Ram 1500 2021 review: Limited – How does the new-generation big ute suit Australia? 2022

May 12, 2023

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The new-generation Ram 1500, the DT Series, has arrived.

This modern utility vehicle has a 5.7-litre Hemi V8, a versatile load space, plenty of driver-assist tech and it’s able to tow 4.5 tonnes – all of that in a premium package.

This is a prestige ute if ever you’ve seen one, but does a luxurious full-size pick-up truck deserve the attention of Aussie ute fans?

We tested the top-spec Limited variant over a week to gauge its suitability for Australia.

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  1. Rubbish Automotive Machinery.

  2. Hell yes I would buy this!

  3. Best thing for anyone owning a petrol station!

  4. Reply
    Please enter a name. May 12, 2023 at 5:43 am

    So strange seeing these on Australian roads.

    Personally think they look ridiculous and out of place.

    They look like the type of car that would sit 10 minutes in the Mc Donald's drive through checking out their food instead of leaving for the next person.

    That's if it can even fit in a Mc Donald's drive through lmfao…

  5. for guys who need to compensate for something

  6. Could this truck beat a land cruiser?

  7. Awesome ute love it, cant wait for the all electric Ram ute to come , would like to purchase several of the all electric utes the concepts are awesome looking.

  8. Good luck in any Aussie CBD and trying to park one

  9. I’d buy for its towing ability

  10. I went from a Range Rover Sport to a RAM Laramie in 2020 with reservations.
    This Sept my new Ltd arrives.
    Absolutely stunning trucks and the space etc is awesome. One day of driving and you forget the size. Mines used for going to Coles, bunnings, and Fraser Island etc. As beautiful on road as off road.
    Awesome all round trucks.

  11. So based on the exchange rate y’all are paying about $25k over the US price point? 25k for a RHD conversion seems a bit steep but it does look very well done. Plus does RAM not offer the 7 year unlimited mileage extended warranty in AUS? Sure, it’s not free, but it’s a hell of a good warranty.

  12. im american. if this video is from australia it looks just like america. the neighborhoods are all american!

  13. Def looking at 1. Looks like it will be a great balance for tradie rig and then load up the family on weekends and go on adventures.

  14. He hasn't seen the TRX then if he thinks this 1500 is big .

  15. Where are you getting the $114 for the base model. I have been quoted $139 ?

  16. I want that beast of a truck

  17. Ute? Ute is a German name. 🙂

  18. 1:27 saw price, stopped watching.

  19. After two ranger wildtraks, which I have found totally awesome. I now think this is my next ride.

  20. I’m just amazed this whole segment was filmed in my home town of port Kembla on the south coast lol. But the RAM is a dream truck to have in the drive way

  21. Reply
    lookwhatdavosdone May 12, 2023 at 5:43 am

    Would you put your family in a vehicle without a safety rating?
    What a useless review to not challenge this,

  22. What’s the name of the background song

  23. Picking up our 1500 dt Laramie in7days had a 200series was towing to close to the limit no choice really it just gets the job done in luxury costs allot but you get allot of car

  24. The GCM seems higher than other Ram 1500 models

  25. Interesting review by Australian Expedition Vehicles
    "was posted by Australian Expedition Vehicles back in June ….

    "As an approved person engineer, AEV has been swamped with requests to provide a GVM upgrade post registration to RAM 1500 vehicles.
    It is not good news.
    These vehicles have a stated GVM and GCM from RAM.
    GVM= 3450kg
    GCM= 7237kg
    FRONT axle Max load= 1770kg
    REAR axle Max load=1770kg
    Total = 3540kg is the maximum that can be certified on these.
    Note the sales pitch has a 4500kg Max Brake Tow Capacity.
    Real towing is= 7237 – 3450 = 3787 kg
    At Kerb weight of these vehicles are 2605 kg. That's only measured with full tank of fuel and no driver. So with a 4000kg van with a ball weight at 10% = 400kg + driver plus full fuel, these are nearing overmass.
    Another known issue is the factory rims are only rated to 885kg (1950 lb), so restricts them from reaching their full axle mass.
    AEV has undertaken a full ADR 3505 for a 10% GVM upgrade to 3750kg ( which is for Vehicle Category NB1, medium goods vehicle) brake test on factory brakes and tyres. The vehicles failed the component test at full GVM for the 20 stops from 0 – 60 kmph. Brakes at 530° C.
    So please do your research on these vehicles. They are not suitable for a GVM upgrade of even 10%.
    Jmacx offroad solutions is working on a SSM GVM to 4200kg, but will require brake, rim and axle strengthening.
    Link to brochure from RAM Australia.

    I guess the lesson here is to make a detailed investigation and don't take the sales pitch as gospel"

  26. Reply
    Stardust Bilermam May 12, 2023 at 5:43 am

    So they're converted to rhd in Australia and sold to the public. Is this sustainable?

  27. They're 80k in the U.S. yet we pay 60k more. If you're going to spend that kind of money ford f series trucks have more features, more engine configurations than ram. BTW Ford USA outsells ram by 3 to 1.

  28. Toyota and ford must also launch their big toys

  29. This de chromed trim is looking so good !

  30. Drawback would be Australia’s tiny car spaces. Would probably have to climb out the windows or sun roof. Can’t understand why Australia’s car spaces are so small – we have soooo much land yet all want to live on top of each other.

  31. Why drive a Ranger if you can afford one of these?

  32. The biggest problem is our small car park spots and low height carparks.

  33. Yep want one. Just gotta get that powerball!!

  34. Finally something worth buying…

  35. Reply
    Rebecca Donaldson May 12, 2023 at 5:43 am

    Can't wait 4 sleeps and I pick up my DT Limited, so excited. Was a bit nervous to give up my Range Rover Sport, but I think it will be the best thing I ever did. Time will tell.

  36. Rated recovery point or tow points?

  37. Waiting for the TRX to hit our shores .

  38. Payload is too low considering the max tow.

  39. What an excellent review!

  40. I'm from the USA and have never seen the red/white lights built into the top part of the rear bumper. What are they for?

  41. Love the Ram pickup. Just wish I had the money to buy one.

  42. Payload is an issue

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