ROCCO Gone Soft For Better OR For Worse? Expert Review reviews

December 26, 2022

Seventh and eighth-generation Hilux was manufactured outside of Japan. These generations had modern design with better technology. The name “Revo” was introduced for the eighth generation in 2015. It came with the trim Hilux Revo Rocco which had different front design and different fog lamps. It further received a facelift in 2020 with minor external and internal improvements and added safety features.
Toyota Hilux is also known for its commercial use around the world. It is also usd by the Pakistan Police Force for patrolling services.

Toyota Hilux REVO CBU Review:

00:00 – Introduction/History
02:35 – Exterior
06:40 – Interior
13:20 – Drive & Performance
18:00 – Safety Features
18:40 – Fuel Average
19:20 – 0-100kmph acceleration
19:46 – New Car Page

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  1. Sir app ghor Kari driving kai Duran Sab revo is samyt Tora sa right side per hai ye sida nahi hai

  2. Sir app ghor Kari driving kai Duran Sab revo is samyt Tora sa right side per hai ye sida nahi hai

  3. Happiness

  4. Anonymous is watching this

  5. Cameraman nay gaand maar di hai. Wheel dikhanay k chakron mein damagh chakra diya hai.

  6. Jo bi ho sir truck is truck our suv is suv


  8. Dont listen to critics camera work was great imo

  9. 8:16 grande me hai ye middle dash k neeche Usb connector

  10. asslamoalikum jeep wali sarkar channel ka name ha unki jeep ka review krain plzzz woh jeep dekhain app plzz sir

  11. this shape of revo never looked this good before i’m definitely liking rocco more than normal revo’s front thanka pakwheels for changing my mind haha

  12. Thank you so much to notice my last comment on your videos, to remove stupid things I am very happy to see today 😊 there is no stupidity in your Video thanks alot to giving us knowledge about vehicles, may Almighty Allah blessings Always on you, Allah hafiz

  13. Reply
    Yummy Tummy Kitchen 😋 December 26, 2022 at 11:42 am

    I have one suggestion first when you show the dashboard the light should be low enough to show the beauty of car I mean it's background should have low light so that it can be beautiful 🤗

  14. Sunil bahi – love your peshawari chapl. Wanted to send you one from our factory. What is your shoe size?

  15. Well paid by Toyota…!
    No price point discussed
    Value to money?
    Stupid price bracket…!
    But every thing goes right if well paid

  16. Suneel sahab aap ki gari ki tareef it ni ker rahay hain Moose test to pass nahi ker paai to stability to zero hooi. Baki yeah gadha gari hay uchal uchal ker pait kharab kara daiti hay.

  17. Reply
    Fayyaz Khattak official December 26, 2022 at 11:42 am

    2016 mi launch howe ti revo

  18. Bro it's 200kmph with 💯 stability

  19. Mens first Love 🗿

  20. Aj suneel bhai full khush q k toyota ka review ha

  21. Pakwheels is trying to copy pak gears

  22. Kindly also make a review of the new fortuner. And make a complete comparison of that with the fortuner that was initially launched back in 2017.

  23. One the most selling toyota model in Australia

  24. @pakwheels is changan going to introduce its pickup? hunter f70 or lapton in Pakistan… Will definitely give people a good option

  25. This Toyota Rocco should be of 3000cc only

  26. This Toyota Rocco should be of 3000cc only

  27. Suponcered by Toyota 🤝

  28. Toyota hou or suneel sahab tareefain na karayn esa hou nahi sakta 😂😂

  29. Revo Rocco manual transmission may hay Kiya?

  30. too expensive for a little bitch of a car that it is with top speed of mere 200

  31. 03:28…shocks nhi…Hydraulic struts

  32. It's tough competitor is the D-Max

  33. True honest review..

  34. Big Fan suneel munj sir

  35. Worst part of the video is at 5:02 seconds when screen rotate , that gives very bad impression to the video, please remove these kind of effects from videos.

  36. camera man khuda ka wasta hai sir ghuma diya hai yr

  37. جتنے بھی ماڈرن ڈیزل انجن ھیں انمیں ھمیشہ ھائیڈرالک پاور سٹرئینگ استعمال کیا جاتا ھے جبکہ پٹرول انجن میں الیکٹرک پاور سٹرئینگ استعمال کیا جاتا ھے ۔

  38. Amazing cinematography

  39. aj lgta h editor ne nsha kya hua tha 😅😅

  40. What change did indus motors made which lead to increased comfort and lagging in jumps? In that video still it is clearly seemed that back is still jumpy

  41. expert wekhu 🤐 terrible

  42. Reverse camera guide lines can be set to dynamic via settings. By default it is static, but setting can be changed. This is how it is in my Revo at least.

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