Rangers transfer business scrutinised after Napoli defeat 2022

September 20, 2022
  1. In case you missed it your coach seems to have given up on his zonal marking madness , his decision to employ it in the first place , hence the first goal in Amsterdam , that had nothing to do with signings or Ross Wilson , and against Napoli your team still didn`t run as much as your opponents , if you put a shift in at work , as often as your team you`d be out the door .

  2. With the benedfit of hindsight I would question why we didnt keep Katic and Balogun, selling Bassey was a step too far.. Instead of signing Ridvan, Souttar, and Davis, we could have got in one quality (injury free) guy… It's not the first time there have been questionable calls, remember transferring out Clint Hill on a free, when he was the previous seasons POTY ffs.

  3. Its not that the new players brought in are bad players, or that they are no better than what we already have, but rather that they were the wrong players, bought for the wrong positions and bought for the wrong reasons. This is down to the board’s ‘model’ strategy and Wilson is simply their man doing their bidding.

  4. Ibrox – Big Blue Toaster! 💙🇳🇿

  5. Jonny, sometimes you open your mouth and talk such shite, and forget how to stop talking.
    Yes there was more fight from most of the players, but to say that Kent and Morelos are bankers, our potential saviours – Bollocks. Morelos missed an open goal with a free header in the first minute. The only other chance he had was an arse-winder after Arfield teed the ball up for him.
    Kent hasnt played a decent game all season and almost none all last year in the league. He's predictable and always wants to beat another man and yet another man.
    Ryan Jack is past it, Kamara is woeful, and has been since Gio arrived.
    No midfield to speak of capable of opening up a defence, and I repeat it again, I like Tillman but he flatters to deceive in the Scottish league but is nowhere near class in Europe.

  6. We have recruited lots of injured players. Ridiculous.

  7. Are you young lads daft. Rangers have lost three on the bounce and scored 0. Didn't show up for 2 games and dropped 11 Goals. Agreed we showed up against Napoli but it's just NOT acceptable in any way, shape or format. We need an inquiry.

  8. Ross Wilson is first and centre when things go well said…big "LOOK AT ME!" (I call him) and is nowhere to be seen when things are not going so well ..WELL SAID.

  9. 0 points from this group just want out without a 0-5 result tbh. Lick our wounds and Ross Wilson get real and up the anti or he is OUT. As for Gio?.. he deserves time. But no excuse for players not playing with passion, vitality and on it in every game. This is RFC it is a must or we will lose more points as every team see this as their cup final ….surely that should be sorted in the team by now. No excuses no surrender.

  10. Behave yourself Rangers weren’t the better side before the sending off. Your obsessed with this EX G! It’s nonsense.

  11. Niko Katic was treated so badly!! all these weak players were here when we came back from the dead they do not know what it means to wear the jersey only colak and Lawrence play as if they been here for a while.

  12. Napoli was a good team but they were not better than rangers. they are not favorite to go far, stop making excuses this is champions league if you are a man down you usually lose. if king came in earlier we would have won that game. Anfield is going to be tough but we can leave with a point. I am happy these player been getting banter they hate the feeling and I saw that yesterday when over 30 Arfield and jack were makikng 50 million pound midfielders run on skates. Artfield is valued below 5 mil pound and yesterday he played like a 20 mill pound player.

  13. But,,,, we didnae score. For all that!

  14. When did players start to "need time to settle"?

    Big players step up and adapt.

    Gies peace

  15. I arrived late to your broadcast today so this comment may not be noted. However, here goes. Ross Wilson arrived at Rangers with a lot of trumpeting and he no doubt talks a good fight. Nevertheless in the light of the relatively poor success of players recruited during his tenure his effectiveness can be questioned. Perhaps that is already happening. One thing for sure is that those in charge should be exercising their best efforts to reach the level we are entitled to expect. Let us hope for some action soon. Best wishes to all.

  16. We played 2 midfielders in defence last night and 1 midfielder has played there from the start of the season and look at the goals we’ve conceded. We got rid of 3 center half’s and your saying we should have bought two midfielders and a winger🧐

  17. Better,but still not good enough!A better defender wouldn't have given the penalty away!?Rangers are heading for bottom place and no euro football after the world cup!!
    If it came down to goal difference,forget it!!

  18. Johnny ur taking rubbish. Again. This pod is going downhill

  19. Get the young talent integrated NOW !!!

  20. Watched the goals back and Sands positioning when goldson steps out to win tha header is awful. Should have tucked around to cover right away but never reacted ,way too wide and poor positioning ultimately cost us the match . The only plus is he’s definitely out now for the next match . Gio is going to be forced to take off the blinkers and find proper solutions .

  21. Jonny does talk a lot of nonsense. Significantly ahead on XG? Where were the goals Jonny? We didn't score any. All this talk of stats and trying to find some consolation is just papering over the cracks and it's pointless. Fact is we were well beaten by a team that didn't look as if they were even into their top gear. You want to talk stats look at the shots at goal, they had over double the amount of shots at goal as we did and much more of the possession. Those are the real facts. Yes we played much better first half but where was the end product? We never look like scoring. That's 11-0 for the last three matches that is simply not acceptable for Rangers and if we're gonna accept this kind of standard this is gonna be one hell of a long season. The board cannot be let off the hook and must be made to explain why this side wasn't strengthened before the CL games as it's glaringly obvious we were not strong enough.

  22. Squad lacks quality for CL level. Simple. Recruitment has been woeful. New signings are not good enough. The young lads aren't even getting a chance to develop, Gio just plays the dudes who are well past it. Total shambles.

  23. We have regressed since 55

  24. XG and stat pish again. Here’s a stat for you. 4/0 4/0 3/0

  25. Cmon guys. We are awful. Stop this nonsense. 11 goals shipped in three games and not one goal in return. Utter bollocks this building block talk. U guys need wake up. Leagues gone already and CL is out the window.

  26. Normally not entirely on-board with Johnny's view but got to say I'm in agreement with 2dys summary 👌👏🇬🇧

  27. Guys, are you watching a different team than me? Napoli were a proper team, created lots of chances, hit the woodwork early, missed a penalty, more possession and scored 3 goals. Three times as many shots on target as us. Reality check for us and a real challenge to see where we get points from this group?

  28. Ross Wilson ans his scouting team need sacked. Brining in injury prone player's e.g. Aaron Ramsey and John Souttar, keeping player's from Gerrards tenure e.g. Goldson and Kamara who need refreshed. Signings have been more miss than hit

  29. Don’t know how true this is,But going from what I’ve heard of Big Ben Davies,It’s not looking good,It’s fuck all to do with his missus or family issues or injuries,It was well documented before he came to us what was going on with him,He won’t kick a ball for us,Not for a long time anyway,

  30. matondo, colak, yilmaz, davies cost more than hart, juranovic, hetate, giakoumakis, o'riley, maeda, haksabanovic

  31. We’re praising Rangers for putting in effort, but the lack of quality is apparently. That team lacks quality and commitment in spades. We all knew the team needed refreshed, and reinforced. Yet, here we are. Season will be over both in Europe and domestically by October the 1st. We fucked the summer transfer window and it’s killed our season. The only question now is – Who gets sacked for it? I want Ross Wilson out the door tonight.

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