Osasuna vs Barcelona [1-2], La Liga 2022/23 – MATCH REVIEW reviews

November 21, 2022

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Raphinha scored an incredible late winning goal for Barça vs Osasuna, after Robert Lewandowski was sent off in the first half. It was an amazing comeback from Xavi’s team to keep Barcelona at the top of the league, ahead of Real Madrid. Pedri scored an important equalising goal at the start of the second half, too!

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  2. We need to be a team of fighters again; we need to show the ability and confidence to railroad other teams; we need other teams to be afraid of Barcelona again.

  3. I must admit that when we conceded and Lewy was sent off, I thought that this is it. The mentally broken Barcelona were back. I couldn't imagine that we would recover. But when we did… Wow, the elation! Not just because we won the game and maintained top spot, but because it genuinely felt like a comeback performance we hadn't seen or expected from the team in YEARS! It felt like a distinct step forward away from the tragedies of Roma, Liverpool, Bayern etc. I feel that the team is finally been sculpted back into the team that challenged top teams in the mid 2000s. This win gives me the vibes that a team is being created that can rival the mentality monsters that made the 6-1 Vs PSG possible. Please let me an actual concrete moment of growth and not a mirage or temporary lift. We need to believe and play like a team that can come back from a goal down, even two goals down, which can battle to a victory with ten men, even nine men.

  4. It is despairing to watch. It literally seems Barca is not putting in enough effort in physical training and they are panting like dogs 15 minutes into every game, have a hard time upping tempo. Anyone playing fast paced high press game, and Barca is being undone. And please, bench Busi. Respect his historic contribution but he's not doing much.

  5. Thats more like it

  6. Gil Manzano giving out cards like they were sweets. 😃😆

  7. This man really said “This is the Lionel Messi of trimmers” lol

  8. i disgree dembele had a very good game you got to realize that Ferran and Dembele where tracking back constantly defending and then going back up the field and the timing for the subs was perfect because Ferran and Dembele were starting to look tired. when Raphinha and Ansu came into the game Osasuna was looking tired from attacking so much. and thats when Raphinha was able to catch the defense not concentrated and score the goal. Ferran and Dembele did an amazing playing for the team

  9. Even though we had a little disadvantage in the first half and we was down to ten men we still didn't make that stop us from get the job done we can all go with a big smile on our faces knowing that we ended the last game before the world cup right through the rest of the year with an incredible win 🔥🔥🔥💪💪

  10. Raphinha has potential like neymar under the correct management!

  11. The young players of Barca are the new generation

  12. We need to see the person behind talkFCB…whaaaaaaat?!!!❤

  13. Henceforth, the Talk FCB Man of the match will walk away with a Manscaped gift hamper

  14. Lewa thought the defender would also jump for it but he didn't

  15. why dont you allow raphinha to play for your english team lol

  16. how many chances did dembele creates ? pure brainless and racist , mug man

  17. I stopped watching the game after Lewandowski got his matching orders

  18. You did good boys yesterday thanks a lot 🇿🇦

  19. Who needs el clasico when we can beat Osasuna!! 😆

  20. Just want the Pique's topic.. His red card and verbal exchanges

  21. What a match that was, the team’s mentality has changed a lot, love how now they play with passion and fierce. Before they just simply gave the ball away and made mistakes. I love that xavi is still putting trust on Dembele he is a really good player! But now we should be happy that we’re finally on top, players are hungry to win the league title! Visca Barca❤️💙

  22. Unfortunately we will realize the hard way that Xavi is not the guy to lead us

  23. Obviously big 3 points but I can confidently with some level of certainty say we will not win the league . Xavi is slow to learn and too idealistic. He had failed every big test thrown at him , the improvement between xavi and Koeman is marginal.

  24. Busquets was blaming Balde for that pass, however it was totally okay pass he just could not control it.

  25. I must say something and dont want to be misunderstood but when Lewa get red we needed that. I love Lewa im from Poland but I was tired of opinions that was actually right that he carry our team and we cant compete without him. And what happened when we were abandoned by Lewa? In hard situation we showed our Hearts and thats The moments when Big Teams are build. We showed that we have other options and It’s good it’s another step to our better future.

  26. Tbh I dont like pedris finish. I’d rather him try to put it top far corner than that extremely risky shot. This has been a problem far too many times this season where the ball doesn’t go in.

  27. Gil Clownzano Is thé biggest disgrace to spanish football.

  28. Lovely ad Jamie

  29. I'm tough on Barca because they play way below their potential but Raphinha's goal was superb and so was Frenkie's assist!!!!! I hope that can be the catalyst to bump up their level of play

  30. Left back, Left and Right Wing, and Goalkeeper is the only positions that Frenkie De Jong never been placed in Barcelona. Against Osasuna he starts at CM, back to CB (alongside Alonso nonetheless LOL), and back up to CDM. Thank God he had a hearts of iron by refusing to move away after the treatment he receives.

  31. Jamie we real love you for the best videos ever and you always make my days awesome on top of that you make me love Barca more en more

  32. Balde was too good in rb position play alba lb if we have no option on rb use balde.🔥

  33. why the fuch busquets play i dont understand frankie,gavi and pedri are the best

  34. This is the kind of mentality we have been needing in the UEFA CL. it was pleasing to see.

  35. The players did extremely well

  36. I'm excited whenever the notification of your video pop in, my favorite Barca channel on YouTube. Massive work you put in, we really love to listen to you minute by minute. Keep it up.

  37. Balde…u fckin beauty ❤️❤️🔥 phenomenal talent ❤️ dejong the wizard🔥🔥

  38. Dembele was tracking back a lot…he helped Balde .

  39. Reply
    Khangwelo Ino Masutha November 21, 2022 at 11:35 pm

    Raphinha Deserves his flowers

  40. Unbelievable mentality ❤💙

  41. Dembele should be sold in the winter

  42. Yes we got very importent win and 3 points wich is extended to 5 points gap down to Real Madrid thats what you get to brag so much Ancelotti smoke and think you are mafia boss you are not winning La Liga this season go and cry home about it with your loosers friends.

  43. Maybe Xavi didn’t want to bring raphinha and fati in case they got injured before the world cup

  44. Unbelievable from Xavi. Still with busquets. What is this.

  45. To be honest, after watching this game, even if a nuke was going to end it, Xavi would still start Dembele it's unbelievable

  46. WHAT A WIN 🔥

  47. Jamie is being paid to always find negativity from busquets even during positive times. Yes i know busquets isnt good enough any more, but finding negativity even when we all celebrating cmon…

    Jamie is a type of guy who would even go against Messi

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