(Review) DC's Legacy Returns in The New Golden Age #1! reviews

May 11, 2023

Today we are reviewing The New Golden Age #1!

Here’s the creative team for the issue:

Written by Geoff Johns
Illustrated by Diego Olortegui with JP Mayer and Scott Hanna, Jerry Ordway, Steve Lieber, Todd Nauck, Scott Kolins, Victor Bogdanovic, Brandon Peterson, and Gary Frank
Colored by Nick Filardi, John Kalisz, Matt Herms, Jordan Boyd and Brad Anderson
Lettered by Rob Leigh
Cover by Mikel Janin

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  1. I thought this book was amazing, intriguing and full of potential.
    I read it 3 days ago but I think I'm going to read it again tonight!

  2. Nope. They didn't fix Alan Scott so DC can do without my money.

  3. The thing is, I really enjoyed the concept of the new Earth 2 that appeared in the Justice Society Of America series a few years before the DC New 52. The Justice Society Infinity was a great idea that made me think of what could have been if the original Crisis hadn't eliminated the original Earth 2. Plus this team had Al Pratt. The older atomic powered Atom on the team. A favorite of mine. Then poof! That Earth 2 didn't exist and we an New 52 version of Earth 2. Not a good one either. As a JSA fan since 1984 I just can't get too excited with DC these days.

  4. I really hope they release like "old" issues with these characters so we can see them in action

  5. I kept waiting for DC to bring back my favorite team the JSA. I quit DC in April. Not even the JSA can save DC in my eyes.

  6. I REALLY liked the issue and all the mysteries set up here. Also some of these "new" characters (Red Lantern and Mister Miracle especially) sound really awesome and I can't wait to see more of them

  7. the issue was amazing! per degaton has definitely affected the JSA a lot so it’s going to be interesting to see Huntress and the present day JSA stop him

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