Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Review reviews

May 13, 2023

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous now has its own enhanced edition, meaning now is the perfect time to delve into an RPG that lets you explore the joys of becoming a powerful lich or a Cronenberg hivemind insect swarm.
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Intro – 00:00
The Sequel to Kingmaker – 00:19
Character Creator – 01:55
Game Premise – 04:10
Visuals – 5:40
Music & Sound Design – 07:38
Adventuring Gameplay – 10:26
Crusade Management – 21:34
Story – 26:27
DLC – 28:43
Conclusions – 31:41
Credits – 32:20
Soulsian – 33:27

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  1. for anyone looking to escape 5e/3.5 stuff like commenter in vid, ttrpg greybeard's current favorite grumblings include Warhammer Fantasy, World of Darkness (V20, not V5), and Shadow of the Demon Lord. personally been enjoying WoD via Vampire the Masquerade 20th over the past year or so, been pretty good . def requires a certain type of group to be good though

  2. Nice video !

  3. Review Prey! (No not that one, the modern one, then review the old one)

  4. “My wolf has no known allergies” absolutely kills me

  5. Thanks for the video mando! If someone wanted to get into DnD but had no clue about anything, would you recomend this for a start before investing in a real table top for 5 months?

  6. I disagree with the companions. They were the most bland obvious nothing characters. Most of them are just sorta there as card board cutouts. The only ones of any interest are insufferable, their class or gear spoils their whole mystery of their story line, or they just dip right before a big boss fight with their good gear and your stuck with an insufferable card board cutout for the next few hours. All the while you can hear the its "what my character would do" as your party member just leaves. This is the only RPG where I seriously considered kicking out party members cause I would rather not have to deal with them when their character quests come up.

  7. Hey Mandalore, I wanted to say thanks for the review. Thanks to you, I found a new contrnder for my favorite rpg of all time.

  8. Can you review Pillars of Eternity & Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

  9. After 14 hours with the game and the second chapter just unlocked I am tempted to respec my main character. Not because Mistress of the rapier with second hand free to cast spells is boring or anything, but because the number of skills and spells at my disposal is so high, even for low-level characters, that I feel a bit stressed every time I have to open any and all spells list during combat. But then I see the number of possible options, classes, and such and I slowly retreat, thinking to myself "nah, I am good".
    Also, the game feels like an old-school cRPG. Baldur's Gate 1 old school cRPG. Can't wait for my second playthrough!

  10. yep good game

  11. ThE sEcReT oF tHe DrUiDs
    Portrait is fire

  12. I didn't dislike particularly the entire crusade system (armies and building) , but I really disliked the negative impact the system has on the gameplay pace. I really didn't like to have to micro armies and cities every ingame day taking away the focus from your party

  13. Can you make a video about Project Warlock?

  14. Kenshi video when?

  15. Really happy you made this video! Really sad that I'm currently playing it right now and I can't finish it sooner because of work, so I'll hold off on watching the video. Take my comment and like, at least, I'll be back later!
    (Your Kingmaker video made me play Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous)

  16. Hey man, you feel exhausted and video is kinda lackin your usual quips and jokes. Also this feels like positive review…. which I find strange as this game is givin me ascended element: Rage.

    Game is rough and oversimplified (crusade) and Excel Mage Lord black belt required (combat) at the same time. Its painful after few hours. You boot the game, you spend 20hr in character creator, you create something fun then it doesnt work. Repeat 10 more times and learn that your companions are again subpar optimized for the setting. (simple example: Darean suffers immensly from his slowed in first turn of combat status dragging out fights, slowing game pace, missing first turns etc). Switching to easy fights is even more ungratifying that watching your mageline dump crossbow volleys into giant troll when you know it will miss him 19 times out of 20.

    You managed to retake Dresden while being loredumped by everything, fighting invisible cornercamping fireball CS:GO mages. Hooray. You now pick your mythic class route which grants another pile of modifications and abilities. Azlata continues to vomits rainbows / snake ladies everywhere. Narration continues on grey morality while evil / chaos choices revolve (mostly) around being a dick to ppl. It also grants you few side quests and only matter at the very end.

