Pho at 35,000 ft – Vietnam Airlines Business Class Review reviews

December 7, 2022

With almost 2 million miles flown, my 16 hour business class return flight on Vietnam Airlines was the best service I’ve experienced on an International flight. We flew from San Francisco top Ho Chi Minh City onboard their Airbus A350-900 as well domestically on their Dreamliner 787. Both flights were chartered but I’m sure the level of service would be the same regardless. Although the food and seat arrangement wasn’t the best I’ve had, the attentive service made up for it.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Cabin Layout and overhead space
01:13 Seat Tour
02:40 Start of Service
05:14 Getting Ready for Bed
06:50 Snack Time
07:22 Breakfast
07:50 So far the best service
08:30 Bathroom is so Clean

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  1. The middle of the night is dark 😂😂😂

  2. It’s not a small thing, friend. The bathroom should be the top priority because if it’s dirty, people will get sick. I rather be safe than anything else.

  3. Thank you for your clear review. I plan to fly on this airline for the first time, business class with my wife to Japan and wanted to know about their service. All good.

  4. i love being in Vietnam airlines because I live in vietnam and only on vacation😊

  5. If we pay for business or first class does not mean we’ve bought whole aeroplane and everything in it. Basic rules still apply, show respect earn respect. I always like Vietnamese people humble attitude and I don’t compare them with any other nation, they suffered more at the hands of west, recovered faster and it’s great to see their achievements.

  6. Thank you for your review. I am hoping to be able to fly with Vietnam Airlines for a once in a lifetime trip for my 50th birthday. Your review has reinforced my decision to fly with them 😃

  7. This was a great review! I appreciate your thoughts and you have a great everyday perspective.

  8. Heard A LOT of good review about Vietnam Airline, they were so nice and attentive. Good review and thank you for sharing.

  9. Asian carriers put all of the N American ones to shame. Even coach is usually quite good. I flew business on Delta yesterday from Germany and was really impressed by the onboard staff – just like you described here.

  10. My husband and I are planning to go Việt Nam on Business class. I understand that price of tickets is fluctuate but i just curious how much is it cost for the ticket for the month of November. Would you mind to let me know please?

  11. Vietnam airlines put whole of American and EU and South American airlines to shame.

  12. Thank you very much its nice to see Vietnam Airlines service

  13. Really nice review and I immediately subscribed to your channel. My first flight on Vietnam Airlines was 11 February 1988 from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City. The flight attendants wore uniforms identical to train workers and the plane was an old Soviet plane and I loved that flight and my experiences in Vietnam so much I moved to Vietnam from New York more than 30 years ago.

  14. Absolutely excellent review. I flew with Vietnam Airlines some years ago Melbourne-Ho Chi Minh and return…I agree with everything you said ! It takes a lot to get me to subscribe but in your case I did….

  15. Reply
    Gunvald Sandhåland December 7, 2022 at 3:33 am

    Love the better than B787 is thighter seats.Good job

  16. It looks like Vietnam is on their way to becoming Asia’s Riviera. Never thought I’ll be thinking about going to Vietnam for a vacation

  17. May i am the only your vietnamese subscriber 🙂

  18. I look forward to your car reviews but love your none automotive everyday reviews (this one on the Airline, Scooters, etc.) You do such a great job of covering various perspectives and prominent features. By the way, try Turkish Airlines business class if you get a chance.

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    The Queen's Half Corgi December 7, 2022 at 3:33 am

    How come you flew business class, and the Spencers flew coach? Lol

  20. Did Vinfast cover the cost of this flight?

  21. damn i miss travelling

  22. Nice!
    Zack flew coach 😝

  23. Thank you for the review on this airline. I only travel with North American airline twice in economy section and both times I got rolling eyes from the attendants and of course I roll my eyes whenever I went to the messy washroom. With China, Japan, Singapore and EVA airlines even in economy section these attendants are properly trained like the North America airlines in the 70's to keep their emotions to themselves in order to qualify for the job.

  24. Wow what an experience…

  25. Looks great. Also I have been watching various Korean shows with subtitles on Netflix and it's been great. Hotel Del Luna, Mystic Pop Up Bar, All of us are dead, The Uncanny Counter, The Devil Punisher, Bulgasal and Alchemy of Souls are very good.

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