Oof, Rooster Teeth is a Horrible Place to Work- Tea Review Vol. 5 #9 reviews

October 29, 2022

After years of waiting, the kings finally return- ELISE (and then also Sam). We will drink tea and create middling content until we DIE.

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  1. Just wanted to let you all know that more information came out about the Bayonetta story which puts the voice actors account into question. While what she said may not be true we still believe in paying voice actors fair rates for their work and we shouldn't let the actions of a minority of (alleged) bad actors take away from that discussion.

    Thank 🙂 <3

  2. Excellent episode as always 👌

  3. Very welcome to the imperial city of you

  4. So when are we going to get the co-op Stardew series? <3

  5. Best wishes to you both

  6. See, for a YouTuber that's played crusader kings, there are two results.

    Racist, and radical lefty. No middle ground

  7. To this day I cannot fathom how Keemstar still have a platform on Youtube, but that is an entirely different rant. This most recent commentary from him is in a long long line terrible, questionable things he said, some of which were simply falsehoods.

    The Roosterteeth stuff is just terrible. In general, what is going on with the internet these days?!

  8. Reply
    PowerhouseOfTheCell October 29, 2022 at 8:52 pm

    I’m not gonna be buying MTG because of the Warhammer crossover, I already have one crippling plastic addiction, I don’t need a cardboard one

  9. I'd love to chip in on bayonetta thing, I agree with sam's point, and I think the reason they are going to push her out because in Eastern Asia, voice actors are treated as idols, a much higher status compare to the west(and, with it, expected more from the VA), so it is possible they simply wanted somebody more prominent.

  10. Genuine question about the Bayonetta controversy: did they even have to make an offer to the original voice actor? Was there something in place where they had to get her to say no before they could hire someone else?
    Because I they wanted a new VA, why bother making an offer to the old VA. I know conflicting info has come out about what was offered…. but the whole situation seems off to me.

  11. I was under the impression that it was 3-5 sessions at 4k each, and, as far as i know, that was confirmed.

    so, she lied.

    now, i think that's dogshit money, 4k is dogshit, 16-20k for the voice acting in that game total is also dogshit.
    she should have been honest about the offer, but either way, that's not enough money for the caliber of what she's doing.

  12. It's wild that among all of the news that's gone down, the rooster teeth news was almost the most tame

  13. Not too surprising hearing the Geoff and Gavin stuff, years ago they talked about playing "Connect The Hots" which was them driving around stalking girls they thought were hot, then when they crossed another girl they'd follow the new one… they're both children.

  14. Just say fish fingers!!!! 😂😂

  15. thx for the video

  16. I couldn't stand any time Galadriel was talking in her damn metaphors,. And that damn jpeg clip art made me cringe so much and I could only think of the "Graphic design is my passion" meme.

  17. Love Tea review as a nice relax with a cuppa before bed. The chemistry is always fun. I think Elise and Sam should lean into the name Blueberry Witch and never explain the origin again. Sam has an on screen character and Elise could have one as well. I personally bloody love blueberries as well.

  18. Reply
    Roman Meneghinister October 29, 2022 at 8:52 pm

    It's honestly kinda depressing how much the content I loved watching and rewatching when I was younger is just so tainted. It really sucks.

  19. Thanks for the Tea Review Sam and Blueberry Witch.😀

  20. "Tea Review" is such a perfect title because it can be literal as it was with the original series, it can be in the "spill the tea" Twitter sense, just reviewing drama, it can be reviewing other things while drinking tea, or doing stuff at tea time, whenever that happens to be for you! Truly the perfect title for what is ostensibly a podcast of random bullshit

  21. if you get the nougat t2, its REALLY good with bailey's

  22. RT probably knew about Kdin's racism and "edginess" and were okay with it, since the company culture was clearly supportive of that kind of thing. The hired people from the community who made stuff they liked, and it's not like she was quiet about these things. RoosterTeeth has been and will continue to be a mess of a company, and for all the loss in momentum they've seen and this controversy I don't think this is the nail in the coffin, unfortunately.

  23. Rooster Teeth, now that's a name I've not heard in a long time

  24. I get why you don't do it usually but I like these more political tea reviews.

  25. Jennifer Hale is unbelievably awesome. A real gem! So hope people be kind to her.

  26. Reply
    ICouldntThink0faName October 29, 2022 at 8:52 pm

    The thing with Bayonetta's voice actor being offered a bad wage is entirely a Japanese company culture thing that might have been lost in translation.
    In Japan, a common way a company will let a person know they are letting them go is to give an employee an atrociously bad offer entirely to avoid conflict and confrontation. Sort of a "nudge nudge wink wink" gesture.

    Because this is the internet I must follow up by saying I find behaviour completely unacceptable. Just please pay people fair thriving wages.

  27. CRABBELL!!! i guess no shout outs :(. Live Tea Review? count me in

  28. The cards may be stacked against you but at least they aren't 999,99 GPB.

  29. I'm glad that Sam can now come to terms with the fact that due to his current position and upbringing, he has to become a horrible, horrible racist. We will support him in this awful transitioning period, but it has to be done for the universe to make sense.

  30. Would be cool to get that brisket recipe

  31. The roosterteeth thing is about as much of a shock as it getting hot in Summer, they've always been this bad, look at their old letsplays and how they treated fans not in Sams "I'm disapointed in you but you have made some good points so I'll use them" jokey way but real honest hatred for daring to ask them to ya' know move to minecraft PC or calling people racist for daring to point out their mic levels were fucked.

  32. Season of positivity is going well, good vibes all around and in general

  33. So now we can add "working in a CoD lobby" to the list, along Blizzards breast milk theft and cosby room, or Riot's "fart in your face" incidents. And the sexual misconduct.

    How hard is it to work at a game company and just… do your job like a normal person?

  34. Damn those Warhammer cards do look tempting and your talk about the game itself are beginning to peak my interest in it, shame to it cost to much for me but seeing the art reminded me of why I use to collect Yu-gi-ho even though I had no idea how to play it just pretty art. I personally would like to see some on table (when this nightmare situation ends for you and Sam) magic stuff now after hearing you talk about it so much, would like to see how it all done while seeing the pretty art of the physical cards in play instead of digitally. Hope things improve somehow for the both of you wishing the best as another dammed soul trapped on this hell hole of an island!

  35. Commenting for the algorithm

  36. i mean you already have enough gerbils rants and euphonics over the course of this channel youd get in roosterteeth any day

  37. Inquisitor Greyfax is a woman, and in gay love with Saint Celestine. If you disagree you're wrong.

  38. so sauron is an angel of the god of crafting right does that mean hes minecraft steve

  39. A thousand pounds? A thousand pounds? Absolutely ridiculous, I say, a thousand pounds

  40. still pissed that they never made the braeburn card i am being discriminated against

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