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April 23, 2022

Rouge Company reviewed by David Jagneaux on PC, also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Taking clear inspiration from its contemporaries, Smite developer Hi-Rez’s Rogue Company is a solid team-based shooter with a great foundation and fair free-to-play model.


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  1. Mandem gave the game a 7 cause he doesn't know how to play…

  2. Getting for my Switch Lite Hard it's one Best Switch Gaming

  3. Soooo…the ''gameplay and modes are unoriginal and boring'' but the ''micro transactions'' are ''done very well'' i.e…..a plus?
    IGN, fire this goober, and hire someone who actually understands the video game audience.

  4. This game is incredible.

  5. You forgot to mention you you have to spend a lot of your own money to buy & unlock stuff.

  6. “Incentivizing a defensive play style” lol we all love campers

  7. The game has changed a bit since this review.

  8. So you skipped the tutorial, eh?

  9. Ronin is my favourite character

  10. That's to High off a score

  11. For all of us Switch players looking for something that somewhat feels like CS, this is your go to game. Gameplay and graphics are not the best, obviously, but hey! It is an OK fix.

  12. not call of duty 7 outta 10

  13. Rogue company + legends of tomorrow + timeless 2016


  15. Upon looking back at this review to what rogue company currently is. At some point the dev team should realize specific animations for characters like running and standing idle. Something to give each of the rogues more depth to their personality. Not saying it’s required but they’ve got the talent to do it.

  16. Reply
    Resident Evil Re:Verse Universe 🌐💠 April 23, 2022 at 10:56 pm

    Wow it’s cool

  17. Inbred game network

  18. This game is starting to blow up! Just started yesterday. Convinced the squad to quit fortnite 💪

  19. 5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5t5tt5

  20. This game gets a ton of love and new content. Definitely worth it.

  21. I'm loving this game rn, have you tried dodgeball?

  22. For me 8

  23. Mobile Tencent game type beat

  24. Some points mentioned are simply not true.


  26. From what ive seen its basically a mix between a TPS Valorant and the Paladins and a sprinkle of battle royale

  27. 3 of those 6 are the best in the entire game. Proceeds not to mention saint, the most OP healer in the entire game…

    I'm starting to trust this channel less and less.

  28. Dirty bomb in TPS

  29. The guy playing is awful lmao 😂

  30. Looks like battlefront low key

  31. Amazing game, shitty review by a reviewer with 2 brain cells at most.

  32. The Fortnite mechanics is strong in this one and it what keeps discouraging me from downloading it.

  33. The Fortnite mechanics is strong in this one and it what keeps discouraging me from downloading it.

  34. uninstalled after 2 games, so garbage. run and gun and lose every 1v2 100% of the time

  35. "Lack of originality" is a completely irrelevant criticism as long as the things the game are copying from other games are done well. In this case, i think it's done exceptionally well.

  36. Dunno if you realised, but if you aim whilst crouching behind cover it's basically the same as your "cover" mechanic.

  37. I love this game very undertated

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