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Pete Hammond of Deadline reviews Jobs (2013). Starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, Josh Gad, JK Simmons and Dermot Mulroney. Enjoy!

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16 reviews for Jobs Movie Review reviews

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  1. Electronics For Fun

    the thing I didn't like about the movie was the accuracy. some of the stuff was either out of sequence or never happened and steve jobs didn't lash as violently as ashton's portrayal does. steve jobs would get pissed off with people and yell at them but he was more passive aggressive about it.

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  2. Landon Renzullo

    Dear Movieline,
    This is the first thing I've seen of your channel, and you have succeeded in making it the last. Barring the absolutely butchered portrayal of the reality, just on the basis of standard movie critique it is one of the biggest pieces of garbage I've yet to see. The misdirection of every attempt at emotional response alone makes me cringe, as they actually portray everyone in the film as being inferior to Steve Jobs in the creation of apple computers. Even worse are the points in the film when you could tell the writing team actually thought they were being clever (ex. the "I like degenerates" moment). In conclusion, if you have some extremely warped sense of the way the world works, and you really think the story of Steves role in apple is the most compelling part in its creation, you should feel bad to the point of alcoholism. However if you are someone who also enjoyed it based on its qualities as a FILM, you should skip the alcoholic bit and accept yourself an unquestionable failure from this point on with no hope of recovery. This also goes for anyone who spent any more money on this movie than the initial ticket price of seeing it, and didn't exit the theater with outrage.

    p.s. To be clear I have little against Steve Jobs himself, but everything against this movie, and I'm sorry to say Movieline, but because of this review, I have at least a little against you too.

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  3. Darregueyra

    do you have the name of that documentary?
    i've read walter isaacson's book on jobs' life and there's SO many little details that showed his genius and understanding and vision of how people's way to relate to machines could change that imo HAD to be in the film. From naming the main screen DESKTOP, the reason why he demanded different fonts, the rounded corners obsession, the fact that he met warhol and introduced him to the mouse, anyways, lots of little things

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  4. Andy R

    you are exactly right, i saw it the day it came out because jobs was a visionary and I want to see the story of his life, But i watched the netflix 50 min documentary about his life and it was very well done it was 50 min not 3 hours and it told the story of his life.

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  5. Darregueyra

    THIS is a very stupid reviewer. Kutcher is not bad at the role, but the script is a disaster.
    You never get to see what the hell apple CHANGED.

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  6. halpyman

    just saw this…really enjoyed it…too bad i own a Samsung now…i guess that says a lot about how apple became after his death

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  7. Ross Stern

    Well from a story telling perspective, the main character has to have some redeeming factor for audience to care.

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  8. Ross Stern

    Did he come up with the iPod? Watching him struggle with a portable CD player made it seem like he suggested a better music player. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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  9. Ross Stern

    The movie made it seem like he saw what other people did and put all those ideas together and called it his own. Wozniak seemed like the real brains of the two while Steve was just good at talking to crowds. Even the sexy design for the iMac came from someone else. All jobs said was "hey, sure would be cool if the speakers were on the inside". I'm actually surprised the movie didn't make Steve Jobs a saint!

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  10. Jeffness JeffnessJeffnessJeffnessJeffness

    He also said Steve Jobs was the scum of the earth and didnt deserve a movie in the first place. Look up all the quotes by Wozniak, like the ones where Steve tries to steal money from him in early days and about how he didnt invent anything and just stole other peoples ideas and inventions.

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  11. Jeffness JeffnessJeffnessJeffnessJeffness

    Communicate with people? I guess…if you consider manipulation, lying, and threatening people good communication.

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  12. RCeizure

    I liked Pirates of Silicon Valley better

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  13. Fezmania

    Terrible movie. Even as a tech buff and a huge apple fan, I fell asleep halfway because of all the pointless boring scenes. 1/10 would not watch again.

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  14. Ross Stern

    steve wozniak said they got the personalities all wrong

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  15. Co⊙zeB○Yz

    your out of your fucking mind! this movie should be called ; 'Dude, where's my I pod?' you must be Ashton Kutcher's dad or something! hi mr. Kutcher!

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  16. joroxrulebb

    This movie was horrible…. and Im amazed that you would actually recommend that people go see this movie. Im guessing you never actually watched Steve Jobs, because Ashton Kutcher, besides the walking, wasn't able to get close to the way that Jobs was able to communicate with people. The Movie was horrible…

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    Jobs Movie Review reviews
    Jobs Movie Review reviews

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