Olympics 2024: Paris or LA?: BBC News Review 2022

February 24, 2023

Will the 2024 Olympic games be held in Paris – or Los Angeles? Neil and Rob teach you how to use the language the world’s media is using to discuss this story.

Olympic cities for 2024 and 2028 – Is it going to be Paris or Los Angeles? The International Olympic Committee is expected to accept bids from both cities, but which will get to host the greatest sporting show on earth first?

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For more, visit our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/english-you-need/unit-23/session-2

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  2. Thanks to BBC team bcz you are assisting numerous people by flourishing their knowledge.

  3. Thank you both of you, I liked this one very much )))))

  4. Thanks for the great lesson! I have a question though. What is the correct past form of TO OK? OKed? For instance, IOC oked LA’s bid?

  5. The lobbyers have to spend lots of money to woo the bureaucrats to come to an agreements on behalf of the company .

  6. The best method of lobbying for the improvements of the life standard for the worker's is the strike ;don't you agree ?

  7. Hello I from Mexico, I want to apply for a job as debt collector or AT&T call center, could you make a video about this topics and vocabulary thank you

  8. Very useful.

  9. You guys are great, just a quick question – why not use the infinitive of verbs, as well as give us some of its other forms (nouns, adjective, phrases even) when mentioned/unusually formed?

  10. Hi, about the sentence 'She lobbies her MP every month……..', could I get your telling me what is 'MP'? Thanks. (Is that Member of Parliament?)

  11. finger up!! 👍 really useful.
    thank you 🌼

  12. Great! it is the first time I hear woo word and i love it!

  13. I have a question.
    The example of "to OK" is that '"The management need to Ok……."
    Should the verb be "need" or "needs"?

    Thank you 🙂

  14. Thank you BBC.😃

  15. hello news review, in your facebook page, you put a exercise with a blank, the sentene contains the letter MPs, I am wondering that they means, could you give a hand please?

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    Carlos Javier Solis Herrera February 24, 2023 at 4:23 am


  18. Hello and welcome to News Review the program

    where we show you how to use the language from

    the latest news stories in your everyday English.

    Hi, I'm Neil. joining me today is Rob.

    Hello, nice to be here.

    Good. yes, you have story for us?

    I do, yes, today's story is about one of the

    world greatest sporting event.

    World greatest sporting event. What could that


    What could that be, yeah.
    Let's find out more from this BBC world service

    news bulletin.

    So, there's our story the international Olympic

    committee is expected to take the unusual step

    later ( ) of approving bids for two summer

    Olympic hold city. Paris and Los Angeles.
    Now the main question is.. it seems who will get

    to go first. Will it be Paris 2024 or LA 2024
    or Paris 2028 or LA 2028
    and by the way four other cities Hamburg, Rome,

    Budapest and Boston originally wanted to bet but

    pulled out because of high cost.

    Right. yes expensive stuff. holding an Olympics.
    and you've been looking at this story scanning

    news website and you have picked out three words

    which you think will help people to talk about

    this story.

    Yes that's right, The words are 'lobbies','to OK'

    and 'woo'

    So the first one lobbies. How is that appearing

    in headlines?

    Ok, let's have a look at this headline from

    REUTERS: Maron lobbies for Paris bid, LA banks on

    solid candidacy. lobbies.

    Lobbies meaning tries to persuade people in

    authority to take a certain action.
    Now Rob as often happens. I'm a bit confused here

    because I thought 'A Robby' was kinda a room.

    Yeah. you're not wrong. it is. actually.
    and the origin of this word has to do with

    'lobby'. a long time ago in parliament, people

    used to go to the lobby. This old big wide spaces

    between rooms to talk to the politicians trying

    to get them to change their mind, to influence

    them. to do, to take action basically.
    and so they were lobbing in the lobby.
    This is where the word comes from.
    It's now a verb. to lobby.

    Yes. as you mentioned, the name of the person or
    the name of the activity is 'lobbying' and
    people who do it?

    They are lobbyist. so the people go into the

    lobby to lobby are lobbyist.

    Ok. this is quite a formal word way of describing

    the process of persuading people. isn't it?

