few others. New owners too

  6. The thing about Bellingham is there’s no pre agreement with dortmund so what makes us think that they sell? or to us for that matter. Everything from top to bottom is a joke.

  7. Reply
    Martin K Doors to perception. February 2, 2023 at 6:35 am

    Season so far shocking Klopp backing FSG shocking and FSG a disgrace.

  8. "We don't want chelsea rejects" what was salah & kdb then?

  9. Is anyone else worried about how injury prone konate is? I think we need more quality CBs

  10. By the time some fans realize FSG aren’t good Ambitious owners Jurgen Klopp will be gone and regretting we didn’t give one of the best managers in our history proper backing of money. I give up on this club. Excuses all the time by Klopp the man I love don’t want him gone but he protects these owners then complains we don’t have the same budget as other clubs. Owners need to be ran out of the club at this stage

  11. Our Midfielder is washed now. Why didn't Liverpool go try sign Conor Gallagher on loan with a option to buy?

  12. So, let's say we sign Bellingham in the summer…what then? Because he isn't the only signing we need. Where does the money come from to sign anyone else? Klopp refuses to sell players unless "they ask to leave," and surely spending such a large amount on Bellingham is going to wipe out our entire transfer kitty considering how prudent our owners are…? Klopp tells us in one interview that "if the right player becomes available then the money is there" then in another interview that "we can't fix problems with transfers as we don't have the money"? I don't think I've ever been so confused as a Liverpool fan, and I've supported the club since the 80s.

  13. I find it shocking how people are having go a cal for being honest am sorry guys most your stream are like 3 hours long and deserve more respect. Cal reminds me of myself yes we do follow our heart but logic has to always come on top,if you 3 read this just remember you brothers are always loved.
    Yes if klopp continues like this him and fsg need to get out as I am Liverpool fan first,klopp is too busy playing eastenders.

  14. 10000% agree with Gerrard as Assistant Manager… Been saying it for ages

  15. Honestly I'm bored to death of transfer rumors

  16. Lads I really think some people are just trolling when they write in nasty stuff. Just ignore it because negative energy is really draining.

  17. Dani VR got put in a spliff 😭😭😭

  18. 1st comment from me. I've been watching a while. Great show guys, I appreciate the effort that you in for so many hrs a week. We are in big trouble but, we're way off it and have no ambition. The latest news on Ibou sums up our season! Let's just pack it up and go watch some NBA.

  19. other club busy try to signing new player on deadline day to strengthen their team while Liverpool busy mourning in deadline day

  20. Well he not going anywhere Konate out with a hammy🥴😤

  21. If we don’t get top four and we don’t sign any players then I’m afraid we doomed as good players would not want to come to a team that is not in CL

  22. A club like Liverpool doesn’t deserve to go to the last day of the transfer to take left overs from other clubs as a loan.

  23. With regards to the Nat Phillips transfer. I think it'll be a loan. I believe we want 10-15M for him and I don't think we will get that much for him and reassessment in the summer. Great show as always brothers always make me feel better after the loss.

  24. 2025 seems scary lol

  25. Yes kopish been watching since the birth
    U man r legends one love YNWA

  26. We opened a home for the aged at LFC,tell Klopp n lijinders good frickin luck with that.F**kin don't know when to release players,then they go n over spend on a single player,fuc**kin coaches are jerking off for 6months,our Dr decides to join
    Man U, 2 sporting directors resign, Lijinders has time to write a f**kin book,defeciency in tactical play,retarded decisions on subs,And these guys have studied Sports Management.I hope Callum reads my post.
    Big up to Albert on the channel. 👍

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