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June 2, 2022

There is a new report about the effects of climate change on Olympic athletes. The report says that the temperatures in Tokyo are rising three times more quickly than in other places in the world.

This causes extreme heat, which the report says puts the health of athletes at risk.

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Video chapters:
0:00​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Introduction
0:30​ – Story
1:40 – Text 1:The mean annual temperature in Tokyo, the capital city and host of the 2021 Olympics, has risen by 2.86°C since 1900.
5:10 – Headline 2: REVEALED: Team GB’s secret computerised pill to help tame the stifling heat and humidity at the Tokyo Olympics
8:18 – Text 3: The study details how events such as the triathlon, the marathon, tennis and rowing could be adversely impacted by hot conditions.
10:35​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Language summary

The story
A new report suggests that climate change could put the health of Olympic athletes at risk during the forthcoming Tokyo games. The British Association For Sustainable Sport says mean temperatures in the Japanese capital have risen three times faster than global averages over the last century.

The city frequently hits thirty-five degrees Celsius with humidity levels above seventy percent. The group says that such conditions pose a risk to athletes.

Key words and phrases


* Mean annual salaries have dropped in the city. Workers now earn less than they did last year.
* When calculating the mean value, remember that it is often not a whole number.

control something which was once wild

* Animal rights campaigners object to the taming of wild animals.
* There is a tame fox that lives in our garden!


* Climate change has adversely affected wildlife in the area.
* You may experience adverse effects if you suddenly stop taking your medication.

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  24. Please people of the world.
    Boycott Tokyo Olympic for Japanese people.
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    IOC and our government won’t stop.
    People are dying here not only because of the COVID-19 but also lack of and slow support from our government.
    Our vaccine coverage is only 5%.
    Several coronavirus variants have been discovered here. New variant has just found in Vietnam couple of days ago.

    Please help us. Boycott Tokyo Olympic.

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  34. Risk of Climate Change
    Risk of COVID-19
    Risk of hyperthermia of Athletes

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