Rings of Power Review Episode 4 – It Gets WORSE! reviews

September 20, 2022

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 4 review breakdown where Galadriel takes control of Númenor. Is Rings of Power worth watching on Amazon Prime video? Halbrand gives Galadriel suspicious advice and Arondir escapes Adar and the Orcs. But LOTR: Rings of Power skips the hobbits this episode, hopefully, to get a much more in-depth plot. Did they succeed in advancing against Sauron’s mission to create the Rings of Power?

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  1. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 4, the show that seemed so long it actually managed to beat She-Hulk going shopping for a suit. How is that even possible?! This review almost broke me, something that has not happened since Wheel of Time episode 7 but I think you can witness my decline by the end lmao. But what did you think of the show or the parts you saw in the review? Let me know your thoughts down below and as always, thanks for watching 🙂

  2. If the orcs' worst nightmare is an open, sunny field… then why do they like cutting down forests so much?

  3. I come here just to enjoy your reactions)
    (and the accent and the shirts)

    because otherwise I'd combust of all this crap, jesus

  4. This series was only created as (yet another) tool to destroy our culture and demoralize our men. Nothing more. To take a capstone of Western literature – arguably the most beloved fantasy story for people of European heritage – and shit all over it, then sell it back to us.

  5. When your titular villain is much, much more likeable, relatable, and realistic than your main hero or anyone else in the show, you've really accomplished something, lol.

  6. Disparu, you are as boundless as the sunrise over the rolling sea, because a dog may bark at the moon, but it will never come down. Your chair may be a seat, but thimbles are lesser than goblets.

  7. Disparu, the reason Amazon spent $1B on the IP is just so you can make these videos and I can bask in them. They’re so good! 😂

  8. the best way i can describe the actors performances very exagerated and almost stage theater, you can also feel the cameras infront of the actors. super sad

  9. Wow, the people of Numenor are not only racist against elves. Now they're performing a Hitler salute, while they are sworn to fight against a DARK force. And according to own storytelling the southlanders, who are happening to be mostly people of colour, are going to join this dark force.
    What where you thinking Amazon? This is a glorification of the Third Reich. I'm surprised this episode wasn't forbidden in germany. This gesture is forbidden in germany. It's incitement of the people and criminal. People can go to jail for this for 3 years, depending on the circumtances. This is regulated in § 86a Absatz 1 und 2 StGB and § 130 StGB of the German Criminal Code. They sensor films like Inglorious Bastards for much less.

  10. ROTFLMAO !!! Spot on mate.

  11. I'm not sure how during the "Prison break" a cell door that opens outwards, suddenly opens inwards to allow the guards to conveniently "fall" inside….The doors all look like they just have a simple barrel-bolt latch keeping them shut to begin with, which works on a SOLID door but not with bars where you can reach through and fiddle with (see rats escaping in the Secret of Nimh).

    Side-note: Prediction: Sauron's arc.
    He really wants to give up being the evil dark lord, he wants to slip away and become a blacksmith unassuming and unnoticed, but like Bruce Banner keeps getting in situations where he has to "Dark Lord" out and gets forced back into evil due to circumstances beyond his control. "All he wants to do is live in the world not destroy it. Just let him be!" is what they want people yelling at their screens when the time comes. So either he'll wind up "Hulk" Wise with having to resign himself to being the Dark Lord which is inside him, or (even worse) he'll have a choice, he can let Morgoth's power corrupt and take Glad-rail (princess of powuh!) but chooses to take that darkness back into himself, instead, to save her. Which makes his corruption a big double sacrifice tragedy.

    Love the reviews Manno, keep it up!

  12. 7:41 „And your name iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssss…“ 😅

  13. 6:03 Looks like glasses from IKEA 😂

  14. 5:00 Aaaah look at the Netflix „The Expanse“ – sized crowd 😅 All properly instructed to put one fist in the air 🙈

  15. This looks awfull… thx for saving me the time to even try watch it..

  16. 50min review? I could just watch the entire episode myself. Git thefuck outta here with this shit.

