Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2X Mini PC Review – Unlocked Gemini Lake Performance 2022

December 29, 2022

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – This new Mini PC from Pepper Jobs has a robust cooling system that allows for a “TDP Unlocker.” The system can run at 2.3 ghz over extended periods of time without throttling down. See more Mini PCs: and subscribe!

Memory modules that work with the Pepper Jobs (affiliate links):

4GB Stick:

8GBx2 Options

0:00 – Intro
00:46 – Pricing
00:52 – Specifications and upgradeability
01:49 – Marker 23
01:58 – Cooling System / TDP Unlocker
02:57 – Display output options – 3 4k 60hz displays
04:11 – USB-C port
04:31 – Other ports
05:08 – Performance: YouTube / Netflix / Streaming Video
05:24 – Performance: Web Browsing
05:49 – Benchmark: Speedometer Web Test
06:46 – Performance: Word / Office
06:58 – Gaming: Rocket League
07:24 – Gaming: GTA V
07:48 – Gaming : Doom
08:21 – Performance: 3DMark Cloudgate
08:54 – Thermals: 3DMark Stress Test
09:37 – Thermals: Testing TDP Unlocker
10:47 – Power Consumption
11:10 – Fan Noise
12:00 – Home theater performance / HEVC
12:26 – No HDR support
12:39 – Linux / Ubuntu Support
13:16 – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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  1. Good for installing Kodi or LibreELEC 19 or 20 (latest version?)

  2. We have a few of these in my office and we've had a surprising amount of primary HD failures. I've had to replace 3 in the last 6 months.

  3. Wow! What a detailed review. Thanks.

  4. Beware the upgrade claims. This unit became unstable with 1tb ssd although 500 gb ssd works fine. But to add insult to injury aslo was unstable with 16 gb ram although 12 works fine. And yes the 1tb ssd and the other stick of ram worked fine in a laptop.

  5. Don't know if you will recognize comments from such an old review, but this is selling now on Amazon for just $200 and based on your review that would be a steal. I'm going to pick one up to replace an old laptop that I use as a home theater. The laptop is useless for transcoding. A plex review would be very interesting at least for my part.

  6. While it's obviously much better than the chinese ones in terms of build quality, for the price I don't think that there are any real benefits over a "proper" Intel NUC.

  7. Anyone know what TDP unlocking is or how to do it?

  8. Would this be a good mini pc for proxmox?

  9. can you install a ssd sata drive 500gb

  10. Any chance of putting 16 gigs and this? Wanting to run a ram drive for plex.

  11. Great review thanks for sharing …

  12. I'm a bit confused regarding the RAM. To get dual channel you replaced the included RAM? Or did you add the Samsung 4GB stick to work with the included RAM (meaning there's two RAM slots)?

  13. Any idea why the NUK7 j5005 is no longer available?

  14. Thermal throttling is the term for slowing a cpu "stepping down" to cool down. Nice review. I liked that you included gaming even though it wasn't built for that. A show of what it can/can't do. Ty

  15. Each mini pc should have active cooling and the option to enable/disable that from bios or from a software.

  16. pls do plex transcoding test, i would love to hear your opinion on it

  17. Lon, I'm in the market for nice looking pc for the family room. The ultimate would be an iMac 5k, but that's way too much money and overkill for what we need. I would really like an AIO PC so that the wires and computer don't add a lot of clutter, but I can't find any decent AIO's that have 4K or 2K resolution for under $1,000. So I'm left to create my own AIO. I'm thinking of using this Pepper Jobs Mini PC with the Dell 27" (S2718D) that you reviewed last year. I could power the Pepper Jobs with one USB-C cable from the monitor. I should be able to get both for about $600. What say you? Can you think of a better solution? Thanks!

  18. If someone if going to buy these for any lite gaming they're going to find out real fast that they need to tinker around with ini config files to adjust the graphics down further than you can with the in game settings.

  19. Did you try to hook up something to the internal sata port?

  20. Can this be a server for 4k HDR content @60 hz?

  21. I bought one and reinstalled windows right away cause what was on it didn't look like a clean install and two cores maxed out permanently. The two cores maxing out has been solved with the reinstall, but now I can't find a driver for an unknown device in device manager. The Pepper Jobs website doesn't have any drivers for this PC 🙁

  22. Hi Lon, This video of the pepper jobs is being used on this website I thought you should know.

  23. Would it be OK to use as a server for files from local HDD to smart TV?

  24. I would love to see how it runs as a plex server!!

  25. Great review as always.
    I love that you do not limit testing to Windows only, but also have look at Linux/Ubuntu.

  26. hey Lon, new subscriber here, been watching your vids for quite sometime though. i love the way you explain things, you have a good prose. very natural at this sort of thing. if you could add some automotive repair, DIY medical procedures, home repair and maybe even some movie reviews, thatd be great. lol

  27. Thank you for this Channel Lon. Greetings all the way from Bahrain.

  28. Looks like decent bang for buck thanks lon

  29. With such a major improvement in performance compared to the Chuwi it really makes me wonder why adding a fan is not a default option for most manufacturers. On a laptop I fully understand if they wish to keep it as slim as possible, but for a desktop such a consideration can't be that important.

  30. I really wish you would do more HEVC benchmarking with these NUCs. If they can play 10-Bit H.265 encoded stuff at 140 Mbps like what recommends, that would be ideal.
    I see them as HTPC replacements

  31. How would it do recording 4 channels at the same time with HDHomerun? Could it also streem to another PC too or would that be too much?

  32. @LON please could you contact pepper because there is OUT O STOCK 🙁 Why?

  33. I am looking for a mini pc with j5005 processor but with usb type c output like this one to connect it with a single cable to my monitor acer pe270k,and i can not find one,the ones i saw only have display port and HDMI,can you recommend me one with usb type c output?

  34. Can you pls review Intel NUC i5 – 8th Gen Tall unit ? Need to buy a mini PC for my daughter 10 year old (mostly browsing, python programming, Office suite, occasional gaming etc).

  35. Have you done a video on wi fi extenders ? I can't get my Apple Airport Extreme to work for some reason and because of the way my bedroom door is built ( I think there is a lot of steel in the frame as a radio gets a ton of static & I also tried it with a bluetooth speaker playing a video ) the signal drops off into my living room some distance away. 22 feet from the door to my bed where I use my Ipad Air 2.
    I have Macs so any information from you or anyone would be appreciated.

  36. I am very pleased that you demonstrated poer consumed UNDER LOAD and idle, thank you.

  37. Ohhh, looks like it would be a nice little Linux server. Thanks for doing the Linux test Lon!!!

  38. Great review Lon but I prefer products from their competitor "Salty Unemployment".

  39. Nice. I've been looking for an Intel based htpc

  40. The plastic looks cheap (maybe just the video), does it actually feel cheap in the hands?

  41. Please review Shadow.Tech shadow pc

  42. Is Gemini Lake the best of these low power chips? Is there something better for price to performance in theses mini PCs?

  43. Are any of these small computers able to emulate up to GameCube games?

  44. Please test the Dolphin emulator. 😀

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