Review: Qatar 777-300ER Business Class ATL-DOH 2022

March 3, 2023

Review: Qatar 777-300ER Business Class ATL-DOH

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  1. Flew this service from AKL to DOH. Sadly the new Qsuite squishes more seats into same space: less foot room and flying backwards; Also your head is close to next row.. Thanks for the review.

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    Cancer and The Regular Guy March 3, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    Solid review. It's nice to see honest opinions without a lot of over acting BS. My wife and I are flying DOH – ATL / DOH – ATL in about a week. We have wanted to fly Qatar from Dubai and now that Qatar is back to flying out of DXB and the direct DOH to ATL will be great. Once again thanks #travelsort for the honest review!

  3. It's unfortunate that we are the middle of June 2022 and the Qatar Airways still features this outdated business seating arrangement on the Atlanta<—–>Doha route. You might as well be sitting on a concrete slab.

  4. The Qatar old fashioned seats (they're still flying this on some long haul flights) are nothing special at all. Can't hold a candle to their q-suites – or even to American airlines business class for that matter. Avoid.

  5. What do you expect on a plane for food, I have eaten on Qatar multiple times and every time has been epic. Wouldn’t want ya on my flight.

  6. Food inconsistency seems to be a theme from many reviewers, the seats didn't look that great, either. Thanks, I think I'll fly Emirates!

  7. Thank you so much for a honest report , why should not complain, got 4 legs on Qatar coming this month ,2 Q Suite which i am looking forward too and 2 on the old seat which i do not like .

  8. The crap planes are reserved for US flights it seems. These seats are garbage compared to the new Q Suites on the same plane

  9. Dang, this looks like a fantastic flight with excellent seats, service, and food. Airplane food is not like being in a restaurant — think about it: the aircraft can't just pull over and cook another steak or redo those eggs that were "rubbery" or add more flavor to those crab cakes….

    I'm flying Qatar on this exact same product between these exact same cities in a couple of months and hope my experience is as good as yours. By the way, and for frame of reference, have you ever flown American, Delta, Air France, Virgin Atlantic or British Airways in business class???? What you've shown smokes all of them

  10. No bacon for breakfast … ? … terrible

  11. Holy shit! You are such a fucking baby ass whiner. Jezuz Christ. Total shit video. Go find another hobby. You suck at this.

  12. I was ready to book my round trip business class flight to Qatar airways website .. PHL to MNL … Phl to Doha duration time 12 hrs on A350 900 seat confi 1 2 1 which i like … This is the part that i don't like … my connection flight Doha to Manila B777 300 ER seat map is 2 2 2 confi. for 9 hrs flight … I don't

  13. you sound like you complain about everything

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