Oh Helly | SEVERANCE REACTION & REVIEW – 1×4 reviews

March 12, 2023

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  1. This show is soo much fun to try to dissect! Love that you’re doing this 🙌

  2. This show was so much fun to question and theorize, super intrigued how they’re gonna tackle season 2

  3. I’m not sure how to feel about Selvig/Cobol. Sometimes it seems like she really cares about Mark and other times it seems like she is just being manipulative.

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    𝚀𝚞𝚒𝚎𝚝𝚒𝚜𝚝 March 12, 2023 at 9:47 pm

    The woman boss' name is Miss Kobel.

  5. Day 2 of getting jimmy macram to watch birdemic

  6. Helly’s response to Mark about not giving af about being his family is a jab at how corporations love to say “we’re all family here” to their employees when, in reality, we all know that’s bs. She does not miss!

  7. For the algorithm!

  8. Helly’s outie is clearly awful, maybe even evil, but it seems straight up stupid to say “you’re not a person” to someone who’s already threatened to harm themselves to get out of a situation. Her innie deserves way better, but her outie deserves exactly what happened

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