    It is. it is very formal. we wouldn't really use

    it in everyday language to persuade someone to do

    something. I wouldn't lobby my children to do

    their homework. although we could say it in the

    slightly sort of ironic way I suppose.

    Yes, if you want to make something sound more

    important than actually it was.

    Ok, Great. let's move on to our next headline.

    Yes. this comes from Los Angeles Times:
    IOC is expected to OK naming two winners in host

    race – which Olympics might go to L.A.?
    So, that's 'to OK'

    Yes. 'To OK' meaning to agree or give approval

    for something to happen.

    Now 'OK' is a very familiar word. it's used

    widely in English and in other languages.
    it's very informal word as well. OK.
    but this is slightly different. used slightly

    It's used as a verb 'to OK something'

    Yeah. and umm. as you said, I mean OK is normally

    seen as a very informal way of speaking.
    But here we're talking about, we're talking

    informally about something which is actually

    quite formal.

    Yeah. ( ) saying to OK informally… agree..a

    formal agreement, a formal arrangement. so a

    funny mix of a informal verb and then a very

    formal action and we could use more formal words

    such as 'approve' or 'rectify'
    but 'to OK' is another way of using it.

    Yeah. and umm as you say, we use it to talk about

    a formal agreement, a formal arrangement.
    proposals umm such as this Olympic one.
    and we probably wouldn't use it to describe ,umm

    perhaps I suggest to you "Rob, after this, how

    about we go for lunch and you would say you need

    to think about it,whether or not to OK this idea.

    yes. again. that would be, even though it sounds

    informal, that's a very formal use of it.
    and we just use it for more. let's say an

    official arrangement, if a company wants to

    change its policy, it may OK something.
    I'm not gonna OK going for drink with you.
    I'd probably just say Yes.
    Of course if we did something in the past
    the past form of this.. to have been OK'ed.
    so it's OK opostrophie ed.

    Yeah. because OK is obviously slightly

    differently to other words in the… the letters

    is just 'O' and 'K'.

    That's right.

    OK what's your next headline?

    OK the next headline comes from The Huston ( ):
    Around sports: L.A. Paris woo IOC in advance on

    vote for 2024, '28 Games.
    That's 'woo'

    'woo' try to persuade someone to support you by

    being nice to them.

    Umm we use this word, we have used this word a

    lot in romance. when you woo a man or a woman,
    you're very charming because you want something
    perhaps marriage at the end of the day.
    I would woo a woman perhaps buy her a chocolate

    or flowers something like that.
    oh, I've done in the past but ^%^%%#%$%^&^&

    Very romantic.
    Yeah. so what you're saying is that The president

    of France is going to buy some chocolates for the

    members of international Olympic committee.

    Well he may do that as part of the whole wooing

    But obviously it's not just about chocolates now
    because we can use,, say it in kind of any

    situation where you want to get a certain result.
    so he could be doing something like taking them

    for dinner, could be buying some chocolates but
    I think it would be a big box of chocolate.
    It's basically trying to keep in with people.
    and be forcibly, friendly, possibly

    Yes, maybe there's something about that..is a

    sense that perhaps a little bit force.


    You woo someone.

    Yes. you perhaps do some forced action because

    you want to be friend.
    umm I was trying to woo the boss the other day.

    Yes. you were. you were upset about your amount

    of pay or something

    That's right I wanted a pay rise. and I thought

    I'd woo him. so I complimented him on his

    clothing. I took him for a drink. bought him

    coffee everyday.

    Did it work?

    It didn't work unfortunately and it was an

    unsuccessful woo there of the boss.

    We need to work on wooing ( )


    I'm wondering the reason why today Rob comes to
    present on this program has anything to do with the word lobby that is one of today's words to have learned ???
    How are you doing? Have a good day Sir. :-))))


    My twitter account : @leea01040389363

    My google plus :


  19. both of you are very complacent ,composed difficult to woo you.

  20. I love this production.

  21. thank you …I am keeping up with new vocab..

  22. LA best city in the world where everyone wants to be!

  23. There is no doubt this video is gripping as usual.
    It is nice to see Rob here again.

  24. how to follow facebook page of your thank u

  25. Rob is back! So nice!

  26. I like the word woo .. and this is not wooing you 😂😂 I don't want any reward

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