Portugal News Review & BIG Questions Answered on Good Morning Portugal! reviews

September 12, 2023

Join us today as we look at the latest news in Portugal and answer some of those BIG questions that have been left hanging there from our daily Portugal Quiz…

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  1. As far as going to the gym, I was taught to first figure out what your limit is. After that, develop a routine where you do 10 reps at 50% of your limit, 10 reps at 60% of your limit, and 8 reps at 70% of your limit. This will help the muscle develop through repetition. If you periodically retest your limits, you will find they increase over time. You should also not work on the same muscle group two days in a row. You are destroying the muscles and your body needs time to rebuild them stronger. I'm sure Coach Turner can confirm this.
    I watch CNN Portugal for my Portuguese practice. The Portuguese version of CNN is significantly better than the U.S. version. I also try RTP 3 as well.

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    Oh, how we laughed😊

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