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February 3, 2024
  1. Dude don't copy the pitch meeting guy style, i click this thinking it was him

  2. You lost your time doing this and I lost mine watching it.

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    @thewatchmanstudios6257 February 3, 2024 at 8:39 pm

    Yah to…A lazy Sunday afternoon..den i watched picsuresssss go boom boom ..and den …..darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. 100% facts. Movie was awful

  5. It was a rlly good film in my opinion and I really enjoyed it tbh. It wasn’t very original but you have to admit you weren’t expecting the rock to be a bad guy!

  6. Gal Gadot also proves you only need a billionaire husband and looks not acting ability to be a star.

  7. Hey, remember, the whole point of the movie was to have Ryan and Dwayne get to showcase their company booze products.

  8. Why are you using googly eyes on your non-Pitch Meeting videos now? Look at what you made me do, I've mistakenly clicked this video thinking it was Pitch Meeting. Here, take my downvote for your precious engagement.

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    @notyouraveragesaiyanwarrio1336 February 3, 2024 at 8:39 pm

    I clicked on this vid cos of the Ryan George eyes. What a waste of my 23 sec.

  10. Just the sort of movie I like. Watched most of it.
    Never bothered seeing the end. 4/10

  11. Wow… tough crowd. I actually enjoyed the movie since it was a bit of escapism from the supposed dreary disease ridden world we currently live in.

  12. Well that’s the typical guilty pleasure movie for you..

  13. It was a daft movie with many many errors or almost every kind, it did however have one plus point that most critics never take into consideration, it was entertaining which means other criticisms are irrelevant since that was its purpose which it fulfilled. 8/10

  14. it was a really bad movie though

  15. It was a movie for rabid consumers not movie lovers.

  16. It was ok. It felt a bit like the Rock wanted to be Colossus from Deadpool sometimes.

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    @anythingrandom1900 February 3, 2024 at 8:39 pm

    I watched the movie because Im expecting it will be entertaining like Jumanji, but it was aweful, I just wasted my time.

  18. Take a step back, screen rant, look at the Pitch Meeting guy. He's the only thing saving you from a 1/10.

  19. It was a fun movie with big explosions and awesome action scenes, maybe im just a simple guy but i enjoyed it, actually surprised by the twists too lol

  20. Screen Rant makes me think that I too have what it takes to become a multi-million subscriber channel. All I need to do is to read a single review that someone else wrote in a video. Man, Youtube is easy.

  21. Everything doesn't have to be a critical masterpiece. I found the movie pretty enjoyable, its free on netflix to watch on your couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, its funny its action packed its got good looking people. Sometimes its all right to just enjoy simple things.

  22. Basically its Disney meets fast and the furious. There wasn't anything remotely original about the movie. We watched it because it had 3 well known actors and it was free on Netflix.

  23. It was fun, but not a good movie.

  24. The same could be said for screen rant content. Excluding pitch meetings

  25. that movie was as stale as wet bread.

  26. You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into before you started the movie. It wasn’t supposed to be a Shawshank quality movie.

  27. But the movie was nice tho? It was highly enjoyable i wonder why its rated low

  28. Stop trying to be Ryan …you'll never be as funny as him

  29. What was the point of this video?

  30. We want more lucy

  31. Lol the whole movie was improv

  32. Sorry if I dont trust Screenrant who thinks Eternals are good.

  33. The movie is great! if you are 10 years old.

  34. nice Hal logo cosplay lucy.

  35. Lol I actually enjoyed the movie. I feel like people are tired of the rock playing the same character that winds up in the jungle

  36. It was ok…I mean I was surprised because all three are great actors…nothing was really funny between them…

  37. I used to say this about the TV-show "The Following". I would get angry watching it, knowing that the screenwriters had won that job over more deserving people.

  38. Who is this guy? He looks like Nick Lutsko

  39. can you write a story like FastNFurious9? sure you can. a 6 year old can.

  40. This isn't funny. At this point Screen Rant should really cut the cord and die so Ryan can put Pitch Meetings on his channel. I know they want money, but they're not gonna get it with garbage like this.

  41. So are you saying this movie was good or bad? Cause I really liked it.

  42. Love this guy

  43. 2 was generous

  44. Fax. Lucy says the most important things i swear

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