Perfect for Dirty Jobs or Dates: Trumbull Flannel by Carhartt [Review] reviews

January 2, 2023

If you’re looking for a flannel that will withstand the dirty jobs you have, but will look nice for other occasions, then this is the one! The Trumbull Flannel by Carhartt is sure to hold up to any abuse that you throw it’s way. It’s thick enough that you will not rip through it in 2 months but is not so thick that it is like wearing a shirt made out of cardboard.

I got a size large, which is my normal size. I’m very happy with the length of the shirt, however after I washed (and did not dry) this flannel, the sleeves were a little bit too short for my arms. It is 100% cotton so definitely clean with care (or don’t clean at all, that’s your choice).

I’m really into the snap-front design; it’s so easy to put on and take off! Maybe I’m getting kind of lazy, but I find myself always reaching for this flannel over my others because of the snap-front.

This comfortable, stylish, and durable flannel will keep you looking good this winter. Be sure to check out all of Carhartt’s winter layers to keep you warm this season and many seasons to come!


The Trumbull Flannel by Carhartt:

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