Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Review reviews

March 20, 2023

The most fragile hero of sidescrolling platforming returns in a beautiful reimagining of Abe’s Oddysee.

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  1. 25 years ago I played the original on its release. Yikes!
    I couldn't say how many times I've played this and Exodus. So many hours spent enjoying this series.

  2. This game is awful.

  3. This is one of the reasons I absolutely live Playstation Now. I may never have even knew that a upgrade of one of my favorite games existed. Now, not only do I know that it's a thing, but I get to play it for very close to free.

  4. You don't sound old enough to have played the original 😀

  5. Downloaded it on my iPhone. Finished it in 24 hours. What a game!

  6. Amazing , i still have cd ost of Abe Odisse PlayStation, give on magazine French Joypad

  7. It had a lot bigger budget than Soulstorm I think. It just looks better.

  8. Who's here because it's free on PSN

  9. this game is a 9 not an 8

  10. The Developers rushed the cutscenes, though..

  11. Epic games sale gang wya

  12. so much for that supposed "leak"

  13. my mom played this years ago, i wanna surprise her with this XD

  14. Now it's Free on Epic Games for one day

  15. Who is here after they got it for free from Epic Games?

  16. Wtf Epic games, Atleast start with some Epic games.

  17. Yall comin from Epic Games Store

  18. Who's Here After It's Free On EGS

  19. Why does this give this me a scylanders VIBE

  20. First, a city builder.
    Now, a 3d platform game.
    What's next, Epic?

  21. Ah this game looks more fun than that skylines shit

  22. Free on Epic Games Store

  23. 'Epic Games Free Sale' comments in 3, 2, 1…

  24. Who is here from Epic Games?

  25. Who is here cuz it's free on Epic Games rn?

  26. Who else is here from the epic games store?

  27. Epic games brought me here :/

  28. whos here because of Epic Games?

  29. Who's here after Epic store free giveaway😁

  30. Free on epic!!!

  31. think better epic…

  32. Who came here after its free on Epic Games

  33. whos here after its free on epic?

  34. Yep same as old one, looks awesome

  35. good game and pretty hard sometims so much thinking but 5 points of 5

  36. Something I liked about the old camera but yeah this wouldnt of worked without changing it

  37. Excellent game

  38. ive never heard of this series before the ps5 announcement, so I know there is probably a very loyal fanbase for this game. Even still, i can't get over how horrible the voiceover is, and find it super annoying how I can barely hear what abe is saying in the first place.

  39. better the old one

  40. Abe:Hello!
    Guy: Hi
    Abe:follow me
    Guy: No!
    Abe:Its okay!
    Guy: ok

  41. Mangled remake, thrown into the grinder.

  42. How could they make a game this awesome..and then ruin it? Make it so you run or walk depending on how far from center you push the analog stick. …..smh Dafuq were they smokin when they made that decision?

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