News & Week In Review – How Long Should You Keep A Game You Aren't Playing? 2022

January 8, 2023

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This is the week in review, where we go over videos from the past week, what I’ve played last week, what’s coming up today, some news, and then shove in whatever form of something else that happens to make sense today.

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0:00:00 – Introduction

0:00:11 – More Marvel United
0:01:40 – Tim Chuon’s Top 10 Games Awards
0:02:20 – Ice Cool On Roblox
0:02:38 – StoneSaga Trailer
0:03:07 – Sovranti

Topic of the Week
0:03:30 – How Long Can A Game Go Unplayed Before It’s Not Worth Keeping

Week in Review
0:10:00 – What I Played
0:14:14 – Keystone North America Review
0:14:24 – Marvel Remix Review
0:15:15 – Top 100 Games Of All Time 70-61
0:16:04 – To Back Or Not To Back
0:16:20 – The Crimson Scales Trail of Ashes
0:16:38 – 10 Great Stocking Stuffer Games
0:16:50 – Zombicide: Undead or Alive Review
0:17:17 – Pros & Cons of Being A Content Creator
0:17:57 – Top 100 Games Of All Time 60-51
0:18:07 – Top 10 Mist Disappointing Games of 2022
0:18:30 – Top 100 Games Of All Time 50-41
0:18:45 – Today
0:18:55 – Next Week
0:19:30 – Games On The Table

More Marvel United –
Tim Chuon’s Top 10 Games Awards –
Ice Cool On Roblox –
StoneSaga Trailer –
Sovranti –

Video Links
Keystone: North America –
Marvel Remix Review –
Top 100 Games Of All Time 70-61 –
To Back Or Not To Back –
The Crimson Scales Trail of Ashes –
10 Great Stocking Stuffer Games –
Zombicide: Undead or Alive Review –
Pros & Cons of Being A Content Creator –
Top 100 Games Of All Time 60-51 –
Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2022 –
Top 100 Games Of All Time 50-41 –

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  1. Marvel United is one of the few games where MORE actually IS better. Bloat is real, and there are 'extra' stuff in most games you'll never use, but Marvel United? Give me a new villain, let me play a new hero? Sure. I'll keep playing new stuff. The game is fun and so far…. they keep innovating just enough to keep it interesting.

    This will be a great test, because X-Men was so filled with content, but Multiverse…. I can't really think of too much out there that I'm excited about. It's not that I am worried about having too much game on my shelves, it's whether the Multi Verse stuff is cool or not.

  2. I try to curate the collection. If we have a fairly direct comparison that we'd rather play then we keep the one, for example: castles of Burgundy stays vs castles of Tuscany leaves. If we don't try to pull a game out or want to play it within a year it's likely on the chopping block.

  3. As far as getting rid of games, my collection is still under 100 (not counting expansions), but I did get rid of a few this past month. The deciding factor is not so much 'how much' I'm playing it, but if I enjoy those plays. Some games only hit my table a few times a year, but I enjoy it enough for it to stay. Now, if my collection was 3 or 4 times what it is, that deciding factor would probably change. My criteria for holding onto a game would be more strict—solely based on 'how often' I play would be a bigger factor.

  4. Ty for this video!

  5. I have enough space to hold on to games I haven't played in a bit, like over a year…but I still will heavily consider selling games if they haven't been played. Right now, that cut off feels like two years. I decided to rank games recently and didn't even rank if I didn't play in 2022. If I own a game and it missed a 2022 play, it's now on the hot list to get played or possibly culled soon. I can love a title, but if I can't find friends to enjoy it with me then that's not good enough.

  6. I try to play my games on a very regular basis. My challenge for this year was to play every game in my personal collection at least 10 times.
    So far only two games need a few plays to get there.
    Since every game I own has a solo mode, it’s easy to get those numbers btw.

    So to answer the question about keeping a game:
    If I’m not willing to pull a game off my shelf for two or three months although I really needed to do it, then it’s leaving.
    And that applies to good games as well. There’s always a good reason to get rid of a game.

    For Under Falling Skies for example it was just the feel that I‘m done with it, played it at least 30 times.
    And more games are moving up on my potential cull list if they don’t get played.

  7. I like your current "what I played". But I generally just like hearing you talk so do what you want and I'll watch.

  8. I have implemented two rules for my collection. 1. Four years is the limit. For any reason if not played in four years, it must go! I want an active collection not an archive. I am thinking next year to reduce that to three years. 2. I have started a more strict rule to limit my collect to 250. Therefore for every new game that comes in an old game must go. I literally have a note on my computer that says, "What game is this replacing?" This is has really helped sometimes to not buy a game and just wait for awhile until I have tired of a game I already have.
    To your other comment. I would like a more detailed review of a few games you played rather than just a list of all the games. Maybe in the show notes you could post all games played for those that want it, but I am much more interested in your thoughts on games, which I thank you for and greatly appreciate so I can keep my collect excellent and not bloating out of control which is my knee jerk response.

  9. For me space isnt really the issue. a 5×5 Kallax realistically holds more games than you can play regularly enough to not extend into the relearning conversation. even 3 months later skimming through the rules to make sure you arent missing those small detail rules is likely necessary. more complex games, especally those you havent played a lot, takes more time. im sure there are exceptions to this but id wager for the vast majority a 5×5 holds more games than really anyone needs to own.

    my 5×5 doesnt hold my collection and it has expanded onto a few smaller shelves lol. certain games like Mage Knight i try to make sure i play often enough where those rules stay relatively fresh. a good player aid really helps here.

    for me, after a year if a game hasnt been played it enters the selling consideration stage. if the sell price for it is <50 i just give it away. for the most part now i try to buy less games. there are so many really amazing games from the past that the new really has to be something special.

