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January 26, 2024
  1. Good my brother lamin njie,Momodou Sally is a layer, and hungry for position.

  2. These is the problem of the Gambia TV is like they re quariling never listen to each other

  3. Why the quarrels? Empty barrels make the most sound. May God save us from being arrogant like Momodou Sabally.

  4. Momodou Sabally you are talking true always stand for the truth God is there for you are the type of people we need in our government

  5. Poor interview why both of you shouting like children's

  6. I really like sabally

  7. Who is this stupid JOUNALIST

  8. Barrow and lawyer are all equal. We need a yaya jammeh. But this puppet

  9. Sabally is a hard working Gambian….

  10. Wow! Mad interview, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. Hungry for Position. You will wait long because barrow is here till 2040

  12. Lamin pls give Sabally chance to explain

  13. Sabally is right

  14. In my humble opinion Sablly is Corrupt to I don’t mind whatever he said but he’s corrupt

  15. sabally stop bracing

  16. Well done momodou Sabally

  17. Well said brother momodou Sabally

  18. I don't like lamin njie interview, he always makes he host angry, he's not professional..

  19. Barrow D33 million missing. Barrow D500 million scavenged.
    Illiterate Barrow must be banned from public office. This illiterate incompetent government. No wisdom no experience whatsoever. That's the truth.

  20. I wish Fatunetwork can bring other Mambury and others.

  21. This mr sabally is very arrogant

  22. Reply
    @hardtalk123hardtalk9 January 26, 2024 at 12:03 pm

    Lamin njie try to be Professional am disapointed with u lamin

  23. Mmm, Sabally should be very careful about his speech because Allah doesn't like people who boast ( I meant to be arrogant ) if I were him I would be keeping quiet. If I was him I would have said okay let's leave everything with Allah, if I was wrong Allah will decide. The way he talks is bad

  24. Lamin Njie can u pls be proffesional an give atleast little chance to ur guest to explain him self instead of talking like parot omg

  25. My brother Lamin Njai, please try to be professional. You don’t have to be arguing all the with your guests.

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