News Review, Tuesday 16 February, 2021 2022

October 24, 2022
  1. we are not gullible mr90days continue with your endless frivolity

  2. we don’t have president Gambian president a joke president he have to go dawn

  3. Very sad, but that's really

  4. So sat sorry 🙏🤲🇬🇲💪😭

  5. We are white u
    Dr M.B💪💪💪🇬🇲🤲🙏

  6. Excellent I watch this interviews more than 3 times without a skip an I realised that the more i watch, the more it hurts me and my heart is burning in seriously. We got a a very small full of natural resources what you don't know what to do with our leaders are didn't have the idea you technical a country less than a population of a city in some countries is still a problem in our hand… The anti corruption board should be established

  7. Mr Barrow is a joke

  8. Very sad

  9. This man is saying very important things. Giving he will not be the president but we should take the positive thing that he said.or has beet saying especially D president

  10. Gambia lets open our ice we no who competent to be our leaders blie

  11. Very sad 😢 ended

  12. future president of The Gambia 🇬🇲😉

  13. U have my vote if election find me in Gambia. You have a great vision!

  14. I love your talk! Even, if you are not a president. The point you are making here, there is a lesson to learn for any coming government, to put Gambia in right track. We need to put our resources into good use and stop begging European for help. is the only way Gambia can be moved forward

  15. This is so emotional

  16. Reply
    69 funny kakaboom🤣 October 24, 2022 at 1:21 am

    Stay blessed

  17. True talk my brother I support you 💯

  18. Really talk blie

  19. He is saying the truth

  20. I love his Ideas

  21. I like this man

  22. Lot's of wisdom

  23. May Allah help The Gambia.

  24. May your dreams come true only right person will know what you talking about🙏

  25. I'm a big fan of this news network but I'm really not impressed with all this scaremongering of covid19, do u expect ppl to stop functioning because of a bloody pandemic that you find less cases and deaths in Africa than other parts of the world. Let's be realistic we cannot allow our economies to suffer by locking the country down like some of the idiotic countries are doing and still find their cases rising and death rates on the increase…there are some countries out there like Sweden, tanzania, Vietnam, South korea etc that never went on lockdowns with strict restrictions that have lower cases and death rates. Gambians should take the time to do their own research about this virus and learn how to deal with it rather than all this fear mongering coming from the media, we are getting the same over here in the UK and many ppl are not buying into the propaganda cause we know they fiddling with the figures and cases when it comes to this virus. The media needs to do more research and start being honest with the ppl. If all prior pandemics didn't wipe us out this one won't life goes on regardless. And gambians better not take that poisonous covid vaccine when it reaches gambia us in the diaspora can see the devastating effects its having on people's lives and the number of deaths its caused already. Africans should be thinking about creating our own medicines and vaccinations when it comes to our ppl because we get nothing beneficial from the outside world we should have learnt this through history and stop being dependent on others for our survival.

  26. Everything that he said is true. I totally agree with him. I'm not saying that he's perfect person to lead the country, but he have a vision. I think now it is time for Gambian to open their eyes to vote for the right person.

  27. Wonder why they kept bringing this clown and serial scammer here.

  28. Am crying right now is so emotionally really

  29. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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