    Crusade fights seems like mobile gaming app. Like Clash of Righteous or some scam. Melee units doesnt block anything and are useless. Fill the stack with nukers / cavalry. On higher difficulties wait few weeks to boost numbers for roflstomp. Building stuff is not even improved from previos game and gives you 5% buffs or +200 wasted time material points to build another garrison. Angels, beer elementals, snake people and all of this stuff exists but is unplayable due to getting like 5 of them on 2 weeks edict while you can pump up 300 rangers and just fill the deamons with lead. And then you cleared the map, established civilization and what is your reward? No more crusade managment you did all this for nothing and some panzy bint is giving you dishonorable discharge right into LoLrandumb Detroit where they mine magic coke that pumps up/mutates/fuzes the deamons.

    Only good things about this game is writing, most of side characters, side quests. Main quest is meh but passable. Oh and pure dumb builds. Sending your Jaguar to instagib deamons. Cue "sick em boy" vibes. Throwing 8 axes in a turn and many more. I know why Lich is a tempting path, after few hours you got this urge to kill everything on sight starting with holy tart wielding supreme executive power.

  17. Yeah wizards are for sure insane, another fine review nice work MG!

  18. tbh I hated the crusade management so much, act 4 is definitely one of my favourite acts. it revolves around me, my party and demons. which is great. it doesn't revolve around petty squabbles of absurd opportunists whom I give not a single shit about, who constantly try to get on my nerves as much as humanly possible while I try to save them from complete obliteration and certain instant death from the demon hordes.

  19. I feel like act 4 was fine. Now act 5… When they just dump that MASSIVE to do list on you suddenly. So many quests, so much travel… It just goes on and on and on and on.

  20. "So if anyone will tell me that they've dropped the game or decided to reroll here I won't even ask why" – yeah, that's me alright

  21. Wenduag4life

  22. At 1:42 you can literally see a penis.

  23. Sorry I didn’t get to watch the day it came out. But thank you so much for covering the pathfinder games. They’ve made it to my top 5 list now. I’ve been playing pathfinder sense 2015 and this style of game are my favorite. Single player grand campaign, story focused and exceptional well developed. I’d pay 100’s of dollars for such excellent enjoyable fun. Just good times.

  24. Best CRPG I ever played. Owlcat needs to make an original adventure path in 2e of pathfinder's setting!

  25. Thanks for the horribly depressing animal facts in the dlc section.

  26. I watched this before buying it, and I feel like a review this long could have mentioned the bizarely high barrier of entry. Each spell or ability has an incredibly complex description, that's not really understandible to someone new to the series. Additionaly, a basic explanation of the combat is also missing from the game. I went from being completely overwhelmed, to thinking none of it really really mathered and I'd just let my guys attack, to seeing that one of my members was almost dead and I had no way to heal her. I ended up refunding after a little under an hour.

  27. "And yes that includes the succubus" thanks to humble bundle i allready had the game mandalore, you dont have to sell it to me

  28. Reply
    coldfusionwaffles May 13, 2023 at 11:55 am

    Pathfinder CEO post kicked out of D&D: "Fine I don't need your D&D, I'll make my own D&D game! With blackjack, and hookers!"

  29. The Ember and Nocticula interactions are so cool (and funny) and a bunch of foreshadowing for people who know about Nocticula's future endeavors.

  30. Was this really a 30 minute video from Mandalore, without the "Marv's scream" easter egg? 🙁

  31. 32:07 I love the ongoing theme of GoG offering various contracts to Mandalore. The artworks are simply awesome!

  32. My favorite CRPG to come out of the kickstarter renaissance era. It took me more than 3 days to come up with the right build, because I restarted my run over a dozen times after spending a few hours in the prologue dungeon.

    Owlcat really outdid themselves with this one..improving on everything that people disliked in Kingmaker.

    I have no doubt that Rogue Trader will be an amazing game, but I hope that after that one they go back to making more CRPG's from the Pathfinder modules, because I prefer fantasy more than sci fi.

