Performance Reviews By Harvard Business Review: 20 Minute Manager series: Animated Summary reviews

May 26, 2022

Today’s big idea comes from Harvard Business Review and their 20-Minute Manager series. In this video, we will focus on becoming excellent at conducting ‘Performance Reviews.’

Performance reviews are a fundamental part of the performance management process in many companies. When handled correctly, it can result in better job performance and higher morale, which can positively influence your entire organization. But if handled poorly, it can have the opposite effect, so you must get it right!!

Performance review – The basics.
A performance review is the process of evaluating the quality of your employees’ work and discussing your assessment with them. It is usually conducted annually, with ‘follow-up’ as needed.
This video will review four steps that will help you conduct excellent ‘Performance Reviews’.

Step 1: Gather information
Step 2: Evaluate performance
Step 3: Conduct the meeting
Step 4: Follow up

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