  10. Talking about 3 years as a YouTuber…. After this

  11. I hold on to old games we played especially since we don't play often and we tend to try new games and we have not clear the new games list yet since many games arrived at the same time. A good example of that is root. We played a couple games of it and even tho we have not played the game in awhile, we know we want to play it again.

    Games mostly will leave my collection if I gave nobody to pay the game with and I'm not ready to only play it solo.

  12. I keep pretending that I will attend a not so local board game group but I never do since I don’t have a licence and the taxi be pricey.

    Yeah I should just sell the games my tiny group don’t like to play.

    Goodbye cutthroat caverns anniversary edition, tournament of Avalon and cash n guns.
    I should also sell maximum apocalypse, I only need one or 2 solo games and that eldritch horror and elder sign.

  13. hi, i would prefer the current format of "what I played".

  14. I'm a keeper, rather than a mover. I don't mind keeping things around for years without playing them.

    That said, I don't play stuff super often either, so I pretty much have to be a keeper otherwise I'd just be constantly buying and selling stuff.

  15. Always love your Videos Alex. Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas and a great gaming year in 2023.

  16. I am in the middle of a culling. Sold Tzolk'in and Brass:Birmingham. Gwt, Castles of Burgundy, and Glen More II are next. Havent played them in 18 months.

  17. I think the best system is to set a budget and spacial boundary and then you can let your thoughts about your collection go. Once your boardgame storage is full once you buy something new, something else has to go. Same with clothes;))

  18. Yes to buttonshy roundup! I want to pick up a few.

  19. Reply
    Fit & Healthy At Any Age January 8, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    I haven't played Twilight Imperium in 15 years…I will never sell it.

  20. I was actually just thinking about marvel united!! it's taking up two whole shelves for me so right now it's on the chopping block of culling decisions 😂, but I totally get your feelings about it and collecting them!

    and that was a super nice mention Alex! Thanks for taking time to watch the top 10/awards-it's gonna be fun diving into another top 10 for 2023! 🙌

    ps I totally relate on your last stream of content creation-that was eye opening and made me think. A lot. in a good way! 💪

  21. I don’t sell books that I don’t read anymore or cd’s and records that I don’t listen to anymore. Never understood why in boardgames it’s suddenly such a thing to have to sell stuff. My wife’s kitchen stuff she never uses though, let’s talk about that!

  22. Like a lot of others said, I skip the what you played section since it's just reading off a list. Maybe change it to most interesting game(s) of the week?

  23. I've had Hadrian's Wall on my shelf unplayed since November 2021. So that long I guess haha

  24. I own around 30 games. The majority of them I bought during the last 3 years on Kickstarter, as soon as I discovered the platform. Some of those 30 still have to arrive.

    I like all of them (it's the reason why I bought them), the majority of them are unplayed. I would like to play them and I'm sure at some point I'll do it.

    My main issue is time and finding people to play them with. Many of them have a solo mode, I never played solo, but I'm intrigued to start.

    I recently started to worry about finding the place to store them… I guess I will soon not have enough space, at least at home. Some boxes will probably finish in the basement.

    Luckily, in the last year, it looks like my FOMO cooled down and I did not back many.

    As you correctly say Alex, some of my concerns are keeping all the rules in mind and shelves space.

    I decided to stop buying new ones and spend the next year in playing at least one time all the unplayed ones I have.

  25. I skip the "What I played section" … you might be able to look at what people really watch in this day & go from there.

  26. The games I like to keep are the fun, difficult, and new. Fun games are always enjoyable, easy game play and challenging when competing against other players. The autonomy of playing as a individual while competing against give everyone gives each player the freedom to be themselves or the avatar they needed to become win the game. Difficult games are challenging which requires mental fortitude and complex thinking like pattern recognition, probability, opportune timing, assessing opponent's moves, game interaction and push the mind beyond it's limits. New games add variety and are a challenge in themselves because they force the player to create new methods of thinking. It could be fun, boring, exciting, challenging, provoking, offensive, antisocial, time orientated and familiar. My ratio for owning different games is 55% fun 40% difficult 5% new.

  27. I don't watch the current segment "what I played " but I might if it were more curated with more commentary

  28. are you going to review the darkest dungeon board game?

  29. Reply
    Earl Jordan Yaokasin January 8, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    Please continue listing all the games you played with a comment.

    Would love to hear what you prefer Akropolis or Gartenbau.

  30. I'm debating the black plague comic since the promos can be used for MD2 as well, even though I don't have black plague. but that shipping hurts.

  31. No way I’m getting rid of CitOW (Chaos in the Old World). I haven’t played it in years but I just can’t get rid of this gem. When I do break it out…..I know it will be epic just like the 20 other times I played it. The problem with cult of the new is gems don’t get played enough.

  32. I like the way you have been doing it! Because I find it more interesting than the KS

  33. 11:17 Yes, I would prefer hearing about a lower selection of the games which you played, but more about those few games – and what makes them special! 🙂

  34. Live show was great this week. They are always great but this week was something special given the sharing the three of you did

  35. What I played: I would rather have a curated list with more in-depth thoughts

  36. Reply
    Christopher loves the METS January 8, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    I’m playing the marvel United campaign from BGG. And I use a house rule that when someone gets KOed in a mission then one randomly will be lost even if we defeat the mission.

    this allows you to play all of your marvel United characters.
    I am getting more.

  37. Reply
    Christopher loves the METS January 8, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    I sat at least 20 years.

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