Queen agrees Harry and Meghan plan: BBC News Review 2022

September 5, 2022

Learn English vocabulary from the news: The Queen has said she supports Harry and Meghan’s plan to divide their time between the UK and Canada. But she has told the Duke and Duchess of Sussex there are details still to work out. Learn the vocabulary the world’s media is using to discuss this story in our new-look News Review.
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Key words and phrases:

showing good judgement that leads to an advantage

I made a shrewd investment and used the profit to buy a car.
Getting both parties to agree on a ceasefire was a shrewd move.

modern and encouraging change

It’s a new political party that has very progressive policies.
At one time mixed-sex schools were considered progressive.

forced into doing something

I was railroaded into signing the contract before I read it properly.
The first offer was cheap, but I was railroaded into buying the upgrade.

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  1. To learn with BBC learning english is a good shrewd!

  2. Hi,I have a question, is the structure of ""to be considered as "" correct ? like regarded as …
    Thanks very much

  3. I like the words Catherine chooses. they often have a visual vibe around them. I love writing poetry and her words are imaginative and really resonate with me. Thank you Catherine.

  4. Useful video but
    I'd like to see the subtitles 😅

  5. Shrewd, showing good judgement that leads to an advantage.

  6. I'm Brazilian and I started watching your video to learn better English. I love British English …

  7. Shrewd , progressive, railroaded

  8. Dan! can i know your instagram?

  9. Dan! are you married?

  10. 非常感谢您们的。

  11. Thank you!!! I'm getting better everyday!!! it's really helpful to increase vocabulary!!!

  12. Is Catherine native? I find her pronunciation and accent weird at times.

  13. I just can say
    The male Host Is my boyfriend.

  14. I made a shrewd decision when I worked abroad,because ,I was able to sent my son to college.
    my decision made my son progressive because his kind of work is a little bit decent than mine
    my decision to work abroad was quite railroaded because I don't like to work far from home

  15. Reply
    Malgorzata Burkiewicz September 5, 2022 at 12:03 am

    Actually I have a brilliant solution! People like them can pay for themselves! what do you think?

  16. Please add subtitle tat would be more helpful

  17. Wow this is amazing platform for learning English as well International Relations.., thanks BBC for this endeavor.., im so excited to watch these its quite interesting for me.,, May be I'm not that techo person to be updated with all apps nd media 😉

  18. Useful

  19. Harry is a Prince and should be happy to stay that way. They are playing a dangerous game with the Royals!

  20. 一个英国破落户的事,有啥好讨论的。。无聊。。

  21. 😂😂
    ❤ this channel 😁💯

  22. Wish Harry and Meghan best of luck and success. 🙏💕

  23. Can u give me some suggestions for how continue talk to any other in English.

  24. Reply
    コツメカワウソ September 5, 2022 at 12:03 am

    Thank you very much for clever teaching.

  25. She is the devil. She is a selfish centered money grabber… Poor Harry is a follower, lost his mom so he is just lost and follows… Find a real Princess Harry!!!! And be with your Royal family like you should be. Lose the selfish bee

  26. new performance ?????????.interesting indeed!

  27. good job BBC
    team….obviously become my favorite program

  28. Oh, I just love it! Thank you!!!! words are so much fun!


  30. Is there any subtitle on this channel ??

  31. I said it from the beginning that the Queen must strip them from their title and it did happened I'm glad don't take me wrong I like Harry still he is funny

  32. The Queen sat back & allowed her "FIRM" to wage a Vendetta again her grandson, his wife & baby …She sad & did nothing… Traitor!!

  33. Me encanta este nuevo formato es como una charla amena. I like it. Dan is so good teaching. I can understand his clear pronunciation.

  34. Plz go back to the old video

  35. Thanks. You are the best.

  36. THANKYOU GREETINGS from México

  37. Thanks be to you and the staff behind the scenes for this tremendous show

  38. Wooow it is a good technique to learn new words

  39. Reply
    Laura Elena Muneratti September 5, 2022 at 12:03 am

    Very difficult to pronunciate jajaja and speaking about these persons I don't agree with her to make Harry separate from his family Megan bad person. It's my personal opinion 😌😌😌

  40. Who will pay the bill 😃

  41. As long as they don’t need to use Canadian tax to support their living I don’t care where they live, they would probably divorce in 3 years anyway.


  43. I just love how they know shrewd it's an unusual word and they constantly repeat it in order to the audience to get familiar with it.
    Well done BBC Learning English team.

  44. The new style of news review is awesome ! Pretty like a quality talk show or a conversation channel. Really like it. Thanks BBC Learning English !
    Dan and Catherine are the best😀

  45. Really love this session. Learn new words and how to use it in various situations.

  46. I love this video clip. Both of you are good performers and good duos.

  47. Hello Dan and Catherine. I like following your news review because it's a great opportunity to practice English especially my listening and speaking abilities. Congratulations for your talk show version. Bye.

  48. People do not understand one thing,  mixed race marriages are most vulnerable.
    These people must be left alone. I am talking from my own experience. Next a
    person never  experiences if not in the
    same shoes. Press first must think and ask what they write. Any writing or
    verbal or attack can change life completely. I wish  them all the best.

  49. This is an exhilarating setting for News Review 🙂 cuz of its catchy content and visualization. On top of that, it yields a sense of a daily life ^^

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