Review of Prince Harry's "Heart of Invictus" for Netflix Another Self-Obsessed Sussex Failure 2022

September 8, 2023

The “Heart of Invictus” documentary of Prince Harry is another soulless and greedy failure for the Sussexes, who remain overly self-obsessed to the point of taking over a documentary about the Invictus Games.

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  1. "The wound is the place where the light enters you" What Harry?

  2. Harry is useful to the Invictus Games as a prime example of how not to recover from traumatic events, and to show the damage that can be done to mental health from time in a combat zone even when one doesn't have to face the enemy. Harry seems to have lost everything he learned about compassion and humanity from his time in the Royal Family. The Invictus Games are amazing, showing amazing people do amazing things. A pity that washed up vindictive drug-addled Harry is still involved.

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  4. NEWS UPDATE !! Have you heard that Meghan is NOT going to be at the Invictus games. THE WEBSITE has removed her speaking at the closing on their website and she is now saying she will be staying home with the kids. Would love to hear your thoughts. Is this true?? You are awesome and I am so happy to have recently found your channel.

  5. Congratulations on almost 400,000 views!

  6. Does anyone else get a angry when they see Meghan?

  7. Your negative comments are pitiful. They show your pitiful and heartless characters. Your small minds can't understand that Harry is showing us the depths of what these soldiers are experiencing and enduring for their countries to stay free and how Invictus games are helping them to cope. You negative sayers are despicable.

  8. I just heard the news about you with your innocent looking face. I heard you are a wanted person throughout Germany and Europe and I envisioned your face on a wanted poster like the cowboy days. Meghan must have sent her hounds after you and I hope that she does not scare you. I hope you continue with your good work.

  9. I can’t believe we’re supposed to take advice or suggestions from someone who looks and sounds like this.

  10. You’re looking great Brittany! Love your videos!

  11. In an interview after Harry came back from Afghanistan he states there was counseling. He brushed it off. Instead of saying he got no help he should have addressed why he didn’t take advantage of the help offered to him!

  12. Myself really wish that Harry would watch some if your poadcasts carefully ..
    with.. the hope to reflect upon why he has issues and why soo much backfires ?
    Because as time😂goes by..people do not see any improvement.. but the opposite
    Bottom line however being:
    His wife is the one with everlasting dark mind and she does not help un any way
    Only destroys him more and more.. and this is only his fault alone
    A marriage from hell for sure

  13. "What do i do….behave like a prize prick for the most part….."

  14. I am shocked you think the warfare changed. Perhaps for Americans who have never seen a war in their own country yet focused on fighting abroad. Educate yourself on the second world war and read what Germans and Russians did to civilians!!! If you don't know the subject simply don't talk about it.

  15. Harry's boring, same ole same bs

  16. Ahhh the prince of lies strikes again

  17. The Sidley Twins Channel and also Sue Smith are discussing how you are being targeted by the Sussex Squad. Stay strong Britney, don't let them get to you.💖

  18. Brittany, by happenstance I heard "Beyonce take two and more" this morning as i was waking up….shocked to hear about what
    are called "sugars" denigrating you, your work, and your intentions. I am sure you know about this…but just in case this is outrageous! I much older than you, but did my undergraduate and graduate work at Yale, finishing with an M.Phil when I didn't finish my dissertation, (decades ago), but I enjoy and commend what you are doing with your education and talents instead of writing a dissertation. You and your reporting bears no relationship to what is described by these "sussex squad," people.
    I never bother with the places this is going on, but at they are breaching your privacy and truely libeling you, good luck and god Bless you.
    Most sincerely,
    "mother of several, a grandmother of many"

  19. Reply
    Rhiannon Steadman-Kenny September 8, 2023 at 9:23 pm

    What does Invictus got to do with Megan? He started long before her, NIL to do with her she should have kept her big nose OUT. I went to pieces when he said about media doing nil about war reporting but WORST, soldiers in pieces in body-bags, didn't need to hear THAT! 1 of those soldiers was MY husband, making PR from my husbands body that's what it felt like. The army were wonderful and gave me and my children every help and support and I'm still getting other support from another armed forces charity that also helps ex armed forces and their families.

  20. OMG this SS (Sussex Squad) are at it again 😒🙄🤦‍♀Please do not let them bully you out of anything. Ignore what those brainwash fanatics have to say. Love your videos!! ❤

  21. Just heard on Sue Smith's channel that the Sussex Squad has posts about you and want security to investigate you. Wow!! You are infamous. You go girl.

  22. According to HG Tudor, Magen claims she pregnant with 3rd child.
    Will this every end!

  23. Hi! Thought i would check you out because i just heard of your channel from Sue Smiths channel.

  24. Maybe the day will come when the whining prince will shutup. His victim mentality is getting tired, his veiled negative comments about his family are getting tired. This docu did not need harry in it. They need a strong personality to fron it. Someone like jim Davidson who actually supports veterans. Netflex, you are throwing your money in the wrong direction. Its evident that harry is doing this to line his pockets. Simple as that.

  25. STAY STRONG !!! MM will continue to fail

  26. Not Tiana or Tayana… it’s Tatiana which is a classic Eastern European name. It shortens as Tonya, Tanya, Tonja etc.. which is commonly recognized in the US. I have watched you for some time now but you getting that classic name this wrong even after watching the documentary makes me wonder about the rest of your research and its basis.

  27. I think we watched 2 different movies! H had PTSD from his time in war. It uncovered the past trauma of his Mother's death when he was a child and had no support from his family or culture. All of the athletes highlighted had injuries military service. In fact it was said that those chosen were the ones with the most to gain from the training and competition. Other than military service and being a patron of charities, what does he have skills in? In Spare he relates how while driving with William and KC he was rather nonchalantly told he was no longer going to be supported financially by KC. Said he couldn't afford it! The guy is a very comfortable multi millionaire for heavens sakes! It is his duty as their parent to support him. Seems like he's getting the short end of the royal stick. Stop the criticism of a guy raised as a prince, given no guidance as a youth and expected by the world to be perfect.

  28. Why are you so angry? It was a docuseries about the games how it works and the Patrons mission/goal for it to expand. A great follow up would be an Archwell production about the US’s version.

  29. Brilliant analysis as usual Brittany! You are wonderful!

  30. Reply
    Роман Романов September 8, 2023 at 9:23 pm

    MORE !

  31. A gunner fires the machine gun in the back or lower part of the plane

  32. His heart is not in this. You can tell, it's obvious I think.

  33. What's up with his speed talking, he sounds stressed, his speech is way to rapid.

  34. Why can't the Sussexes use their correct titles? It really bugs me. Harry should know better! They are either The Duke and Duchess of Sussex OR Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (without 'the').

  35. Give him a break, u bunch of perfectionist

  36. Good GOD this announcers voice is so dam loud & shrill I can't get through this!!!!!

  37. Y'all hate him so much,why watch? I find it sad on all you'll part. Cos if I hate someone that much,I won't even give them any kind of space in my world. Hate is a disease,get well soon.

  38. Maggot is the most insincere person

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