  33. Reply
    DaThingOnTheDoorstep May 13, 2023 at 11:55 am

    I like this game, but the video gamed d20 system just crashes and burns around the halfway point thanks to skyrocketing ACs. Seriously, even for trash packs, after you exhaust your touch attacks, if you don't have something like grease on every character for every fucking mob enemy, either get comfy and see who can get more nat 20's to do basic damage or turn on story mode. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it if there was a mod that rebalanced the itemization and enemy stats across the board.

    Like, in a good DnD/PF campaign, just a mundane masterwork is a family heirloom and a +2 would be like a national treasure, but here every fucking thug has +3 shock fire corrosive whifflebats and sonic-electronic ball breakers.

  34. Bro when's the colab with Max0r coming?

  35. Stronghold music ehhhh? 😛

  36. so that guys face actually comes from this game

  37. wrath of the Patheous, Kringefinder

  38. Hey Mandalore, was wondering if you are going to make a video on any of the Warhammer 3 DLC?

  39. Great game but still suffers from the brutal (and so frequent) loading times. Really killed the replay value for me, but i definitely got my moneys worth.


  41. Will I do like Wotc there is one thing that annoys me about it and spoilers for Act 1 and the Start of Act 2 if you haven't played it.

    At the end of Act 1 after saving Kanarbris you and your companions are sat in the tavern celebrating when the Queen comes up to introduce herself and congratulate you on your victory after that Act 1 ends and Act 2 begins with you standing in a camp with the Queen giving a speech next thing you know she points to me and says what amounts to. "Oh by the way this guy is the new commander of the crusade." Refuses to celebrate further and leaves.

    Meanwhile I'm sitting like. "WHAT!?! When did I agree to this!?! How much did I drink last night!?!" I don't know if the game is bugged and not showing me dialogue or if I missing something but at no point does she even mention it nor am I given much choice in the matter. Now I understand I kinda have to join the Crusade for the plot to move forward but you could at least let me comment on it. Especially because I'm playing a Neutral, Atheist (Which in Pathfinder means acknowledges the gods are real but refuses to worship them) mercenary who only stayed in Kanrbris because A he'd probably die trying to escape and B he was hoping to get paid. And the Queen seems to just give me the title without even asking me.

    It's a small complaint and doesn't take away from Pathfinder being a great game but it really threw me off that it just happens with no chance for your player to even give his or her opinion. Though it did lead to unintentional comedy when I pictured a guard bursting in on my hungover PC the next day saying "Commander the Troops are ready for inspection the Queen is waiting!" Cut to my PC sitting in bed doing the Limmy waking up meme like. "What? How? When? Who? Why?"

  42. You know what . I love these videos mainly for whatever reason my brain 🧠 loves your voice. I'm happy just to fall asleep listening. Most of the time I can't even remember I've watched a video because I have no idea what so ever about anything the games us about. I got so completely lost in all the descriptions because I was just so happy listening to your voice. So I've literally watched/listened to all of your videos and haven't a clue about most of the games. So I guess I'm going to just have to watch/listen to every one again. Oh how will I cope 😅

  43. Review for this game keep mentioning spyware and a sketchy EULA…. Anyone here know about that? Has it been fixed? Or is the game still dangerous?

  44. When will you do the Chaos Dwarfs and immortal empires review for WH3?

  45. Can you review Future Cop: LAPD?

  46. I played through this behemoth 3 times already. The difference in story with different builds is staggering and sooo awesome.

  47. Reply
    Борис Струков May 13, 2023 at 11:55 am

    "Here's to the bard!" theme from 2004th Bard's Tale OST playing in the back at [2:12].
    Looking very much forward to see Mandalore's take on this particular masterpiece.

  48. The video is entertaining but im cofused is it a good game or not?

  49. Okay I love the drood portrait. It took me a second to notice but it's beautiful. It's a mystery as to why, the mystery of the droods. Use it always.

  50. A little late to the party, but i heard there was ANOTHER Kickstarter backer quest in this game. Surprised you didnt go over it, unless unlike Darven it was passable.

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