News Review Thursday 20 December 2018 2022

November 7, 2022
  1. Sabally is ungrateful indeed very stupid person

  2. Thank u Mr. Wally.

  3. Hahaha Gambians… So Sabally is now positive about Barrow's leadership

  4. you right my brother nobody will talk about the deportation because das wht they want

  5. Hypocracy lol Fatou network has forget the diaspora boys why can't they find out or spread the news why they send the 71 gambians from Germany

  6. Seriously sabally is shameless

  7. Gambian people are funny is this sabally ooh gambia people act like a weather for only there interest

  8. This guy is a APRC supporter

  9. Thank you sa,

  10. Mr. Sabally used his best vocabulary words and attractted a top job from jammeh now that the table has turn he wants to reinstate the same method to earn himself another pirate position in Barrow government. All the sweet words are traps and nets to fish a new job……

  11. Why all news papers don't write about the people they deported from germany

  12. Sabally keep it up.

  13. Sabally! is medicine for Gambia and Gambian 💪

  14. Sabally want to play with Gambians MINDS 👎👎

  15. Sabally is saying the truth
    In the gambia the people are living in a very different condition it seems to be like they are not in desem country,
    So they have every right to get this kind of development,
    Thanks a lot present Barrow!
    I think no one will against this kind of projects except those who are the enemies of progress.

  16. Barrow don't do nothing what about our food before built a road empty road people are suffering

  17. Chai Gambia same sabally

  18. Sabally never want, now want hahahahaha.

  19. Gambia polotic zig zag

  20. Reply
    Ninki Nanko Fangbondi November 7, 2022 at 6:06 pm

    Sabally, like many Gambian politicians or so called activists are not credible… that’s my problem with this dude and his types.

  21. Reply
    Ninki Nanko Fangbondi November 7, 2022 at 6:06 pm

    How dumb can our teachers be for thinking that speaking our own languages in parliament can cause tribalism. C’mon we were created tribal that is why we are different tribes but we can use our diversity to our advantage. Dumb! Teachers if any teacher touches my child for speaking our language in school again you will know that “leupeu deuguela”. Speakers in parliament should speak in any language they are comfortable with. In fact even the president should speak local languages and it can be translated to English for the English people. For heaven sake we are not English. There’s a big misrepresentation and miscommunication between Gambia government officials (representatives) and the general public (the represented). More than 60% don’t know English, the 40% who think they are educated are in fact worse, because we’ve seen the mess you got us into from independence to date. We must stop copying and be real Gambians in everything especially in governance. If local languages didn’t created tribalism in South Africa, Nigeria and other countries, how would it create tribalism in The Gambia. Fire! all those teachers, they are clueless.

  22. Barrow is man for changes..

  23. Sabally's sell out opportunist😎

  24. Thats why we vote him to Work is why we pay him

  25. Barrow is really good president for Gambia

  26. Thanks alot fatou network

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