Pepper Jobs GLX-UC2X Review (Gemini Lake N4100 Mini PC) reviews

May 24, 2022

Pepper Jobs mini pc GLX-UC2X Review. This the best Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 mini PC reviewed. Fan cooled with higher power limits and great upgradability. Official site:

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  1. It says so in my Pepper Jobs Quick Setup Guide
    "Note GLK-UC2X supportd maximun if 1 x 8GB DDR4 SODIMM (single-channel) or 2 x 8GB DDR4 SODIMM (dual-channel) Requirements: Single-Ranked, Clock Latency of 17 (CL17)"
    Can you add info on which type of two 8GB ram you put in this mini PC?

  2. Pepper Jobs sells junk.

  3. Just received this mini pc. I used it right out of the box without upgrading. When watching you tube video’s it does its job just fine except when using the mouse the image will stutter. Is this due the standard memory? Do I have to upgrade to solve this problem?

    Also I have instalated microsoft edge. Should this be a problem?

  4. Clear and informative. Good review. Thank you.

  5. May I know different between with such mini PC and mini laptop, I means like GPD Micro PC, they are use same CPU, also SSD.

  6. Did someone say…..Hackintosh??

  7. Nice one

  8. Which Laptop should i buy? Was looking to buy the Chuwi SE. Is it good decision?

  9. does it support hdd?

  10. What's the octane score? I'm interested in this pc, but not at at this price point of 300

  11. Reply
    Monster Energy TM May 24, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    Pepper jobs, lol.

  12. I have a 10 years old laptop with 4 GB of Ram, intel core 2 duo 1.5 ghz and does the job. Usually watching youtube in 480p. , browsing., photoshop. From time to time I have to reflow the gpu ;). Using windows 7.

  13. Another great review Chris!

  14. In China, there is a nuc like box you can throw in core i7 8750H 64g ram, two m2 ssd and one SATA drive. For roughly about 650 usd for 32 g ram 128 g ssd version.

  15. Thank you for always a great review.
    by the way,
    日本語 = Japanese
    中文 = Chinease
    I feel that you are always wrong

  16. How come 4GB RAM windows devices still exist in 2019?

  17. gemini lake is old. wait for next gen biglittle intel cpu

  18. Hi Chris, could you please kindly post the link of getting that 16gigs of RAM? thanks!

  19. The Beelink X45 is half the price and even has a slightly better J4105 processor.

  20. for $300 is expensive with only 4gb ram, and just intel uhd600 which still doesnt support hdr ( minimum 620 )
    so for mini pc, nuc still best value ?

  21. N4100 is impressive, but this machine is expensive. get alfawise or beelink n4100

  22. mac os x ??

  23. Reply
    High End Cheap Tech May 24, 2022 at 10:21 pm

    Well done! I am still considering another Zotac Nano. No fans, and they come barebones and can handle a 2.5 SSD and have 2 ram slots and a VESA mount and screws. But this one also looks great.

  24. They missed out on some good naming for the units. Pepper Jobs “Jalapeño” or Pepper Jobs “Habanero”

  25. 300$€ is too much, imho.
    Could you please suggest some descent and cheap mini pc?

  26. Are there any mini pc's that you know of that can be upgraded with a full sized GPU? Or is that not possible

  27. TechTablets my gaming laptop has been hitting temps up to 100 degrees Celsius ever since the first day I bought it. Is it possible that I could physically damage my internals if I keep using it at these temps while gaming? Mostly tends to hit these high temps on excessive power hungry games like need for speed and gta 5.


    HP PAVILION Gaming 15t 2018

    – Core i5 8th gen
    -GTX 1050ti
    -1tb hdd
    -12gb ram

  28. Why would someone buy these mini pc.
    Just buy a laptop it have a battery or buy
    a PC would be cheaper.

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