News & Week In Review – Nothing Much Happening This Week…And Giveaway Winner 2022

May 29, 2023

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This is the week in review, where we go over videos from the past week, what I’ve played last week, what’s coming up today, some news, and then shove in whatever form of something else that happens to make sense today.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:45 – Giveaway Winner

Week in Review
0:02:00 – What I Played
0:10:19 – Momiji Review
0:10:32 – The Hunters AD 2115 First Impressions
0:12:10 – BoardGameGeek Ratings
0:12:35 – To Back Or Not To Back
0:12:52 – Ancient Knowledge Review
0:13:03 – Sprawlopolis 12×12 Review
0:13:25 – Evolution: Another World Review
0:14:05 – The Weekly Live
0:14:42 – Disrupt Unboxing
0:14:55 – Wooden Component Trays – One Sharp Joe
0:15:34 – Another Professor Meg Culling
0:16:05 – Where Are They Now for May
0:16:22 – Our Trip to Steamforged
0:16:30 – Gama VLOG
0:16:50 – Today
0:17:00 – Next Week
0:17:30 – Rallyman Dirt

Video Links:
Momiji Review –
The Hunters AD 2115 First Impressions –
BoardGameGeek Ratings –
Gama VLOG –
To Back Or Not To Back –
Ancient Knowledge Review –
Sprawlopolis 12×12 Review –
Evolution: Another World Review –
The Weekly Live –
Disrupt Unboxing –
Wooden Component Trays – One Sharp Joe –
Another Professor Meg Culling –
Where Are They Now for May –
Our Trip to Steamforged –

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  1. How did you get a copy of Rallyman: Dirt??

  2. Just curious, but are you still doing the "what we backed" videos? It feels like it's been a while and i always enjoyed those videos with your wife. Thanks for all the other great content too

  3. You mention Rallyman Dirt. Does this mean backers may actually get the game in the US? Because last I heard I was out the money and SOL on getting it anytime ever.

  4. Rip Kanban EV giveaway…

  5. Last week you had Parks on the table… You finally didn't play it? Or did i miss the review? Really interested in your opinion about Parks and its expansions…

  6. "Nothing Much Happening This Week" NEVER says that ^^

  7. Or so you thought 😂
    It's a luxury we have relatively a lot of spare time this day and age, unfortunately it's also spend on a lot of negatively.
    Just think about all the boardgame plays that could have been done instead of all the other things that have been done.

  8. I know you had a trip to Steamforged, but there are quite a lot of rumour about SFG going the same way as Mythic Games.
    I'm really doubting if I should back MH:Iceborne, any insight on this Alex?

  9. Reply
    Stacie (Everdell) May 29, 2023 at 7:48 pm

    I've been playing the Cascadia Achievement Scenarios solo and I am stuck on #12. So close but a win continues to elude me.

  10. play anachrony yet? you should lol. ive been giving you grief over this long enough now id think you just play it to shut me up haha.

    old gems are great. generally cheaper, no wait, no risk of not being delivered (mostly lol), and offer proven experiences.

  11. Hi Alex, I feel that the situation you had with the The Hunters community got in the away of your review… 3 is too low for a game like this… But I fully understand it. Tks for the great content

  12. I'm curious. You seem to like playing whole games on BGA but don't care (wrong term but couldn't think of a better way to put it) for most app driven games. (This is probably a broad/incorrect assumption but it has me curious (and in no way is this judgment/criticism/etc)) Any idea why?

  13. So if you want, I can give you advice on Glen More 2 chronicles and which ones are worth playing to try out. My wife and I decided to try each one. Dragon boat is pretty neat and between a rock and a hard place gives you alternate end of game scoring that gets voted on. Both are easy enough that I would bring them with new players though. Really didn't like the whisky module.

  14. Reply
    Fredrik Ebbersten May 29, 2023 at 7:48 pm

    Responsible Alex is having fun wrong. I liked it better when you had 30 backs every month 😉 Made for a better shifting decor behind you if nothing else!

  15. Is APX leaders good

  16. What about Steamforged Games becoming the next Mythic?

  17. Reply
    Best at Star Trek May 29, 2023 at 7:48 pm

    Seems like a not so spectacular year for board games. I feel like there’s not a lot coming out in a sea of dungeon crawls

  18. Will you be addressing the drama regarding Quakalope and the videos he released for the Aeon's Trespass Odyssey reprint?

  19. Ty for this video!!

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