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October 18, 2022
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    Baboucarr Jiteh Bojang October 18, 2022 at 4:14 am

    Fatou is marvelous and she entice it by flip, flopping her human hair with beautiful care free eyes. Well —- . LOL. Thanks.

  2. We are all Gambias we don't have to be coropution so that we can live together a wry mom and family well b safe

  3. APRC people are very foolish. Wfuck you should let jammeh control you again

  4. He can take anyone to run the job we are all gambians is not matter if they work with jammeh. We all know jammeh time everyone was under control by jammeh, gambians should respect our sweet Gambia

  5. The President should tell the nation about the reason of the reshuffled he suppose to be open to the Gambians rather than talking about corruption at the European Union when his back is been covered with corruption and swiped the rest under the ROC EU had send some fund for youth schemes development what had be done with that funds we had authorities who are bloody greedy and heartless our youths are been tortured and killed Barrow government repair your hearts and have mercy"you scumbags"

  6. Thanks for your great job

  7. Thank You Fatou Camara & Omar Wally for the job well done….

  8. Thanks you so much Mr president for the reshuffle,no corruption,stealing or nepotism can be never ever be tolerated by any good leader.

  9. Thanks you fatou camara and Omar wally for the amazing job 👍👍👍👍

  10. Why not if they lied against him. I mean O.J Jallow.

  11. Is not about politics respect your words mr president

  12. Dont just think or take advantage as a journalist to accuse people especially public figure (dont lie against people)

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