A Dentist Builds Pro Tool Review's Raised Garden Bed reviews

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Hi YouTube!

My day job is working as a general dentist, but I have very little experience with home improvement and diy. My hope is to make helpful videos for other beginners like myself and also to document our journey. I’m so excited for these raised garden beds! I mostly followed this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnVZTLeaLLM&t=193s

I used pressure treated wood and it seems like the newer preservatives are mainly copper without arsenic. Here are a couple links.


I feel pretty safe using pressure treated wood because most of the soil will be in contact with the corrugated metal roofing. I might try to seal the corners where they do come in contact, but I think the risk is pretty low. Thanks for reading!

A Dentist Does Home Improvement

Some notes about editing: I’m still happy with the free Davinci Resolve and $40 deity mic. All the music is from YouTube’s free music library. Here are the song I used.

Benji – Dyalla
Patience – Dyalla
Homer Said – Dyalla
Manhattan – Dyalla
Treat Yourself – Dyalla
Fred On The Fritz – Dyalla
Summer In NY – Dyalla

Some notes about social media. Still only have IG and enjoy using it as a photo journal.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Drawing the plans
00:58 Shopping at home depot
01:23 Unloading lumber and metal roofing
01:38 First cut with ryoba saw
02:53 Switching to circular saw
04:03 Fastener the base and top
07:17 Sawing corner pieces and assembly
08:45 Screwing in corner pieces
09:35 Using tin snips on corrugated metal roofing
10:53 Fastening down metal roofing
12:44 Failed attempt at top edge
13:43 Laying out newspaper and cardboard
14:13 Outro

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  1. Jason Love

    Great video, love the music and the finished product.
    You might consider getting into the habit of setting your drill and driver down on their side instead of standing up, that way they won’t get knocked over and possibly damage the bit or gouge something especially working in your house where you might set your tool on a nice piece of furniture (ask me how I learned this lol).

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  2. Henry Nguyen

    You don’t need to fill the entire bottom with soil or compost. There is a gardening technique called hugekultur which means mound gardening. You can fill the bottom half with old logs, twigs, leaves, and other organic matter. Most roots only reach about 10 inches down.

    This technique saves money from having to fill the bed completely and also retains water, nutrients as the material breaks down. You may need to refill with more soil each year.

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  3. MrCoolAttitude

    Nice to see more power tools being used. Hand tools are great for quick jobs but power tools helps in consistently get the job done at a fast pace. I'm sure you figured out already how to change the depth of cut of your circular saw already.

    As a quick side project, I reckon you should make atleast 2 but ideally 4 saw horses. Seeing you working on the ground makes my back hurt lol.

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  4. Mike Bennett

    Drill Bits are cheaper by the dozen. If your town is big enough for a Home Depot, you probably have at least one Tooling Supply Company close to you. The Home Depot near me charges $3.47 for 1 Milwaukee 1/8" drill bit. I can get a American-made HSS (about all you really need for DIY) drill bit for $1.30@ from the Tool Supply about a mile away from HD. 2 things tho'. They're not open on the weekends and you gotta buy a dozen. But, a package of 12 will last for a lot of DIY projects. BTW, in case you haven't heard, no matter how cheap you can get a set of Chinese drill bits. STAY AWAY. They may say Cobalt drills and be all shiny and gold, but except for the 1/8", 1/4" & 3/8" they are all cheap low-carbon steel that have been dipped in a coating to make them look like cobalt-steel. They will be dull after 3 holes (in wood).

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  5. Johaunus Guttenburg

    Those beds look nice 👍. And your sound mixing is on point. Hook up those end cuts with some type of sealant so they don’t decomp. I know you’re in CA, what did the tin run you???

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  6. Sean Allard

    Looks great, but that is going to need a ton of dirt to fill.

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  7. roscocsa

    Miters take practice. You're doin great!

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  8. Nurse Lucy

    For the driver bit that keeps falling out, there's a thing you can buy that locks in and you put the smaller non locking bits into. I don't know what it's called

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  9. Nurse Lucy

    If by not growing anytime soon, you mean like 2 months or more, might I recommend getting espresso grounds from all of your local coffee shops and mixing it with shredded paper, shredded cardboard and, leaves in the raised beds then covering with a tarp, or a couple of layers of card board. If you can get the heat up, and can remember to aerate it every couple of days, you can get a pretty healthy amount of compost pretty quickly. I use the coffee and some fine fir bark and can compost it in my joraform in about 6 weeks.

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  10. Frozenwinter84

    Looks great! You can always come back and add the top part later if you decide to. Don't sweat it, cutting/measuring miters can be tricky. Do your two long sides first, then measure long point to long point (tip to tip) for the dimension between them. That's the best way I've found to measure cuts like that.

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  11. Brian Wittling

    Good to see you still pluggin along! For your circular saw, you can manually raise the guard and line up the blade with the previous cut / there is also usually a tick mark on the end of the saw base that you would line up with your score mark or chalk line, etc. You just need to be aware of the kerf width of the blade and made sure you line up to the correct side for the cut. Well done on using the speed square to guide your cut! ** on your bit holder, the shorties are meant to go into a quick-change holder that chucks up into the driver. they're magnetic and hold the wee bits in place. There's usually one or 2 in those bit driver variety packs you can buy in a plastic case. Torx drive or square (Robertson) head screws are def the way to go!! * You'll end up having to cut away the cardboard sticking out past your planters, probably. it takes a lot longer to disintegrate than most people realize.
    Well done sir!

