OWL 2022 Grand Finals — Dallas Fuel vs SF Shock Grand Finals Review 2022

November 13, 2022

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  1. Ok I deleted my earlier comment because it may have been a bit mean but HOLY SHIT, the takes in chat are sometimes SO BAD.

    'ok nah the fact that ppl unironically think Guxue > Smurf on Winston. literally Reiner is a better Winston than guxue' – TimmyMcBronzeTwitchChatter 2022

    Did they not watch the Spark's playoff run? It has to be bait.

  2. If Shock would have an above average to good player instead of proper, they would be a mid-team. Their teamwork isnt good at all and the other players arent close as good as Shocks standings show.

  3. “Not ready to ship” so all of overwatch 2? The game itself is great the Quality of life changes made/removed on it are god awful. This game will die quickly without changes fast which is sad to say when I have 1700+ hours on the game!

  4. Case and point striker 😂

  5. Super happy with the Shock lad's performance throughout the playoffs. Proper shocked the world! Many people coughed them up to choke on LAN, but they blasted through after that first loss eliminating some potential beasts through their run. Can't even be that upset about the grand finals loss because they kept it close after already playing a match earlier and gave us the best grand finals match ever. Fuel sniped that first seed at the end of the season and Fearless was a beast. And a podium finish for Outlaws proves how much of a monster Dantank has been, his grind has been real and once a shock player always a fan, can't wait to see him next year.
    Despite the shaky Overwatch 2 launch this season was very hype and the viewership spike was incredible to see, hopefully this offseason isn't stupid long and kills that hype.

  6. I’m hoping Coca Cola comes back as a sponsor for next year because there’s still no official refreshment of the Overwatch League

  7. Reply
    Dr Kirb Kenneth kirby November 13, 2022 at 9:20 am

    My MVP wasn't Fearless, it was Fielder. The support gap was huge.

  8. Glad we (Dallas) got a grand finals win before Proper runs the league for half a decade

  9. Please keep owl on YouTube twitch is dying so fast

  10. How can I watch the VODs without the casters??

  11. let it be known for all of time that custa said it's ok to be inside 4 people at the same time, but don't do it for too long

  12. Kilo to be dallas hitscan next season, thoughts?😊

  13. underrated storyline is Sp8rkle's transition from a feast or famine silly hero rookie to one of the most consistent flex dps in the league

  14. 37:58 there’s your hug ig lmao

  15. Fearless is literally the Geno Smith of the OWL, you love to see it

  16. I was at the finals and i remember the SF fans chantin "lets go proper" while dallas said "lets go dallas" which tells u all u need to know

  17. Finally a match 7 finals. Glad to see Dallas win it and end shocks legendary run. I know its not the same team anymore but I was a Dallas fuel fan during the beginning of owl mainly cause of seagull. So it's cool to see them reach the expectations

  18. Jeff Kaplan's final act was creating Proper with the intention of just ending overwatch

  19. “Dallas fuel fans are insufferable” yeah so are fearless doubters. Dallas fuel had great luck with this meta and we had consistently beat Shock this year. Lots of things working in our favor. Proper was the only reason that game was close though. He’s the closest thing to perfection OWL has this season and those last 2 or 3 series in LB and GF he was almost unstoppable. But, as a Dallas fan I still have to say it. You’re all wrong and we’re the best

  20. im glad you talked about mikeyys tactical feeding bcuz ur exactly right he had a pretty good balance of not just feeding his brains out but feeding enough to give proper extra space if u look at the way the shock played between the 2 tanks they were probably equally as strong with both but when mikeyy plays proper goes insane and when coluge plays he gets a bit less space and value but they make up for it with team play that is a little bit bette. also worth considering that is probably the only way they could have beaten dallas i dont think the slower style will ever work against the fuel and their best bet was giving proper the most opportunity to carry

  21. I involuntarily stood up and clapped when Dallas won, was a truly insane game

  22. I found the playoffs meta quite tedious but at least there was some variation according to map or team. Reaper metas are always boring as shit.

