News & Week in Review – The Definitive Game Of The Year, Sam Healey Returning To Dice Tower & More!! reviews

February 5, 2024

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This is the week in review, where we go over videos from the past week, what I’ve played last week, what’s coming up today, some news, and then shove in whatever form of something else that happens to make sense today.

0:00:00 – Introduction

0:00:15 – Keystone North America 2nd Edition
0:01:10 – Sam Healey Returning To Dice Tower?
0:02:00 – Goliath & Funko Team Fallout
0:04:00 – Guild Ball Print on Demand
0:08:00 – Rebel Moon Lawsuit With Netflix Resolved
0:08:32 – Brass Birmingham Sequel Coming To Crowdfunding
0:09:10 – The Definitive Game of the Year

Topic of the Week
0:12:10 – A Lot of New Games

Week in Review
0:16:20 – What I Played
0:18:38 – Fantasy Realms Review
0:19:12 – Santa Maria Review
0:19:25 – 8 Games To Try If You Like Wingspan
0:20:44 – Level Up Retreat Last Call
0:21:05 – To Back Or Not To Back
0:21:25 – Almanac: Crystal Peaks Review
0:21:35 – Steven Rhodes Game Reviews
0:21:50 – Ivion Playthrough
0:22:00 – Best 10 Games of 2023
0:22:30 – Cryptic Nature Preview
0:22:38 – The Weekly Live Q&A
0:23:00 – Dune: War for Arrakis Unboxing
0:23:10 – Where Are They Now?
0:23:20 – Board Game Upgrades
0:23:28 – Today
0:24:00 – Next Week (rant moved to friday)
0:24:45 – Games On The Table


How Goliath bought Prospero Hall’s game assets, but left its heart behind

Video Links:
Fantasy Realms Review –
Santa Maria Review –
8 Games To Try If You Like Wingspan –
Level Up Retreat Last Call –
To Back Or Not To Back –
Almanac: Crystal Peaks Review –
Steven Rhodes Game Reviews –
Ivion Playthrough –
Best 10 Games of 2023 –
Cryptic Nature Preview –
The Weekly Live Q&A –
Dune: War for Arrakis Unboxing –
Where Are They Now? –
Board Game Upgrades –

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  1. Reply
    @christopherlovesthemets6959 February 5, 2024 at 10:53 pm

    IMHO the problem with top lists and board game reviews is that my favorite games which are epic dungeon crawler campaign style games take up a ton of time and effort and for content creators the time and effort to play through and review the games and rank them properly isn’t there.

    For example shadows of brimstone adventures is spectacular game play and story wise and I would rank it in the top 10.
    But we also got a lot more great games in 2023 that are barely discussed or ranked.

  2. Reply
    @christopherlovesthemets6959 February 5, 2024 at 10:53 pm

    I am looking forward to your vampire the masquerade review. I love the story but haven’t dived in past the prologues yet.

    I was hoping you would comment on gamefound getting CMON and the death of KS and rise of gamefound.

    Also song of ice and fire tactical game looks like a lot of fun. I am getting the dragon to paint and it on the bookshelf.

  3. I promised my self to not buy new games this year. Besides the two ones I have yet to come (Arcs and Endeavor Deep Sea). The hobby has come to just collecting cardboard. New games don’t provide anything, and honestly I’ve felt many times that publishers are just scamming us, trying to make the most. The paste years Crowdfunding has become a way to just make money, unnecessary big boxes – over 100 dollars absurd.

  4. Board game of the year site! Love it! Oh, you and Meg are on there now.

  5. Alex… do u watch your own videos❓🤔 if u do u will know why your channel continues to grow😅🎉🤣

  6. Is this the same Sam Healey of Mythic Games?

  7. LaunchKit / LaunchBoom seems to be behind this $1 "VIP" crap that I saw from Grey Fox and Off The Page.

  8. Ugh. Sam was the worst.

  9. Really like the Board Game of the Year aggregation website, very useful.
    Also fun to see the list of reviewers and those who picked something out of left field that no one else picked, such as For Northwood.

  10. id love new games to stop being made for liek 3-5 years…. PLESE XD i cant keep up xd

  11. I hope Sam will be included back into the fold. He has a good energy, a very in depth and specific, quite enjoyable review style.

  12. I completely agree with the "Calm since of relief" answer to no new board games in 2024. Yeah right. That said I am trying really hard to limit my FOMO recently. Like saying no to Masters of the Universe given your "situational" 5 since I could care less for the IP. Well and the fact I backed Primal which you rated a 5 without "situational". Of course you might have lowered your Primal score by now.. sigh.

  13. I’m TOTALLY part of the 55%! I would love a year long pause of new board games being published. Just the thought fills me with hope and a sense of calm

  14. whats the cute looking game on the bottom left?

  15. You and Meg are on the board game of the year reviewer list now!

  16. The board game ranking site loses points with me for having Lorcana on the list. I don't consider TCG to be board games.

    I was looking for your take on CMON acquiring HEL and Anastyr from Mythic games and promising to fulfil the Kickstarter, albeit in whatever revised and more limited version those games release. But I guess the news came out too late on Friday to make this week. But as someone who back Anastyr, I'm cautiously optimistic. Feeling happy with CMON and ready to wash my hand of Mythic.

  17. Tbh I watch the movie reviews hoping for a dad joke at the end 😂

  18. I've a sense that our hobby can spiral really fast from "OMG I love that game, I want another! I can play more then X titles" to "OMG where is free space on the shelf and why there's courier with 9kg package coming my way!?"

  19. Sam Healy was great on the Dice Tower. Solo he was alright.
    But it was the dynamic. It was so enjoyable to see this friendly giant sit and try to keep on topic while Zee was giving him gentle ribbings.

    His taste + Toms was also pretty close to mine. If both liked a game then I would probably do as well.

    Glad to see him back, even if it is to a lesser degree.

  20. Not covering the news on they who shall not be named?

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