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January 25, 2024
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    @tiktoksenegambiavideos6033 January 25, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    Bras angular Gitteh is such a liar

  2. Well talk Ahmad gitteh

  3. Thanks Mr. Gitteh for being truthful.

  4. Ahmed Gitteh is a very good example of educated fools, who are the contributing factors of Africas failures.

    Very rude and arrogant mindset. Calm your self down, we don't need words lions, we need technicians with the know how a country actually runs.

    You've been in Canada too long me brother, don't undermine Gambians on the ground contributing really hard and paying their taxes to support in country building.

    while you and I pay our taxes in Babylon.

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    @mustaphanyassi9310 January 25, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    Thanks Ahmit ,

  6. He talks too much.

  7. What a character.

  8. Love how Mr Gitteh likes to lecture ,play defense, & has a firm grasp of everything & also admits he preaches ! Filibuster ,filibuster!! Love & Peace

  9. Mr gitteh is really giving his best. We need to change an attitude as an individual instead of blaming everything on higher position holders.

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    @maimunasawaneh6545 January 25, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    To be honest I just can’t digest the way Lamin Njie hold an interview with some people, too much noise and arguments interview should be conducted in a more better way.

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    @maimunasawaneh6545 January 25, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    Darboe is a mistake to be part of Barrow’s government.

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    @maimunasawaneh6545 January 25, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    Congratulations Ahmed Gitteh you’ve nailed it.

  13. They like or not npp 2021 in sha Allah let see.

  14. This guy is a big lier and he's talking bullshit

  15. Mr Njie, don't worry ur self to much, i know it's ur job to ask him quession, but, all these people, from Barrow to the last, they are all corrupt and they don't have love for the Gambia, because they are doing more or less like jammeh

  16. This so called president Barrow undermined the whole colition partners, who is he not to be undermine, my friend you are to young to tell us about Gambian politics and i guess u are a GAY because the way you are demonstrating shows it. Barrow will take the Gambia to hell

  17. Very interesting discussion I love this young man. He is an aspiring politician and academics.

  18. The main problem with we Gambians is that we are too loyal to a political parties than ourselves this man here made very good and clear points but he didn't point out a single wrong or bad things that Barrow has done which we all know Barrow has done so much good and bad. Hopefully we we all will realise sooner than later that the Gambia is bigger than any political party in the country. For the Gambia our homeland 🇬🇲💯 may Allah swt guide us through Ameen

  19. You stupid people are sitting there talking about politicians they are deporting your people from Switzerland you will not talk about that what you can talk about that nonsense everytime evil

  20. Ahmad used so much negative words, that says a lot about his decency

  21. I cannot believe you are holding a newspaper in the hand with a laptop in front of you.

  22. Respect to you Gitteh ❤️🇬🇲..

  23. Stop lies my brother

  24. You are a sell-out!!

  25. 😂😂😂😂😂 Barrow government even semester the business them

  26. They are all Jammeh's projects dude.

  27. Bring out the truth then reconcile Gambians. Don't get it. We are not sleeping dude. The comission is called " destroy Jammeh and Islam then reconcile blind Gambians "
    He said he is gonna serve 3 year, then 5 years to forming a Party. You guys just wanna consume 10 years of and average poor Gambia who has no hope. 5 years of relegating our education system. Do Barrow even know how this is gonna affect Gambia in the long run. Jammeh was sponsoring masses of students from local to international universities. Gambia needs Dua.

  28. I doubt this dude’s intelligence. He just have a grievance n like to show up. He is not a good political analyst n just jumping from A-Z matters of no similarity.

  29. this guy is a joke i hate the fact that we are surrounded by dull individuals see my Gambia nooo am disgusted

  30. he is a Gambian failure

  31. Well don my brother, keep it up for our party NPP and the President. NPP and the President will transform the Gambia in a way we have not seen for the pass 50 years!!!

  32. Lamin Njie unofficial spokesperson of UDP. He debates anyone that speaks about Darboe

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    @kambiafamilykambiafamily210 January 25, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    Hello gambia NPP 💯2021

  34. Nonsense arrogant

  35. You are arogant evil shop lies

  36. This Ndoke has drank Alkali Conteh's cool Aid. He is talking from both sides of his mouth. My friend let's talk about the narcotic republic that you turning the country into. We are doomed when we have cashiers from America advising the president.

  37. He is not a supporter of Adama Barrow, he is a follower of Alkali Conteh there is a difference. Ndoke, "state capture will not succeed " Gambia will not be a narcotic republic ..The world is watching !

  38. Even we gave him 1000years he can't

  39. Jiteh is rude an arrogant talk about the drug cases Barrow is a criminal an gambian are not sleeping

  40. Ahmed, hits the nail on the head, don't go around the circle,speaks the truth.this is the country don't joke with our country you think this is business.

  41. This boy is rude

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    @ismailasanyang2647 January 25, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    You are exposing Gambian, in Germany… If its clean money with hard labour they are doing… You see you people are so pride and not well educated… Sobe rek..

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