Scott Turner’s Fired + Sam Howell Film Review + Ron Rivera’s Accountability | Take Command Podcast reviews

January 13, 2023

On the evening of Scott Turner being fired, Craig Hoffman and Logan Paulsen talk about the decision and what it means for the Commanders. Plus, they break down the tape on Sam Howell’s debut against the Cowboys.

Also, following Ron Rivera’s season ending press conference, Craig and Logan debate how much ownership Rivera should be taking for the club’s failure to advance in his 3rd season at the helm.

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  1. scapegoat. get a real QB. I bet he knew they could get eliminated

  2. Just wanted to say thank you from a diehard who feels a lot like you, appreciate your comments about Ron and Martin, we all felt the same about no accountability. Can wait for the new owner and hopefully brighter days are ahead. Thanks for all your work.

  3. Not a fan of Ron’s coaching, ..If Commanders aren’t gonna use him let him go somewhere else like Raiders ..

  4. I dont think many fans last year were saying go all out for a qb, especially a dude like wentz

  5. Jay gruden OC, cmonn im down wit that

  6. I wonder if the players provide any feedback to OC during the game using the tablets. I would love to hear Heinicke's unfiltered assessment of Turner's play calling.

  7. get someone from TN or BAL that is familiar with run-heavy concepts

  8. Craig wants Ron and Marty to crucify themselves in a public forum . 🤣🤣🤣 Let it go Craig .

  9. It was very frustrating Ron did not ask more of Sam in red zone instead of attempting field goals. If the process was seeing what they have in Sam why not go for it see what he can do instead of playing not to lose.

  10. Yea, Ron mentioned honestly during the season that the QB was the problem, but then he got butchered by the press for throwing Carson under the bus, then he had to back track all week on that one. That's why Ron has to be vanilla because your dammed if you do or dammed it you don't.

  11. So if you want a quick release, all you will get is screen passes all day long……

  12. Scott Turn does not have a problem with the play design, his problem is play calling!

  13. QB’s that had options didn’t come here, which was a blessing in disguise. Smart teams build through the draft. Rams got a Super Bowl win, but there’s no guarantee with our coaches, however, the Rams are kinda screwed for the next few years. There’s a reason Sean McVay is thinking about retiring with the draft capital they traded away and talent drain and aging on the Rams.

  14. On some comments, don't start this crap on Wentz again. Heinke would have a 7 points in the Cleveland game because he is not big enough to get that 1st TD over the top to the endzone. And the Browns had tape on Heinke that he scrambles and that would have been shut down, just like the 3 teams that Heinke faced at the end of the season without winning.

  15. Craig I NEED to know what that beeping is. It sounds like the PlayStation startup noise when you accidentally unplugged it

  16. Scott seemed out of rhythm often, predictable and out coached in second half’s way too many times. Ron had trouble too with time and game management.

  17. We should be having a great off-season

  18. I really like the offensive coordination from Atlanta.

    If we had that here we would be very dynamic.

  19. I think they should roll with Howell an build that O-line do what SF has they built the Oline an they don't have a expensive QB.

  20. Ron Need to Fire 🔥 His Self For Started Carson Over Taylor and Sam! That decision destroyed the season‼️ and he still hasn’t came out and said he Messed up!

  21. Offense scored 19, not 26. Fuller had a pic 6. So we still failed to score more than 20. I'm not taking anything away from Howell as there was a couple big time drops. But we still should have scored at least 33 or 40

  22. Reply
    Dennis Casely-Hayford January 13, 2023 at 5:35 am

    They may just decide to promote Zampese to the Offensive Coordinator position, instead of looking outside.

  23. Aaron Rodgers and his old OC Nathaniel Hackett

  24. Craig share the mic a touch brother

  25. To Craig’s point, While you, Logan, minimize Howell’s decision making and processing an NFL process by saying Turner simplified the plays- why didn’t they just do this for Heinicke and Wentz?

  26. I agree with Logan with analyzing the process of trading for Wentz but Craig is correct in saying that they need to honestly assess where they went wrong in that decision because obviously it ultimately was the wrong decision.

  27. Bout damn time….hopefully the new owners finish cleaning house…

  28. Isnt Ron the one that hired Scott Turner? Isnt Ron returning the favor to Norv. Ron didnt help Scott in the QB dept or O Line. Ron let Trent and Brandon Sch walk out the door. This is neglect. Ron isnt a personnel guy.

  29. One of the guys from Atlanta would be tough.. Ron would get ball control, versatility with pieces too. Atl was tough this season

  30. As the OC, scott is to blame for the offense's woes.

  31. craig u just a talker..not on logan's level..

  32. Reply
    𝗦𝗘𝗫𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗗.𝗫𝗬𝗭 January 13, 2023 at 5:35 am

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