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November 1, 2022
  1. Hahahhahahatie Alh Suntou you brave and a clean man

  2. Oj jallow is that all the p.p.p has done in 32years and what development had you done since you were in your mid 20s as a young minister we campaigned for against antouman Jatta and kebba jallow of the ncp but its because of the p.p.p selfish government that led to the 81coup you all escaped by the Senegalese soldiers after that how many millions was allocated by foreign donors or partners and yet nothing has been delivered schools lack desk's and chair's parents had to provide all these carried it to schools and every end of school terms they carried it back home.those dark days are gone as we are in a modern world of socialism no more capitalism.sir,Dawda jawara was the best in that party the rest are all corrupt all sort of juju was used to silent him in order to continued with then the order of day which was rampant corruption and survival of the fittest. Let's hope the new Gambia forward without certain heartless figures in peace/vote for the P.D.O.I.S in the future!!

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    Baboucarr Jiteh Bojang November 1, 2022 at 1:32 am

    I want to understand and know if it is valuable or legal by the demand of BB Darboe that the so-call properties of the PPP which were confiscated by Yayhya Jammeh"s reign and government. Can Mr. BB Darboe go into detail what sorts of properties is he talking about and should be return to the party? On the whole those properties were obtained during Sir Jawara"s reign thus using state funds which belongs to all Gambians and the tax payers, so how on Earth can BB Darboe claim ownership to those properties? Now OJ is calling out the developments been constructed by the PPP like The Central Bank, The I ndependence Stadium to name a few, are those to returned to PPP too? Thanks.

  4. Sutu pls that Fatty is not a hero ,he is a survivor and his attitude is very bad he likes spoiling people name because he is very hungry talking nonsense about the UDP dont mind him

  5. Suntu touray bamba mass, farbu sanneh u al betrayed the imegrantes but god will betrayed u all .bunch of greedy fool. Very stupid.

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