SEASON 7: THE CLONE WARS – "Unfinished Business" Review/Reaction! 2022

November 16, 2022

Thanks for checking out the video guys, appreciate you all 🙂 #StarWars #TheCloneWars

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  1. Reply
    What da technodoge doin November 16, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    100th comment

  2. We can all agree type 1 battle droids are the funniest droids

  3. I don't know…this arc has too much comedy, is it the Disney influence? Normally the Final Season should be the darkest one

  4. As I saw Mace Windu's little speech the first time, I somehow expectet at least one B1 drops his Weapon and all other looked at him confused. Sad it never came to that.

  5. Why didn’t they play the 501st theme

  6. Great… now every time I see a jet pack or flying object, all I can hear is “they fly now?! They fly now!”

  7. Bad batch don’t need droids. Tech is the replacement for 3PO and Echo can do R2 stuff. Plus Tech can fight and 3PO can’t.

  8. 7:337:35 Tell me im not the only one who saw Legolas and Gimli with Wrecker and the Sniper

  9. Poor Trench ☹️

  10. "I don't have that weakness!", that sentence tells a lot about the change on the psyche of Anakin.

  11. Originally Trench was supposed to finish his line "You're a Jedi. Your nobility is a weakness" right before Anakin hacks away his cybernetic limbs

  12. Put up the entire episode stop skipping around please

  13. One Domino remains

  14. 6:39 Hulk smash

  15. 3:30 they fly now!

  16. Oh I hope the Bad Batch are the exception when Order 66 goes down. Maybe Echo doesn't have his chip anymore due to the droid bits? Were the Batch implanted?

  17. This arc was fun, but I agree, it was pretty unremarkable for a final season storyline. I think it was chosen solely because it was already mostly finished from years back, and they needed to pad out the season. Personally, I would have preferred they adapted Son of Dathomir or Dark Disciple, but realistically, that would have required more time and costs than Disney cared to fork over.

  18. Obi Wans clones are 212th attack battalion who are orange and Mace Windu was in charge of the 91st recon corps who were red troopers. He was temporarily in charge of of 91st but Mace's main legion was the 187th who listened to mace and the commander ONLY.

  19. If only we got the Kashyyyk arc. It would’ve featured the Bad Batch (with Echo as their newest member) and Yoda on Kashyyyk, setting the stage for the Battle of Kashyyyk we see in Revenge of the Sith.

  20. wait is this a new one?? should make that a little more clear in the title

  21. I wonder what happens to the Bad Batch group during 66.

  22. It seems like Anakin and Windu are still on good terms. Their beef only really stars when Anakin is not granted the rank of master and is sent to spy on Palpatine.

  23. 3:31 – They can fly now!

  24. 9:26 — “There wasn’t that much death on our side” Well, I mean, if you don’t count the hundreds of Clones who died defending Anaxes and the small squad of clones who survived w/ Obi-Wan & Mace after the initial assault to retake their shipyards in this episode then yeah, I guess! hehe 😉😂😏🙏🏼

  25. I dont know if my heart can handle seeing a dark side anakin in this show

  26. They fly now? They fly now!

  27. They Fly Now?

  28. Im still waiting for someone to tell echo about fives… if it ever happens its gonna be heartbreaking

  29. The story reel ended with a medal ceremony. Echo was gonna be shown to have joined the bad batch in a second arc about them, where they were on Kashyyyk, fighting with Yoda and the wookiees. Echo would’ve had his own bad batch style armor.

    Pretty sure it isn’t one of the next stories. We got Ahsoka’s walkabout and the Seige of Mandalore to cover. I’ve been hoping we’ll see a montage of other characters during Order 66, maybe we’ll see the bad batch. Maybe they’re the ones who capture Luminara. She was last seen on Kashyyk in EpIII.

  30. I sadly cant watch that due to Season 7 isnt out in germany yet and I dont want spoilers and I alrady got so Gaxelle please do spoiler warning on the title

  31. The next arc would be Ahsoka’s Walkabout. Least spoilery description would be: what Ahsoka does after leaving the Jedi order, but before getting back in the war, which you’ve seen in the trailer that she eventually will.

  32. Echo’s loyalty wasn’t actually called into question in the story reel. Even Tech didn’t explain his snide remark, Rex just punched him in the shoulder to get him moving. Also no question if his droid shut down plan was legit.

  33. Yay, Echo has a helmet! He didn’t have one in in the story reel version. And it’s Phase 2! He only ever got to prototype phase 2 arc trooper armor.

  34. I feel like they’re making us happy just so when they do go dark…we’ll lose all of that and bring us down with our characters because it will seem like we all lost everything as well.

  35. Xelle: Anakin, your Vader is showing.
    Me: That's what I said! 🙂

  36. Jesse and Kix were in the first Bad Batch episode, they were the two that went with Cody and Rex. You may have not recognised them, as Kix had hair and Jesse now has ARC Trooper armor.

    Sad seeing Echo and Rex part ways, but was in a good way.

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