Punjab Police / Traffic Assistant / SPU Review Board & Phase 2 Jobs Information 2022 reviews

January 17, 2023

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دوستوں آپ نے جس کیٹگری میں اپلائی کرنا ہے براہ مہربانی صرف اسی کیٹگری کا واٹس ایپ گروپ جوائن کیجئے گا۔تا کہ زیادہ سے زیادہ دوست ان گروپس سے فائدہ اٹھا سکیں۔شکریہ
Punjab Police 1; https://bit.ly/3NJSpS2
Punjab police 2; https://bit.ly/3OFQPlD
Punjab Police 3; https://bit.ly/3yCF2yI
Pak army 1 ; https://bit.ly/3IeDE8U
Pak Army 2; https://bit.ly/3R4kAy3
Govt Jobs ; https://bit.ly/3ukRKQd
ICT Police; https://bit.ly/3P1Aibu
Motorway Police; https://bit.ly/3bMia73
FIA Jobs; https://bit.ly/3nzij07
ASF Jobs; https://bit.ly/3nzkQY6
Ranger Jobs; https://bit.ly/3P2yZsu
FC Jobs; https://bit.ly/3OQNhwu

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  1. AP bhot achi videos banty ho Bhai

  2. Siir g mobark ho apko for 40k

  3. Sir g running m jo fail ho gye ya ni hoi jin ki un ka please bata den

  4. Sir jo es interview ma sawla poshy jay gay mathlb phase I walo ko wo be hamy batiy ga ho saktha h phase ll ma same hi koch asy sawla pochy jay

  5. Sir Jo running ma fail ha wo bhi 24 ko police line Jai ga kia ??

  6. Reply
    pakfighterone 💝op January 17, 2023 at 11:15 am

    Sir Jo running ma fail ha review board ma dobara running Hogi?

  7. Sir jhang ma kab شروع ھوگا

  8. Good sir

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