Review: It's American Press 2022

June 28, 2023

It’s American Press:
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    AGabriel Hegarty (Gaby) June 28, 2023 at 1:19 pm

    PS As of June 2023 it is also very difficult to find an actual French press in US brick and mortar stores. G

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    AGabriel Hegarty (Gaby) June 28, 2023 at 1:19 pm

    FYI as of June 2023 if you go into any one of several high end stores and ask for a French press in the New York area – this is what they give you. I was just back from France when I went shopping so I knew this is NOT a French press. I argued TO NO AVAIL: they insisted! One said, very firmly: "THIS IS WHAT A FRENCH PRESS IS". Your video confirmed for me what was obvious looking inside: that if one uses American Press as one would a French, what you get is so weak it's undrinkable. Strangely, as of now they seem to be marketing this as a French press in NY. Why? I do not know. Thanks for the video – it was starting to get a bit weird….G

  3. My wife bought me one off the Kickstarter years ago. It's nice to keep around the office, especially in modern Keurig office setups or massive Bunn machines. As others have said, I'll let it soak after initial top level coverage, which is mentioned in the manual as an alternate strategy.

    Espresso grounds need to be pushed very fast from dry or the locking of the grounds means it's a really heavy workout to get the plunger down. Not worth that level of effort for sure.

    It makes amazingly sweet cups and lets the oils and body through.

    The people there are some of the best people i have ever encountered.
    Great device. Highly recommend!!!

  5. I’m surprised the American Press isn’t more slanted…

  6. Review the "Final Press".

  7. Looks awfull honestly for 80$

  8. You should do a review of the "FinalPress" which seems to be sort of a hybrid of this, and a tea ball.

  9. i would suggest using 250ml in place of 330ml;and vary water quantity to achieve taste

  10. It's American Press (made in China)

  11. That intro song was great

  12. AmeriPress, American ExPRESS

  13. It's very American. Trying to fix something that ain't broke.

  14. Anyone know where that mug is from?

  15. have they never seen an aeropress? Doesnt get less mess than that

  16. American adding segregation in any way possible. MERICA!!

  17. guy just casually lifting 60 lb with 3 fingers. coffee really does give you superpowers

  18. Like an AeroPress with a Joepresso attachment

  19. Hi James love your channel. I do a combo immersion v60 method works great. I was wondering when we would go camping and we would make coffee in the morning with a percolator it was the most amazing tasting coffee. You get boiling water running through the grounds for as long as you like then enjoy it's hot it's just great tasting coffee. Have you done any testing on percolators on your channel?

  20. James should say Quid and stop confusing us.

  21. I used one for a few years. There is a inverse relationship between fineness of the grind and the ease of plunging.
    Clean up was a charm.
    I never had a problem with the gaskets. The clear plastic parts, however, will degrade over time. I needed to replace my pod twice. However, customer service was really great and made things easy to get things done.
    Also, for those wondering: do not double plunge. Pulling the plunger up through the column of liquid will create a vacuum against the interior of the carafe and it will eventually distort the plastic.

  22. Well of course you weren't that impressed, you measured in grammes instead of liquid ounces per square foot!

  23. Reply
    10 fl oz 30 minutes June 28, 2023 at 1:19 pm

    Did I miss something? How was the brewed coffee? Flavor, taste,?

  24. This plunger reminded me of a tea egg, so I would definitely let it sit after the initial plunge. But honestly, the mess of a French press isn't that big.

  25. If you think that a French press has the problem of being messy, how's this American press any better? It has more parts that need cleaning!

  26. Wow! I just realized, this is my first watched coffee video😃long time ago…

  27. I like to travel with my french press. i think this would be better in that traveling role.

  28. Kind of disappointed because I expected it to be a french press with an electric motor attached to it…

  29. I have a travel cup by bodum that works like a French presse but after you press it down you can drink straight from it. Is this similar?

  30. You're supposed to press it a little bit down let it boil in the water for a small amount of time then continue pressing on it. You quite literally did it too fast

  31. Another great video. I agree the price is a little steep for my tastes. I have a Mokka pot for the mornings and an Aeropress in the office. They both work fine. I like the amount of fiddling each requires. And the cleaning up for both is fairly quick.

  32. When I saw the title I thought "please let this not just be the Freedom Fries of immersion brewers", and I am very happy to see that it seems to be very much its own thing.

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