Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Review – an Indian tour on the new cruiser reviews

January 18, 2023

The new #RoyalEnfield #Supermeteor650 marks an important milestone for the Indian brand. Not only is it the first time the engine has been used outside the #Interceptor650 and #ContinentalGT models, it is also the firm’s fort foray into the middleweight cruiser segment.

For this launch, Royal Enfield rolled out the red carpet, inviting the world’s press to India for a tour of the diverse and stunning nation aboard the new cruiser. It really does have everything, from dodging dogs to swerving suicidal cattle – and that isn’t to mention the hoard of bus drivers and their last-minute, wrong-side-of-the-road overtakes.

After two days though, we are enthralled and in love with the nation, and to find out what we thought of the bike, check out this review or the full editorial review you can find below.

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  1. It's pronounced jay-sal-maer (Jaisalmer) for those who are curious.

  2. This bike, along with everything RE has done for the past few years, is going to be a winner. Big time. That engine is well proven now. Everyone loves it. And whether you're a cruiser fan or not, this bike offers a lot, to many, for all sorts of reasons. Cool review guys. Thanks from NZ and ride safe all.

  3. love the intro music ;;;

  4. Arey bhai kutte se mai bhi dar gya 😅😅😂

  5. cool you mentioned you are 6"3 tall i am 6"2 i would be pretty fun riding it

  6. As a cruiser fan, it is nice to see the upcoming range of A2 cruiser bikes. When I made my way up the ladder in the late 90s, I went from Yamaha SR125 (learner cruiser) to Kawasaki GPX250R (small sports tourer) because I didn't have to neuter a load of power off (for example) a Suzuki Bandit (naked) or the Yamaha Drag Star 650 (cruiser) that I really wanted. For both of those, the insurance costs put them out of viability also. Would be interested to see how genuinely affordable the A2 adjustable range of bikes really is for a 19 or 20yr old rider

  7. There are much better reviews out there who are more focused on motorcycle than cows.

  8. Enjoyed the review, thanks for sharing.

    I'm looking to replace my 2014 Triumph Bonneville SE and this one comes pretty close to the power and other requirements. If I do decide and get this, I'll need to get used to the forward foot pegs and the slightly lower ground clearance. Though the bike is lower on power and heavier than my bonnie, I'm sure the cost of usage & maintenance will be far cheaper.

    Does the Touring version come with saddle bags?

  9. Yes.. This is why we are saying "Some legends are Born to be lead"
    The others just follows the same path..
    I am sure..
    Many of famous multinational giants will be rigorously looking the sales figures of this model to lunch their counterparts . If it is touchdown their expectations,
    Welcome to a new era with a bang🔥🔥
    A special thanks to RE. for developing a pocket friendly authentic cruiser & showing the courage which no other brands ever tried yet.
    Shame on them.. 🤫🤐

  10. Jay- sail- meir

  11. Nice to see another well priced and made bike from Royal Enfield, but that was painful to watch

  12. I can see these selling really well in the UK and America easy cruising is what a lot of experienced riders like ….not 200 hp …

  13. Cool. Feet-and arms-forward, outstretched, is exactly how I sit on the toilet, I thought I was the only one.

  14. What’s the top speed of super meteor 500

  15. say with me jay….sal…mare…..:)

  16. Man, you look like the proverbial circus bear riding a bicycle. 🤣
    Anyway, nice report 👌🙂👍
    Looking forward to the planned updates on the Continental and Interceptor.
    🤞😬 Hopefully they'll make alloy wheels standard equipment.
    Spoke wheels look good but are a bee-atch to clean and fix a flat in the middle of nowhere.
    P.S: A desert region in India . . . I would've never imagined. 😲

  17. ஹாய் சூப்பர் நண்பா ராயல் என்ஃபீல்டு(650) சூப்பர் நண்பா

  18. Reply
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    "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life_think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success." _Swami Vivekananda

  19. 😍

  20. Lethal place to Especially Ride a bike !!

  21. You have a lot of courage to ride on Indian roads right away. Lanes, turn signals, looking before crossing. These are all alien terms to our fellow Indian people on the road.

  22. The standard of Engish is very poor for professional journalism but well done for risking your life to bring this report. The standard of driving is even worse!

  23. It still seems a little pricey for a 650 when you can get a Honda Rebel 1100 for just a little bit more.

  24. Did anybody notice the Peacock in the background at 07:30?

  25. You said that its good as entry level from A2 driving license, But what about completely new beginner ? Is super meteor suitable for inexperienced driver ? Im little afraid of weight.

  26. Reply
    Lorry Driver Karnataka January 18, 2023 at 1:44 pm

    At 8:24 you get photobombed by India's national bird, the Peacock. 😄

  27. Incredible scenery. the common element is always riding and motorcycles but each country has its own dynamic and feel. Glad to connect with you and hope that team @KazoMoto can bring you some of Australia. New Sub.

  28. Looks like India is the highlight of this review lol

  29. Reply
    Long Tall Jaypsy Jogi January 18, 2023 at 1:44 pm

    "You have to beg my pardon" 🙂

  30. Good vid! Tractable is the word you were aiming for I think. Tractionable doesn’t exist!

  31. In Goro ko India me Sirf Sapere 🐍 hi dikhai dete hai kya ..😄😄

  32. One of the best looking cruisers since the Iron 883. Love that RE kept the two sided exhausts! 🫶🏽🤙🏽

  33. hijos de puta! de todo el metraje teniais que poner el pobre animal muerto????? que no es audio directo que está editado!!! podiais escoger el minuto que os saliera de los cojones

  34. Riding with my knees that high would kill my back.

  35. Welcome to India i hope you would have a wonderful time in my country

  36. your heel will never knock a gear down m8….. think about it

  37. I can see those who'd have looked at the original base model 883 Harley Sportster (now dropped from the range) taking a close look at these as the entry lever cruiser or base platform for street customs.

  38. I have to ask, did you go looking for a snake charmer or hired one for your video? Its high time we grow out of that unnecessary decades old depiction of India!

    That said, great video, lovely bike but does look quite pricey in the UK..

    And yes never a boring moment when you ride in India! Having ridden in India for over 15 years, riding now is the UK suddenly feels mundane! 🤣

  39. For reference of sitting position how tall are you

  40. Sparkle chicken photobomb.

  41. Rebel 500 or Super Meteor. I am confused about what to get.

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