    Thankfully the GF itself was a banger because of the calibre of the players.

  23. Honestly I think a big issue for the Shock was playing Mikeyy and not having a passive enough flex support to anchor Viol2t's aggressive style. Mileyy's play was great, he is a phenomenal player, but they put so much time with Mikeyy JUST on control maps that when it came to other maps, the synergy just wasn't there. If Mikeyy played on more maps throughout the season, or at least more in these playoffs, they would've done better. And if you're going to have all this aggression, especially with the lucio, you need a support like Fielder who is almost purely an enabler instead of a fragger. But it's all easier to see in hindsight

  24. I don't disagree that Proper was the best player this. I just think that MVP is more than being a great player. I place more emphasis on leadership than I do raw skills, which is why Ii voted for Hanbin.
    Also, like 50% of the hate the PlatChat crew gets from Dallas fans comes from Reinforce's comments about Fuel "needing" to replace Chiyo and bring back Jecse. Chiyo had a phenomenal rookie year as a main support, and we felt he never got the credit he deserved. (Tho he was recognized as Roll Star so obviously y'all did think he was great)

  25. 1:17:03 When this happened there was a security guard next to me and he asked why everyone was laughing lmao

  26. Guryio has more rings than Custa lul

  27. Sorry for being insufferable custa. Love you and very excited Dallas won finally. Here's to many more years of map 7 finals

  28. Imagine how much better the Grand Finals would have felt if there had either A: Been a week between the Winner and Loser Finals and the Grand Finals, or B: There had at least been 1 or 2 days between them.

    Shock had little time at adapting Mikeyy into their strats, since up until the Loser's Finals, he had only played Control maps, meaning he could potentially have gotten better playing with the team.
    Fuel could have found more ways of countering Proper and fine-tuning the areas where they might be lacking (and let's face it, it wasn't even that many)

    It could also have changed/adapted the meta even further, since the meta seemed to start off as Tracer/Sojourn rather than Reaper, so who knows what could have changed if there had been 1 additional week of practice. I doubt the outcome would have been different, but I think each map would've been even closer.

    It is kinda weird to me that they went away from that type of Finals, since that is what they did in 2018 and 2019, before Covid.

  29. 1:44:05 proper download complete 755.3/755.3gb. enable? (y/n)
    edison: y

  30. It's not fair that Proper is on SFS. Dallas should rescue DOHA out of Prison let him play for SFS and get Proper next Season instead.
    Granted: That would be unfair to the entire League and we could end the season already on day 1, but man….

  31. 50:36 maybe balance sojourn by making the projectile scale down over distance (to the point it requires pinpoint accuracy beyond a certain range), and have the decay time on power scale inversely w charge (100% holds for 4s while 20% still holds for 8s)

  32. shock played well, idk why fans are blaming mikey. it came down to the wire and fuel came out on top

  33. I really do hope that they don't sign an exclusivity deal with Twitch. The quality of streams on Twitch is horrendous. 8 mbit/s in 2022…. 19:2219:50 proves my point. I can count single pixels.
    Yes, Twitch is an important plattform for gaming, but sometimes it's hard too see whats going on even on the Youtube Stream at ~20 mbits right now…
    Imagine an OWL Broadcast at half the video quality on Twitch than it is right now on Youtube. No thank you.

  34. Mikeyy did well especially with only usually playing on control maps

  35. I really hope that S9mm gets picked up by a good team. He has been pretty dang good this year, but sadly Proper just outclassed him at every roll so he didn't get any playtime at the end.

  36. enjoy ur break 😀

  37. As a shock fan I really couldn’t be mad at anything that happened. It was such a good match and Dallas honestly deserve it! I’m really looking forward to seeing more from all of these players next year 🙂

  38. Just wanna give Fielder his flowers for the Suzu on to sp9rkles blossom during overtime of map 7. legit save the game for them imo. It was missed in this but I’m pretty sure it’s in the second to last fight.

  39. im glad you can be inside 4 people thank god

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