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  12. James A

    There looking brill, nice work 👍

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  13. sjlarue1

    …Wow…Home Despot actually had an intelligent person in the tool section?..Sorry, the ones over here are fresh out of high school, and think home improvement is buying a XBox. 😁

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  14. Adam Callaway

    Looks great mate really impressed with the aesthetics of your planters. Keep up the journey it’s a great follow

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  15. Dan Kramer

    You're so much more confident in your builds than even a handful of videos ago. Your video editing is getting really good too. Congratulations on the lovely planter boxes and on almost reaching 2000 subs!

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  16. Thomas Stone

    Looks good! Also liked how you batched everything out. Repeating the same job until done really allows you to get through projects quickly.

    Shame your mitered corners came out short. Real quick; you cut your side pieces for the box 36", then add 3" for the thickness of the five foot sides plus whatever overhang you wanted (say 3" total or 1 1/2 per side.) Total for short side would be around 42" The five foot side around 63" (same 1 1/2 overhang per side.) You are at 105"!!! You can get two short sides out of an eight footer though, may need to just burn a whole eight footer for the longer sides. If you haven't cut them all up? (3) 8' boards per bed and you can salvage your longer cuts for the short sides… May be nice to have that covering the metal in case its sticking up a bit. Or even a place to sit on and place tools on while working in them.

    Did the wife notice you smashing into your outside light?

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  17. aelgali

    Thank for making things very approachable. May I ask how do you transfer the lumber from the store? Keep up the good work.

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  18. C Hammers

    those short bits are meant to go into a holder (which has the quick connect on the other end), they usually come with a drill/driver set so you may actually already have one around
    I probably would've bought those screws even if I had no immediate plan for them… went through quite a few last year building an outbuilding/shed, sure wish they'd been $10 then!
    as a result I have quite a few of the short star drive bits in a pill bottle somewhere, one bit through the whole job, I have grown to hate those damned square drive screws…

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  19. Tree Leaves

    Fantastic job they look professionally done!! I will warn you as this happened to me unfortunately and was a huge bummer …rodents ugh they will come to live eat and make merry through the bottom and munch everything you add into them as compost. I name the 1st one I saw thinking awe cute then weeks later an army of them came for me 😄…try to rodent proof bottom with that metal you'll need to eventually ..thheeeyyyy willll ccccooommmmeee Trust me ..add top also 👌

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  20. Contest Will

    wow no spoiler alert on the thumbnail Kappa

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  21. Kim Spence-Jones

    You can get an adaptor for using short screwdriver bits in your drill. I tried posting a link but YouTube doesn’t like it!

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  22. Erik The Viking

    Star drive screws make a huge difference – no "camming out" when screwing them in. I used 3" screws for my beds but yeah 2.5" will work just as well. $10 is a deal for a box. Great job!

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  23. John Fithian-Franks

    Hi, the reason your bit will not stay in your driver is that it does not have the locking decal on the end. To sort this just go to where you got your screws from and buy the longer bits that lock in. if you have a problem just take the “Philips bit” you have and check against the longer screw bits. In addition, if you ask the assistants they will be able to sort you out. sorry i have just watch a bit more of the video when you broke the drill bit and went to the store and they sowed you exactly what i was tring to say. I do not know the tools you have, but if you have an “angle grinder”, you can get metal cutting blades that will cut through that corrugated iron as if it was made of butter. If you don’t own a angle grinder the home depot will sell the blades separate and you can put them into a circular saw but go slowly when using it in that way

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  24. Ryan Crowe

    Have you thought of treating the exposed cut end with anything? They will soak up water and rot. I was told you can buy treatment for the ends.

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  25. Brad R.

    Great job. 👍 Smart move batching out your corner posts to save time and by using your scrap wood jig. Repeatable results are best, because even if something ends up needing adjustment, (not that your corners did) having duplicates means the correction can be quickly applied uniformly to them all, thus allowing you to move on rapidly.

    Keep up the good work, but next time you do anything with metal, please wear work gloves and save your money makers from injury/harm (can't be a dentist if your hands are messed up).

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  26. Hugo Danilo

    The Home Depot app offers free delivery for purchases including metal roofing sheets. 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, even 16ft lengths. Various colors too. You may want to consider that in the future. The top piece can also be 2×4, easier to do than 2×6.

    I’m thinking about the exact same thing as you did, but on a slope. Your came out nice.

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  27. rod potts

    Looks great. I need to build some too.

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  28. hobsondrake

    You said you are going to use saw dust and soil. Make sure you are not using the saw dust from the pressure treated wood if you are getting the saw dust from your own woodworking.
    Good job. Keep up with the learning of this great hobby. Cheers

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  29. Michael Thornburg

    Great job! Keep going! Enjoy the journey of home improvement 🙂

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    A Dentist Builds Pro Tool Review's Raised Garden Bed reviews
    A Dentist Builds Pro Tool Review's Raised Garden Bed reviews

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