Review: Qatar Airways Qsuite – World’s Best Business Class? reviews

November 13, 2022

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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Qatar Airways.

Class: Business Class
Route: Doha (DOH) to Frankfurt (FRA)
Plane: Boeing 777-300

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  1. Follow my Africa Aviation tour on for daily updates of my first trip of 2022. Thanks! 😊

  2. My cousins husband is an engineer for Gulfstream (he previously worked on the F-35)… and he recently got to ride on the new prototype that can actually go super sonic… i got to see the videos of him riding on it… of course there are restrictions about going super sonic ad they didnt on his flight he showed me… but it is probable he helped engineer the gulfstream you are showing off…

  3. Doha to Atlanta GA is 15 hrs. How I wish I could afford that trip in q suites on my December trip to the Philippines.

  4. What about a Human-Rights-Review ? You can‘t ignore the conditions in the Country and produce commercial ignorance. The stupid „Land of sausage…….“ seems only a naiv-harmless da capo.

  5. I believe what you're talking about is called a pescatarian diet. I didn't know about it until the episode of Hell's kitchen where they explained it LMAO.

  6. 14:20 the name you’re looking for is pescatarian diet

  7. Air drama should learn from this🤣

  8. Showing that you been invited by QR management means you not an independend anymore. Just like Sam Chui.

  9. To answer the question is this the best business class: absolutely not. Emirates are Better and here is why👇🏽

    Literally Just flew the Q suite from Chicago to Doha. 14 hours. Definitely not the best. The one cabin service attendant assigned to us was terrible and rude. On top of that they show you a video of Premium suite. Our flight had no bedding. The thin mattresses and pillow cases were missing so cabin crew couldn’t make the beds for a 14 hour flight.
    As well Qatar had no business lounge in ORD. They didn’t have any arrangements with other businesses lounges.

  10. As always a great review. Very thorough but as a general consumer I think the inflight service, seats, meals are all part of the overall experience. The booking process and helpline customer service matter as well. Qatar though good in flight has horrible online booking, app usage and customer service. I recently got an option to purchase an upgrade through the app, I paid for it online and the upgrade didn’t happen, the app gave me an error but accepted the payment. For weeks now I’ve been chasing the Qatar team to refund my amount and they keep saying they can’t do anything though my bank has confirmed the payment has gone through to Qatars account. The helpline agents openly told me Qatar won’t do anything to help me and keep giving me bogus email addresses to complain on. Terrible experience to lose money due to airlines technical glitches and to get a poor response from their “help”line. Not saying this is deliberate money-making, 500 euros won’t make them richer but does set me back for a months groceries, very poor experience. Would rather pay emirates higher fare than go through this.

    I think you should also cover booking, app usage, customer care in your reviews as well, might help people like me.

  11. Nice flight report.

  12. Haja, tinder swindler😂🍾

  13. I looks like you had a good time

  14. This seem to be an older video that has been reuploaded and published again

  15. "I would skip the dessert and do a loo review"
    – Josh Cahill, 2022

  16. Reply
    Hernan Andres Alcaraz November 13, 2022 at 9:14 am

    Hi! Are you in Puerto Iguazu?
    Bye , your video's are nice an give a lot of inspiration! 😎

  17. SEE-food diet.. See food, eat it 😀

  18. I love your videos so very cool 👍😎👍

  19. Why you talk like my English teacher

  20. I'm wondering whether those around you were annoyed that you did so much commentary during the flight.

    I had an ATL-IST flight in J recently and the 2 in row 7 (I was in 8K) did not stop talking loudly for over 9 hours.

    Takes away from the business class experience, even with noise canceling headphones on.

  21. Love the behind the scenes and interviews, should do more of those
    .. makes your videos even better! =)

  22. Can you please try caribbean airlines. Not many people review that airline and i would really like to know how the business class service snd experience is.

  23. Yet QATAR HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE. Their calls centres are outsourced to India, The home of scammers. Their website and app is extremely glitchy, Payment system constantly shows errors!

  24. I was treated just as beautifully on Delta first class from Amsterdam to America!

  25. Yeah I’ve flown from Amsterdam to the USA and back first class several times! Always nice to have a little suite for sure!

  26. In 2022 without all those dead bodies they never showed us the world is now under the elite globalists! Good luck with that! You aren’t as rich as they are and they mean business!

  27. For crying out loud, will you stop brown nosing

  28. I am not a fan of Qatar Airways because it has been shown repeatedly that the Government supports terrorist organisations throughout the world. Their policies and their money has systematically been undermining Arabic stability even though they are Arabs themselves. Nevertheless, I was wondering how someone who knows very little about fish, and who has rarely included fish in their diet comment on how good or bad the fish was cooked? Did you do it because you could or simply just to say you did?

  29. Just curious, how many days before do you film the video before posting it.

  30. Another video on Qatar, they must be desperate paying influencers to promote their airline.

  31. Awesome experience!

  32. Salute !

    Hello everyone 🙂

  33. @13:15 Hard working Indian team

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