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January 17, 2023

Prince Harry’s autobiography, Spare, which reveals royal family secrets, has finally gone on sale.

The story:
Prince Harry’s autobiography, Spare, has finally gone on sale.
In it, he writes about his struggles growing up as a member of the royal family.
Harry describes dealing with his mother’s death, his anger with the media, and the treatment of his wife, Meghan.
The royal family have said they will not comment.

Key words and phrases:
from (the) horse’s mouth
directly from the source
• If you don’t believe me, talk to him and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.
• Janice is pregnant. I heard it directly from the horse’s mouth.

enter in large amounts
• My bedroom is flooded with sunlight every morning.
• Viewers flood TV channels with complaints when someone swears.

have (your) cake and eat it
try to gain two advantages from one thing
• I want to relax at home and go to the party. I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it!
• He said he wants better transport services, but he won’t pay more tax. He can’t have his cake and eat it.

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  1. This woman is beautiful ❤

  2. In summary. It’s all lies.

  3. One day they said our country had been under the coup, I was stunned and perplexed unless hearing it from the horse's mouth on radio.
    I remember those days when lots of people flooding into supermarkets and grocery stores during Covic.
    I feel like playing games but also watching the new released movie though I know I can't have my cake and eat it!!!

  4. Love you Harry congradulations on you book !keep smiling ,!

  5. Harry Is Not True Royal His Father Isn’t King Charles But Mr Hewitt That’s The Problem He’s Lost The Plot Trying To Destroy Royalty Which He’s Not A Part Of…Wrong Bloodline?

  6. I need to go to the school and I want to watch movies as well.I don"t think so I can't have cake and eat it.

  7. Hi Sian and Neil. When it comes to 'have (your) cake and eat it', for the explanation I think it would be better to say 'try to gain two (opposite) advantages from one thing'
    Thanks a lot for all the BBC Learning English's programmes, I'm learning a lot with you!

  8. There all bent 🤔🤔 I'd rather watch paint dry than watch that shower

  9. I love this channel. Thanks to BBC I am learning not only English vocab also news all around world. My favorite channel thank u million times 💗

  10. complaints were flooding in my yesterday's presentation

  11. He needs money.

  12. The Book—

    It’s so hard to put into words what I’m feeling after reading Harry’s book, Spare. I cried, I vented to my hubby, it was a roller coaster. This morning I woke up feeling this— It’s hard watching others go down with a ship, but utterly heart-rendering to watch people you love go down with the ship, after you have thrown them a life jacket.

    Harry has opened the cell door, and left it ajar…but sadly Charles and William don’t want to exit. They are both ill prepared to do any other kind of work. They are slaves to an institution that is built on greed, lies and deceit. The Monarchy is a sinking ship, and they refuse to put those life jackets on even though Harry can show them a better way.

    Thankfully, Harry isn’t bobbing in the water anymore. He’s emerged from the icy grip of death into real life. He’s wearing dry clothing, sitting in front of a blazing fire (with a window open…LOL). He’s free at long last to say and do as he pleases. One can respect that. I can respect that.

    Harry deserves to be happy, alas, as long as his brother and father (whom he continues to love), refuse to be helped, there will always be a tiny shadow of sorrow that he must go forth with.

    However, he doesn’t walk that long road of life alone. He has the love of his life by his side, faithful and strong. He has his two children- a son and a daughter. He has his dogs. He has the California sunshine. He has a new country. He has the love and respect of those faithful (not so few), who have never stopped supporting him. Not since he was born, and certainly not since we watched him walk behind his Mum’s coffin.

    I made a vow to both boys that day, to mentally support them from afar, and to pray for them. I realize now that the vow I made was made especially for one vulnerable, grief-stricken 12 year old boy. I was outraged to watch you do that walk. It should never have happened. If it had been in my power, it would not have happened!

    Harry, you may have not been able to cry much over the years…but know this, I’ve cried plenty for you, and on your behalf.

    I’ve read all the tabloids of you growing up. I never believed them all, and for those that I did believe, I filed them under “youthful missteps”in what must have been (and is now confirmed) to be a near impossible existence in that suffocating, but gilded jail cell you were in. Breathe the fresh air, Sir.

    With Love,

    Your Faceless Mom from 🇨🇦

  13. Imagine, you find out your whole family cosplays.

  14. We Support Meghan & Harry 💖☝🏻

  15. Reply
    Andreas Constantinou January 17, 2023 at 5:42 pm

    Finally, the only thing I can say to him mature man seek some help in your mental health and now that you published your book get more security to protect you because you are still inline to the throne of becoming one day king of England.

  16. Reply
    Andreas Constantinou January 17, 2023 at 5:42 pm

    We must not forget our late Queen Elizabeth the Ii that was connected to the Church and God and did so much churitable work and was head of state.

  17. Reply
    Andreas Constantinou January 17, 2023 at 5:42 pm

    How do I view the Royal family, I think now is a very good institution for people to look up to. They are connected with the church and God. They do charitable work and we must not forget Princes Diana who did so much churitable work. They Marry through the church and have there say in political arguments

  18. Reply
    Andreas Constantinou January 17, 2023 at 5:42 pm

    Finally, I am not a psychiatrist so I cannot make an evaluation as to Prince Harry's state of mind yet what I can say is In the past Prince Harry's served in Afghanistan, as a military soilder and he went through difficult times in his live For instance:;stress anxiety, Post trammatic stress disorder.

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