Raymond and Barlett-Vanderpuye review doing business in Ghana in 2022 on Upfront 2022

January 1, 2023

Raymond and Barlett-Vanderpuye review doing business in Ghana in 2022 on Upfront
#UPfront with Raymond Acquah


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  1. There should be no policy that allows gold to be taken out of Ghana if you want the cedi to stabilize for the long hall.

  2. Strong guy from childhood, congrats Nii Lantey

  3. Yh, the foreign funding of small scale mining is huge… We have a long way to go to own our economy. Our financial institutions are failing us. Oh wait, we no longer own the financial sector also. 😢

  4. Leave the developers alone… Even those SSNIT flats were not affordable and still aren't for the average Ghanaian! The average Ghanaian isn't middle class but poor, don't kid yourself. Unless we address the issue of income all this talk will only be a regurgitation of theory anyone can find in a book.

  5. Galamsey is not good when there was no such gala Ghana was far better than now mada u have bad mind

  6. Great content: Ghanaian governments should learn from Japan & South Korea, they built their country with business people (Zaibatsu & Chaebol respectively) In the west government acts on the wishes of businesses. Let’s learn from what’s already been done. M&C thanks for sharing, things will get better. We are working on it.

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    Collins Amaniampong January 1, 2023 at 10:11 pm

    Thanks for ur honest comments

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