Podcasting: 2022 Year in Review 2022

December 22, 2022

Want to know what 2023 holds for podcasts? Look no further! In this video, we discuss the biggest podcast stories from 2022, and asked industry experts what we can expect for podcasts in 2023!

⬇️ Podcast stories mentioned: ⬇️

Apple Podcasts
How to get promoted on Apple Podcasts – https://bit.ly/3VhBASn
How Apple Podcasts search works – https://bit.ly/3FOK910
Improvements to Apple Podcasts – https://bit.ly/3WEx01D
Apple adds follower data – https://bit.ly/3hH4Vrw
Apple adds topics for discovery – https://bit.ly/3VeHK5M

Email SPAM
Acast spams podcasters – https://bit.ly/3FEhhbK
Podnews reports on spammers – https://bit.ly/3WxKWKL
Apple pulls iTunes:owner tag – https://bit.ly/3WD12T9
Buzzsprout removes emails from RSS Feeds – https://bit.ly/3YIXcdl

Podcast Stats
OP3: Open Podcast Prefix Project – https://bit.ly/3G6Hd1f
Buzzsprout upgrades stats – https://bit.ly/3hFmPeq
Apple developer tool – https://bit.ly/3HTl9Z9

Early Days of Podcasting
Adam Curry’s blog post – https://bit.ly/3GaTQZl
Robin Williams talk show – https://bit.ly/3HRTjg0

AI in Podcasting
Sonantic – https://bit.ly/3G6Iohb
Lovo – https://bit.ly/3jnVOwB
Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs – https://bit.ly/3jmXplX

YouTube Podcasts
Dedicated podcasts homepage – https://www.youtube.com/podcasts
Audio ads – https://bit.ly/3FFZst0
YouTube guide to podcasting – https://www.youtube.com/creators/podcasting-on-youtube

Big Tech
Facebook shuts down podcasting – https://tcrn.ch/3HTGhOZ
Twitter Spaces – https://bit.ly/3FLkTci
TikTok – https://bit.ly/3FKmija

Premium Content
Apple Podcasts Deligated Delivery – https://bit.ly/3HU82Hq

Podcasting 2.0

Bitcoin Micropayments
Cash App lightning support – https://bit.ly/3WeExEh
Alby creates SATurn – https://bit.ly/3PMiPoI
Disctopia adds Value4Value Payments – https://bit.ly/3WwX52u

Podcast Gear
Vocaster – https://bit.ly/3hKoWgM
RodeX – https://bit.ly/3PRPFET
NTH-100 – https://bit.ly/3HQvRzF
WaveDX – https://bit.ly/3HTyaSv

Underbelly of Podcasting
Payola – https://bloom.bg/3V9DO6c
Kara Swisher calls out NYT – https://bit.ly/3PJZ0yw
Reply All – https://bloom.bg/3PJO5EY
Naughty spam podcasts – https://bit.ly/3PHMVKj


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==== Time Stamps ====
0:00-1:07 – Intro
1:07-2:15 – Apple Podcasts
2:15-3:40 – SPAM?
3:40-4:29 – Podcast stats
4:29-5:12 – Early days of podcasts
5:12-6:14 – AI in Podcasting
6:14-7:04 – YouTube podcasts
7:04-7:40 – Big tech
7:40-8:35 – Premium content
8:35-9:41 – Podcasting 2.0
9:41-10:41 – Bitcoin micropayments
10:41-11:24 – Podcast gear
11:24-12:11 – Underbelly of podcasting
12:11-13:00 – Celebrating you!
13:00-14:00 – Podcast wall

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    Buzzsprout — Learn How to Podcast December 22, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    What are you looking forward to in 2023 for podcasts? Leave a comment! 🎉

  2. I was one of the first podcasters in Australia in 2010! I had to teach people how to download a podcast on iTunes. I then got asked so often how I did it that I produced a program called 'The Podcast Masterclass'. Then I create a 'how to' show in 2011 called 'How to podcast like a pro.' As an early adopter, I'd love to share some of my insights with the team. I'm still podcasting all these years later and have produced 6 shows in that time.

  3. Podping saving money, energy, decentralizing distribution and making cross apps notifications a reality. Notifying your youtube followers that you are live on twitch? All podcasting apps can now implement Live notifications.

  4. Great summary!

  5. Awesome video. You guys rock.

  6. Loved this summary!

  7. This is a dope video. Please keep making these!

  8. Good news: GREAT EPISODE. Bad news: the antics of the dude with the ever-waving sharper and coffee cup gets annoying. Best news: the future is bright for podcasting. Second best: the lovely and talented female host was deeeelighful. Keep up the great work!

  9. Reply
    The Short Box Podcast December 22, 2022 at 3:27 pm

    Alban NAILED that Charlie cosplay 😂😂


  11. I want to have the best podcast in the world. But if I don’t, I just want a regular podcast. 😂😂🙏

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