Pepper Jobs W10 Gyro Remote Air Mouse / Keyboard for HTPCs Review 2022

May 21, 2022

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – I think this might be the best air mouse / keyboard for HTPCs. The price is right too at $25. See more HTPC keyboards: and subscribe!

0:00 – Intro
00:45 – Hardware overview and, Price
01:35 – Operation Modes
02:31 – Batteries and Dongle
03:11 – Air mouse functionality
04:51 – Windows 10 functionality and shortcuts
06:19 – Backlight

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  1. Hey Lon I Always and I Mean Always watch your vids can you plz use an Air mouse with a Chromebook or Fyde os along with mapping buttons with button mapper from the play store

  2. I got one with Monster branding for $8 at DDs store.

  3. Does it and how does it do on the Mac?

  4. How to type F1 or F10 ?

  5. Voice support?

  6. Are the buttons re-programmable for windows 10? I would like to have a screenshot button and perhaps some f-key functions

  7. Excellent Review. One of the most informative I found on youtube before purchasing the remote for my HTPC.

  8. You say it in the link below your review of mini PC however Nope No link????

  9. will this work for a windows 7 laptop ?

    windows 10 is designed from the ground up to brick your computers.

  10. Will it turn ON or OFF a laptop with closed lid completely OFF or if it's in slip mode?

  11. Lon – this remote I noticed had wrong named one button "Maim M" , I see you have good version with "Main M"
    Does this remote have option to disable backlight to save battery life ?

  12. Thanks for this video, this is just the thing I am looking for! I felt pretty discouraged by all the cheap Chinese junk with questionable touchpads flooding this mini keyboard market.

  13. can you program that back buttons to IR as well?

  14. can i use it also with linux ubuntu?

  15. Will this work with Xiaomi MiBox S? Will use it with HD Homerun android app

  16. Does Windows 10 support mean it works fine for Windows 7/8.1 ?

  17. The only way I can get a mouse to work is to use an app called mouse toggle app for remotes like this on the shield. maybe worth shot.

  18. No Android TV box support? Shitty.

    I'm in desperate need of a GOOD air mouse remote – the one I use now is garbage.

  19. "Natasha!! We must get Mouse and Keyboard!!"😂

  20. did you contact the company regarding the remote not working on the shield

  21. Great review Lon just got mine love it.

  22. What is battery life like. Having USB rechargable battery would have been nice

  23. Reply
    Chris Cuthbertson May 21, 2022 at 11:05 pm

    Steve Jobs went on to create Apple…. his brother Pepper gave us this.

  24. This is one of those gadgets which is priced right and really cool, but I have to try and think where I could possibly use it. My gadget junk drawer is getting too full again.

  25. you should have tested in real world settings. I have my htpc behind my TV on my wall. should have tested it from 10-15 feet away. most of these remotes are garbage

  26. Does the mouse funcitionality work on LG C7P?

  27. Does that work on like a Raspberry Pi? Could be a cool remote for Kodi for example.

  28. Can you connected it to a firetv or firestick

  29. "Pepper Jobs" is up there in terms of best tech manufacturer names

  30. Going by comments it looks like it works with other Android TV boxes OK

  31. Cool 👌😁👍.

  32. What is the best solutionion for nvidia shield???

  33. Great review. Gonna order that cool remote.

  34. Will this work with a Asus chromebox?

  35. Does it work with android boxes. Minix etc

  36. Great remote, I have 2 of them

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