  17. the good news is that they can't really do any additional dmg. they already totally ruined: Star Wars univers, game of thrones univers, Tolkien univers, Asimov univers etc…

  18. I watched 3 of your reviews on the episodes until I came to a point where you don’t know the difference between Cleverness and wisdom .. you just confirmed you are not that bright buddy

  19. My god the writers are so ignorant of Tolkien. I could have written a far better show, with my limited Tolkien scholarship and nonexistant writing experience.

    And they just ruined Elrond, who was a thoughtful, concerned and caring Elf. Not this baby shaking hand kissing 2 faced politician.
    He is such an arrogant, selfish, deceitful prick. He gives no fux about Durin. He doesn't even pretend to care until he is accused of not caring, and then he acts so exaggeratively butt-hurt over being accused that it should be more obvious that he's got an agenda, not actual concerns. He is no friend to Durin. He would have not talked to him for another 100 years if he didnt have the agenda.

    You would think, if Durin had half a brain, that he would question why now Elrond comes to visit his best buddy he loves so much, if it wasn't just cus he needed something from him. He came right out the gate saying "i need something from you" and then says "oh I just came to visit my best bud, I am hurt your would think I have other motives" when he TOLD HIM 5 seconds ago he has another motive thats clearly exploiting their relationship. Spends weeks writing Odes to Starlight in the woods, can't send a single "whats up bro?" Letter in 20 years!?!?!

    They make Durin out be a gullible moron desperate for Elrond's attention or something. Like a battered woman who thinks her lying, cheating husband hits her cus he loves her so much and he is really just playing golf w the guys til 3 AM every night.

    And its blatantly obvious Elrond is gonna break the promise and show the Mithril to Celebrimbor or the king and create the rift between elf and dwarf anyways.

    Why the hell would you say "this has gotta be a secret, don't tell anyone ever! Oh here take a big piece home with you."
    Wtf, what are they teaching in Writing classes today? Everyone is a complete idiot and visual effects will make up for plot holes, contrivances, self-contradictions and nonsense?

    It just proves further that the current attitude about cinema and television productions is "its not supposed to be good. Its supposed to be sold."

  20. We know there is a tempest in you, Galadrrrriel, we know 😁

  21. That girl, Isildur's sister…
    I'm really sorry, but she' ugly as a mortal sin.

  22. Elrond remimber the song that durin's kids were singing in the house, try and that's it

  23. The gate to Galadriel's cell opened outwards when they asked her to exit the cell – the guard then shut the gate door behind her with an audible clunk – But then, magically, the gate opened INWARDS as she was shoving 4 guards into the cell… watch it again… I literally burst out laughing 😂

  24. You know, it's a telling commentary when Casting a Spell is a much more plausible and palatable course of action than Whipping the asses of four or five armored men who all out-weigh you by a 100 pounds or more.

  25. The jail 'action' scene just blew my mind. I can't believe this even made it past filming. Anyone who saw this scene filmed should have recognized how stupid it was.

  26. The worst thing isn't the line about "Elves don't tire" being stupid on it's own. Oh no.
    Earlier in THE SAME SERIES we witnessed Elrond, an elf, fail in a test of physical endurance against a dwarf breaking rocks.
    Objectively, dwarves are a greater threat to Numenorian "jerbs" than elves, according to the writers who created both scenes.
    This show can't even be consistent with itself, much less Tolkien's lore.

  27. I just ordered a "Make Numenor Great Again" hat… That feels totally insane.

  28. Comment for algo, because you are amazing!

  29. Who else was waiting for Pharazon to grab an electric guitar like Jack Black in School of Rock?

  30. Normally your videos on Rings of Power are spot on, but with this one you seem to be going off the deep end looking to be offended by the show. There were lots to criticize in this episode, and instead of going into those you seem to be going off on what amounts to nitpicks or hatred of trivial things. Like really, a whole segment about how she holds babies in a dream sequence? You're better than this dude. Take an extra day and come up with solid criticisms, this was rubbish.

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