Qatar Airways NEW Business Class Suite Review (787-9) 2022

November 23, 2022

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Airline: Qatar Airways, QR
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Aircraft registration: A7-BHA
Route: Madrid – Doha
Flight numbers: QR150
Seat: 8A + 7F
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:


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  1. Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to get 50% off your first order of Keeps hair loss treatment.

    MERCH + Amenity Kits:

    Adam The Flyer's review:

  2. Qatar could have definitely put Qsuite on the 787, with some modifications, given Etihad managed to place its Business Studio (which Qsuite shares its basic design and layout with) on the 787 and even A380 upper deck.

  3. Any Business class seat with a privacy door would have to be in my Top 3.

  4. I keep trying to scan the code on your shirt. WHAT IS IT??? 😂😂

  5. What's with the hair talk? So random & unrelated lol

  6. Legends are watching 2022

  7. Reply
    Dj Aron & Beth Sacks November 23, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    Hey there for me I would reviews to include more on the width of the seats for larger passengers. On this airline 787-9 do the armrests on business class click down all the way into the console of the seat from the aisle? I really look at all of these videos to try and find how the sides and armrests looks becauas I need seats with movable armrests.

  8. You always say in your videos its Arabic mezza,thats wrong its called the Lebanese mezza not Arabic mezza

  9. The Arabic slayed

  10. Boeing 787-8 and Boeing 787-9s are used by Qatar’s they currently have no -10s.

  11. Great review. The Business Class Suite looks amazing. I'm impressed with the big screen in economy.

  12. Thank you for an excellent review Dan… I appreciated the detail you showed of the actual seat and amenities, especially showing the differences in Business Class and privacy of Qatar's Business Class… Now I know how to book when my girlfriend and I fly together back from India to Doha to the USA…in the center! I'm normally not impressed at all by many reviews, but yours is exceptional…. Safe travels!

  13. try qatar airways qr 4789

  14. Nice to have money.

  15. Nice trip report Dan.

  16. Reply
    Zak's Trains and Planes November 23, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    Thanks, Dan, for giving us another unbiased, self-funded review. It honestly feels like I'm on a flight, from home!! My next flight is in July, so still a little while, so thank you for another great review!

  17. Have flown business twice from Australia to the UK with Qatar, absolutely brilliant👏👏👏👏.Looking forward to trying out the new set up, next year to Greece and Bergen. 💕🇦🇺😃

  18. New subscriber here. Thanks Dan for taking me to your flights. I enjoy every video you make. Keep on flying Dan!

  19. Cool vid. I'm flying QSuite with my family in a few days: Kuala Lumpur – New York. They changed planes on our first flight to this 787 configuration, and after watching this video I'm excited to try it out!

  20. Can someone tell me what a flight like this cost? No such thing where I’m from…. Cough cough our government bailed out airlines including our major one. And our PM likes to call people nazis. Lmao

  21. OMG that arabic sentence… so well pronounced! GREAT Job! Love all your videos and the very honest review with the authentic delivery. Thanks

  22. Can someone enlighten me on the rules or etiquette on walking around the different cabins? Can economy passengers walk through business and vice versa? And are people allowed to walk upstairs on an A380? Do you have to inform the flight attendants? Thanks

  23. Great pronunciation

  24. i am Arab and your Arabic is very good

  25. Dan, just love your video reviews…keep them coming!

  26. Father…time is undefeated. Make up, eyeliners. Hair loss treatments.. nails….bbls …boob jobs. Nothing works. We all grow old and die

  27. Is avelebal Wi-Fi in business class.

  28. I ❤️ Qatar airways 🇶🇦 especially new business class cabin.

  29. Ngl the Screen of the Economy was impressive they should implement it to other aircraft.

  30. I got Qatar airways AD while watching this Qatar airways video😂

  31. Reply
    Menschenliebhaber 6000 November 23, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    Next time when you fly in Luxembourg please fly Luxair i wanna know your opinion of my home carrier

  32. Bro – I just love your videos…

  33. I ❤ it

  34. I'm impressed

  35. The air route is not correct, though.
    No way a Qatar Airways plane would fly over Israel, it probably went under the Sinai Peninsula and crossed the Red Sea into Jordan, just below Israel.

    Edit: Saw the actual route at the end. 🙂

  36. i'm flying copenhagen – Doha in January and saw they change equitment to 787-9 so thanks for the nice review. I'll be looking forward to the flight now 🙂

  37. Is the 787 quitter than the a380 or a350 just curious

  38. Beware of Qatar might swap aircraft. Qatar swap my Qsuite trip SEA/DOHA to dated 2-2-2 aircraft at Nov. 4 . No notice ahead of time, no compensation. T

  39. Emirates might not be the best…but you know what you are going to get!! Every A380 is the same.

  40. Looking forward to try this on my next holiday 😀

  41. Love the 787

  42. Great review sir! Thank you

  43. thanks dan for loving our countries areoplane

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