PHP and Laravel news digest for December 2022. News review reviews

August 30, 2023

Welcome to the CutCode channel! The month has come to an end, and if you think about it, then the year! And this means that it’s time for a review of news from the world of PHP and Laravel! PHP and Laravel news digest for December 2022. News review

PHP 8.2.0 –
Symfony 6.2 –
Xdebug 3.2.0 –
PhpStorm 2022.3 –

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00:00 – PHP Digest
02:46 – PHP Core news
05:44 – PHP Storm 2022.3
06:03 – Laravel digest

The main news of December – php 8.2.0 is out! In the last issue, we talked about the reasons why the release of php 8.2.0 was delayed by two weeks. But finally he came out. PHP 8.2 is a major update to the PHP language – it contains many new features, including read-only classes, independent types null, false and true. Deprecated dynamic properties, performance improvements and more.

Another important event, Symfony 6.2 is out!

Improved support for Emoji, Clock Component, UUID support for version 7 and 8 in the symfony/uid package, autocomplete support for Z-shell, template attributes, doctrines, and more.

Most PHP core news is covered in detail in the PHP Foundation’s PHP Core Roundup series, so we’ll just skim through it quickly:

PhpStorm 2022.3 is out

New UI Preview, Full PHP 8.2 Support, Redis Support in Database Tools, Code Vision for PHP, Quick Fix Preview, Xdebug Configuration Check, ParaTest Support, Reader Mode for PHPDoc and more.

Sergey Thanks for the review. And we are moving to the review of updates, friends, we start with Laravel release 9.42 and new auto-generated singleton controllers. Before that, we had resource controllers for multiple operations, but often we need controllers for one entity, for example, if we have a user profile that does not imply several profiles, or an image for an entity that can only have one. And in such cases, we can quickly and conveniently generate such a controller and also declare it in routes in a convenient way. Let’s try and create a singleton controller. To do this, you need to add the singleton option, and then declare Road using the singleton method.

We usefully move on, continue flying over release 9.42, and within the class for working with strings, a method from ulid has appeared that allows you to check whether the string is ulid. Before that, we already had a method by uuid. And now eulid. And without straying too far from 9.42, let’s also look at the two new helpers Report If and report unless. Helpers for sending a report within the Error handler, only now with a condition, where the first parameter we have is just a boolean condition. Well, the second one is an exception. Laravel sugar again, let’s move on.

Friends, we move to release 9.43 and again the class by line and again ulid. Only now is the closure method in whenisulid, where callbacks will fire if the string is ulid. Also, within the framework of 9.43 and the query Builder, the has visualizer method was slightly pumped, which we have a wrapper between two query Builder methods, namely very has to check for the presence of records, and the game of visas if there are any. Now the gameload method also accepts selects as fields. Just here is the place where this moment before this update did not work.

Switching to 9.44 and an improvement for the throw if method within the http facade. Previously, he only took bulien, and now also the closure. Friends, remember when editing the name of a field or deleting a field in migrations, you also had to install the Dibal Doctrine package. So now you don’t have to do this and it will work without it on new versions of databases. Going further, a great improvement for notifications has arrived with this release. Previously, we could set Connection to one for all channels. And now, using the via connections method, we can vary depending on the channels. Friends, and finally, with update 9.44, they added support for the view version 4 of the vit plugin, as well as in Get Stream and Breez.

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PHP and Laravel news digest for December 2022. News review

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