Review: Is SCOOT 787 BUSINESS CLASS worth the MONEY? reviews

November 16, 2022

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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Scoot Airlines.

Class: Business Class
Route: Athens (ATH) to Berlin (BER)
Plane: Boeing 787-8

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  1. Follow me for daily updates on – See you over there! 😊

  2. Yum, sounds good

  3. No sound in most parts just small voice over clips here and there

  4. Crew chillin around on a nearly empty flight. Thats some awefull Service…

  5. 👎 Singapore to Sydney.. Worst flight ever. Will never fly with Scoot😡 forever. 👎

  6. If his is a mushroom… yeah i want it

  7. Just took a SQ economy flight to Hong Kong and returned on a codeshare Scoot flight. The crew on SQ are always attentive regardless of the class I'm flying, whereas the crew on my Scoot flight was just doing their job. Didn't even get a smile or goodbye on my way out. Guess you get what you pay for.

  8. I can't be the only one who fast forwards to check out the meal..

  9. I just flew Sydney to Singapore to berlin via scoot economy. Worst flight. Super uncomfortable, no water even in economy, a lot of people including myself didn't know you needed to bring your own food and drinks then when going through the boarding gate security in Singapore the water and food I brought along was confiscated. So I had a 14 hour flight with out and water or food.

  10. I thinl thats fair for obese peiple to have to but two tickets

  11. not many people really review this airline, just SQ. interesting to view haha

  12. In my opinion, it still worth to fly this budget airline with B787. Why ? As long as WiFi services provide in the flight, I still can enjoy entertainment from my iPad like general commercial carrier does. I may not put high expectations on food since it is budget airline , but I rather recommend them distribute fast food instead local budget food store. 🙂
    Many of you know, B787 is the most modern and safe aircraft in the world. It can get rid off unpredictable turbulence event happen during journey, the wing flow can swing like a bird compare to other aircraft give constant momentum of air flow can help airline company save money on fuel consumption. Of course, you still can enjoy business class or first class on the commercial carrier if you have enough money to do so. It just an option for those people wish to take budget airline for their travel when they have budget constraints.

  13. pair of spoilt pansy's got it. flights empty

  14. i recently flew gatwick to bangkok with scoot in economy.. and can best describe it as a discomfort endurance test, the crew were ok but 12 hrs is a long flight especially when you're sat waiting to take off and you're delayed by an hr and a half! no food or even drinking water, no power outlets, no entertainment.. nothing unless you pay extra! fortunately i came prepared but being a first time scoot flyer i don't think i will use them again, and as this vid has shown.. business class isn't much better!

  15. This review helped me so much! As a ,"fat" person I would rather pay £1000 on a luxury liner then buy 2 seats! You want us to buy extra seats but your bathroom won't accommodate us. Thanks again for the review

  16. Reply
    Termites are not good for homes. November 16, 2022 at 4:28 pm

    That VPN route to better pricing sure as heck didn't work for me one way Singapore to Sydney and I was using a Singapore server. Not guaranteed I guess.
    Did you notice a little button for calling an attendant ? A meal was included and they delivered it. Continual fawning was not included.

  17. Thanks for the video! I suspect that you dislike the fragrance of the Chinese shiitake mushrooms. It is probably an acquired taste for you since I don't find it in western cuisine, but it is common in Singapore 🙂 Even as a Singaporean, I dislike it when i was younger, so I could totally relate to you when you said it doesn't taste like mushrooms but "something" else. Usually, we will eat that dish with dark soya sauce and small chilies, seems like it was not provided though. Cheers

  18. I don't know how but my earphones got Better after ending this video

  19. How could they put these shitty seats in a brand new 787, when Air Asia has had lie flat beds for years now?

  20. Ad after ad

  21. Josh you are too funny

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